Anger… Or Sanity?

“Avoid then the deliberate manufacture of misery….” ~Anon. It’s impossible to be angry & happy simultaneously… so choosing to be angry, is choosing to be unhappy. Then, once I get angry, what do I do? I usually call all my friends in an attempt to arouse anger in them too so they can be unhappy with me. This is insane… yet we all do it on a somewhat regular basis. There is a better way! The goal for today: stop deliberately manufacturing misery; try instead to manufacture some understanding, some forgiveness, some patience & tolerance, some kindliness & love… some sanity! Have a great day everybody!

Restore Peace

“To admit that others were wrong was as far as most of us ever got” ~Anon. When someone upsets me I have two choices. I can either stay focused on their mistakes & justify my anger… or I can focus on my own mistakes & fix the problem. Justifying my anger keeps it alive & it continues to harm me & others. But when I spot, admit & correct the fear that caused my disturbance to begin with… the upset ends & I can get back to being happy & helpful to others. The goal for today: don’t justify my negative feelings… replace them with positive ones & restore inner peace! Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Let It Push You Around

About 15 years ago, as I was telling someone that I wish I could just turn my brain off because it was driving me crazy & keeping me up at night, they said “You do know that you can think about whatever you want right now, don’t you?”… & I was blown away! I remember thinking… if that’s true, why am I constantly tormenting myself with thoughts of loneliness, poverty & depression? Since that day, I have learned how to control my thinking, rather than let it control me. If there is a God would He want me to think about loneliness, poverty & depression… or altruism, prosperity & happiness? The goal for today: don’t let your brain push you around… take control & find some peace of mind! Have a great day everybody!

What Does It Accomplish?

“Argument and fault finding are to be avoided like the plague” ~Anon. When I honestly analyze the good that comes from arguing with people, I find that there is none. For example: arguing with people about things like politics & religion never changes their point of view… in fact, it usually fortifies it. Whereas, open-minded people, sharing ideas, having adult conversations, breeds understanding, compassion & even the occasional compromise. The goal for today: don’t argue, but don’t avoid either; open your heart, open your mind & talk like adults… because together we can fix things! Have a great day everybody!

“THE” Problem

Every problem that I have ever listened to has the fear of being alone buried in it somewhere. I’m not a mind reader, but I’ve learned how to listen, and the more I listen… the more I hear the fear of being alone at the very core of all of our problems. I believe we were created & sent here specifically to learn how to GIVE Love & the fear of being alone causes us to try to GET Love & that causes all human problems. It’s hard to see sometimes but I guarantee, if you dig deep enough, it is there. The goal for today: spot, admit & correct the fear of being alone that is robbing you of your Happiness, Peace & Freedom! Have a great day everybody!

Instincts & Intuition

Every single one of us has an internal GPS system that is telling us exactly where to go at every turn in life. Most of us are unaware of it or don’t trust it enough, so we ask other people what to do & then we wonder why we keep ending up at the wrong destination. Eventually we are all going to have to learn how to trust our own instincts if we want to maximize our potential in life. If you are stuck in a rut, or driving around in circles in life, it’s because your gut said to turn right… & you turned left. The goal for today: it’s ok to have a co-pilot… but in the end we MUST follow our own heart if we want to be Happy! Have a great day everybody!

Live The Solution

Problem solving is rarely a “one and done” situation. The reason that most of our problems are repetitive & recurring is because we don’t LIVE the solution. We patch up our problems on the surface, then we become complacent & slip right back into the problem. For example: sometimes when a car cuts me off I get mad, other times I don’t… why is that? The times I get mad I’m not practicing patience & tolerance… & when I don’t get mad, I am. So if I have a problem today, it is very simply because I stopped doing what is required of me to prevent that problem. The goal for today: don’t just visit the solution periodically… LIVE in the solution! Have a great day everybody!

God Said…

One day I was talking to God & I asked Him what I had to do to avoid ending up alone. He said… “Stop being afraid.” He told me that I would never end up alone for the reasons I always thought I would. He said it has nothing to do with how smart you are, how strong you are, how rich you are, or how physically attractive you are; the one & only thing that can cause you to end up alone is the fear of being alone. Fear causes us to act in a manner that drives the right people away & attracts the wrong ones to us. The goal for today: give freely of ourselves… live by the Law of Attraction… & we will never end up alone! Have a great day everybody!


“God is Intelligence.” There is a difference between knowledge & intelligence… between information & Intelligence. Knowledge & information comes from books & schools & scholars… but true Intelligence can only come from God. Being familiar with a piece of literature or memorizing verses, pages & paragraphs is great… but it isn’t until you open your mind & let your heart explain that information to it that you can claim Intelligence. Intelligence has nothing to do with education & in fact, it is sometimes hampered by it. The goal for today: know that Intelligence comes from God & we ALL have equal access to it… you are smarter than you know! Have a great day everybody!

Compassion… Or Destruction?

Telling people that nothing is ever their own fault isn’t a good idea. Encouraging people to not ever take personal responsibility for their own lives may seem like compassion, but you may really be aiding in their destruction. Even when we have been seriously & legitimately wronged, we have to learn to take responsibility for our reaction to it. The moment I stopped looking for someone to blame for all of my problems was the moment my life turned around & started getting better. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility is the only path to personal freedom! Have a great day everybody!