The Battle Within

Someone recently said to me… “I don’t know how I’m supposed to think or feel right now.” This is what happens when our heart tells us one thing, but our head tells us another. In this particular case it was a question of forgiveness… or justified anger. Their heart was telling them that they should follow the path of Love, Understanding & Forgiveness; but their head was screaming anger, resentment & vengeance. It is absolutely essential that we learn how to make the Right decisions in these moments! The goal for today: remember that when the battle within you is raging… you should always follow your heart! Have a great day everybody!

Give Love & Get Peace

“In His will is our peace” ~Dante. I believe that Gods will is always to “give” Love. That being said… my friend had surgery yesterday & the medical staff was impressed with how calm she was leading up to the procedure. As she was explaining everything, the above quote came to mind because her focus was on being lighthearted & giving Love. She explained how in the past her fear & anxiety would steal her peace & she might be mean to the staff because she was afraid & that would make them a bit tense & it was uncomfortable all around. The goal for today: don’t take… simply give Love & you will get peace! Have a great day everybody!


There are many people that don’t care for my approach to life… & that’s ok. The beauty of freedom is that we are all free to believe whatever we choose & we are all free to disagree with whatever we want. What we aren’t free to do is force people to change their beliefs because we disagree with them. So if you disagree with my take on life, that’s ok… you should follow your heart & respect my right to do the same. The goal for today: know that not everything you believe is true & not everything you disbelieve is false; so keep an open mind, follow your heart, respect people & live free! Have a great day everybody!

Love… Calm… Clarity

“Through love comes calm & through calm comes thought” ~Capt. Willoughby. When I’m afraid I might not “get” Love, I lose my inner peace & my mind becomes troubled. Sometimes it keeps me up at night, sometimes I can’t focus on my work, other times I can’t have a clear thought about anything, then frustration sets in & makes it hard to treat people right. When I stay focused on “giving” Love, my inner peace is restored, my mind clears & positive things start happening all around me. That’s when I sleep better, work more efficiently & treat people properly. The goal for today: give Love… stay calm… find clarity! Have a great day everybody!

Principle… Or Opinion?

We can be certain the sun will rise in the east & set in the west. We can rest assured that what goes up, will most certainly come down. We can be confident in the fact that water will seek its own level. And we can be equally positive that selfishness will never lead us to happiness. Not everything in life is guaranteed… but some things are & we should all put a concerted effort into finding out what those things are. There is a set of Spiritual Principles out there that are guaranteed to improve your life if properly applied. Every single one of us should do ourselves a favor & seek them out. The goal for today: seek, find & follow the Laws of Life… because all of these “humble opinions” have led us all astray! Have a great day everybody!

Altruism… Strength… Intelligence

When I’m afraid I’m not smart enough, should I sit around feeling sorry for myself… or seek a Higher Intelligence? When I’m afraid I’m not strong enough, should I sit around feeling sorry for myself… or seek a Greater source of Strength? When I’m afraid I’m not worthy, should I sit around feeling sorry for myself… or should I practice more altruism knowing that worthiness comes directly from the unselfish concern for the welfare of others? The goal for today: know that God will supply you with all the Strength & Intelligence that you could ever possibly need… so long as you are willing to use it to help others! Have a great day everybody!


Addiction is a funny thing & we’ve all got it! Anything I do because I’m unhappy is technically an addiction. It doesn’t matter if it’s drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, facebooking or bitting my fingernails… anything I do to distract myself from the fact that I’m unhappy about some (or all) aspects of my life is an addiction. Everyone is an addict & the solution is to spot, admit & correct the cause of our unhappiness… rather than just temporarily distracting ourselves from it. The goal for today: don’t settle for temporary distractions… seek, find & follow the permanent solution to all of our problems! Have a great day everybody!

Help The Willing

I once read that living Right will make us like “The city on the hill that can’t be hidden.” I also read that when trying to help people our approach should be based on “Attraction rather than promotion.” I like the analogy of a lighthouse. A lighthouse doesn’t go swimming out into the ocean looking for lost ships… it lights up & leads those in need to safety. The point I’m driving at here is that I no longer run around beating people over the head with the Truth; I speak it & live it to the best of my ability… & anyone who really wants it, will come asking for it. The goal for today: don’t try to force the Truth on people that don’t want it… help the willing & pray for the unwilling! Have a great day everybody!

We Were Built For This

Life doesn’t always treat us the way we want it to… & it is important to learn how to properly cope with its ups & downs. When life sends you trouble, before you say “I’m not strong enough”… remember that you have a source of strength deep down inside of yourself that is yet untapped & unlimited. Before you say “I can’t go on”… remember all of the trials & tribulations you have survived to this point & remember the millions of others who thought the same thing, but made it through & carried on. The goal for today: know that you can triumph over any & all problems that life might send your way… we were built for this shit! Have a great day everybody!

Get Results

Here is the best way to have a prayer answered: 1) Make sure the motive is Pure… because motives mean everything. 2) Make sure it is Honest… because anything built on a lie is doomed to failure. 3) Make sure it is Unselfish… because selfish prayers always go unanswered. 4) Make sure it is Loving… because Love brings all the Power. If you have been praying for years & getting no results, 1 of the 4 things above must be missing. When I pray to win the lottery, nothing happens; when I pray to be helpful to others, that prayer is answered every time. The goal for today: have faith, pray unselfishly & get the right results! Have a great day everybody!