Help The Willing

I once read that living Right will make us like “The city on the hill that can’t be hidden.” I also read that when trying to help people our approach should be based on “Attraction rather than promotion.” I like the analogy of a lighthouse. A lighthouse doesn’t go swimming out into the ocean looking for lost ships… it lights up & leads those in need to safety. The point I’m driving at here is that I no longer run around beating people over the head with the Truth; I speak it & live it to the best of my ability… & anyone who really wants it, will come asking for it. The goal for today: don’t try to force the Truth on people that don’t want it… help the willing & pray for the unwilling! Have a great day everybody!

We Were Built For This

Life doesn’t always treat us the way we want it to… & it is important to learn how to properly cope with its ups & downs. When life sends you trouble, before you say “I’m not strong enough”… remember that you have a source of strength deep down inside of yourself that is yet untapped & unlimited. Before you say “I can’t go on”… remember all of the trials & tribulations you have survived to this point & remember the millions of others who thought the same thing, but made it through & carried on. The goal for today: know that you can triumph over any & all problems that life might send your way… we were built for this shit! Have a great day everybody!

Get Results

Here is the best way to have a prayer answered: 1) Make sure the motive is Pure… because motives mean everything. 2) Make sure it is Honest… because anything built on a lie is doomed to failure. 3) Make sure it is Unselfish… because selfish prayers always go unanswered. 4) Make sure it is Loving… because Love brings all the Power. If you have been praying for years & getting no results, 1 of the 4 things above must be missing. When I pray to win the lottery, nothing happens; when I pray to be helpful to others, that prayer is answered every time. The goal for today: have faith, pray unselfishly & get the right results! Have a great day everybody!

Anger… Or Sanity?

“Avoid then the deliberate manufacture of misery….” ~Anon. It’s impossible to be angry & happy simultaneously… so choosing to be angry, is choosing to be unhappy. Then, once I get angry, what do I do? I usually call all my friends in an attempt to arouse anger in them too so they can be unhappy with me. This is insane… yet we all do it on a somewhat regular basis. There is a better way! The goal for today: stop deliberately manufacturing misery; try instead to manufacture some understanding, some forgiveness, some patience & tolerance, some kindliness & love… some sanity! Have a great day everybody!

Restore Peace

“To admit that others were wrong was as far as most of us ever got” ~Anon. When someone upsets me I have two choices. I can either stay focused on their mistakes & justify my anger… or I can focus on my own mistakes & fix the problem. Justifying my anger keeps it alive & it continues to harm me & others. But when I spot, admit & correct the fear that caused my disturbance to begin with… the upset ends & I can get back to being happy & helpful to others. The goal for today: don’t justify my negative feelings… replace them with positive ones & restore inner peace! Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Let It Push You Around

About 15 years ago, as I was telling someone that I wish I could just turn my brain off because it was driving me crazy & keeping me up at night, they said “You do know that you can think about whatever you want right now, don’t you?”… & I was blown away! I remember thinking… if that’s true, why am I constantly tormenting myself with thoughts of loneliness, poverty & depression? Since that day, I have learned how to control my thinking, rather than let it control me. If there is a God would He want me to think about loneliness, poverty & depression… or altruism, prosperity & happiness? The goal for today: don’t let your brain push you around… take control & find some peace of mind! Have a great day everybody!

What Does It Accomplish?

“Argument and fault finding are to be avoided like the plague” ~Anon. When I honestly analyze the good that comes from arguing with people, I find that there is none. For example: arguing with people about things like politics & religion never changes their point of view… in fact, it usually fortifies it. Whereas, open-minded people, sharing ideas, having adult conversations, breeds understanding, compassion & even the occasional compromise. The goal for today: don’t argue, but don’t avoid either; open your heart, open your mind & talk like adults… because together we can fix things! Have a great day everybody!