Watered Down

The Truth has been so watered down that there are only trace amounts of it left in our societies; in our schools, our churches, our cities, states, nations & world. Nearly everyone, on both sides of every conflict, is wrong. As I watch people bicker back & forth, neither having a logical leg to stand on, I wonder… will we ever fix this. Our politics tear us apart, religions tear us apart, addiction is destroying our communities, fear is paralyzing us & we can’t even see it or admit it to ourselves. The sad part is that there is an incredibly simple solution. If we injected Love into the troubled areas they would instantly begin to heal. The goal for today: Love! Have a great day everybody!

Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is an important part of life! Most of my life I would make a mistake, beat myself up about it & then proceed to wallow in self-pity & remorse… never putting any real effort into correcting the mistake, or trying to prevent it from happening again. The only real value of making a mistake is that it carries a valuable lesson… but if I miss the lesson, I keep repeating the same mistake & feeling bad about it. We all have room for improvement… don’t let self-pity stifle your growth. The goal for today: spot, admit & correct my mistakes… because feeling bad about them isn’t helping anyone! Have a great day everybody!


“We had to drop the word blame from our speech & thought” ~Anon. I’ve come to the realization that guilt & blame tend to go hand in hand. When I make a mistake, I tend to feel guilty… when I feel guilty, I tend to look for someone else to blame. I make a mistake & quickly start saying things like… “Well, if they didn’t do this… ” or “If the government didn’t do that…” or “This is all your fault…” Now, there’s nothing wrong with holding people accountable for their mistakes, unless of course my primary reason for doing so is to cover up my own. The goal for today: know that humility is far more productive than blame! Have a great day everybody!

Most Important

The most important thing that any of us can do today is care about each other, help each other, love each other. Anything else on our extremely busy schedules, should come second to the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. There is nothing that any of us could possibly have to do today that is more important than caring about each other. Go to work & care about people… go to school & care about people… go to the gym & care about people… go to the grocery store & care about people. All we do on a daily basis means nothing if we don’t care about each other. The goal for today: CARE! Have a great day everybody!


Today is an exciting day for me! I get to talk to some kids about the dangers of drugs & alcohol. I get to explain to them what causes addiction… what solves addiction… & most importantly, how to prevent it from happening in the first place. I have been waiting years for this opportunity… & it is finally here. I’m going to explain to our youth that the fear of ending up alone is the real root cause of addiction. I’m going to teach them how to not be afraid of fitting in & being accepted. I’m going to teach them how to find the Truth inside of themselves & how important it is to not be selfish. I’m going to show them how to truly be alive! The goal for today: be a channel of God’s Peace & fill our youth full of hope for their future! Have a great day everybody!


Universe… we all live in the same place. Unity… we are all in this together. E pluribus unum… out of many, one. The prefix “uni” means “1”… So every time that I claim I’m different, or I have a different problem than you, or even a different solution… I am mistaken. There is a universal right & wrong… & until we all get on the same page with it… there can be no true unity. Once you strip away our physical attributes, we are identical; things like race, creed, color, gender & everything else we use to divide ourselves with, become completely irrelevant. The goal for today: know that you may be unique, but you’re not different… you’re not alone… I’m here with you… WE ARE ALL ONE! Have a great day everybody!


They call it “SELF”-esteem for a reason. I think we all have a tendency at times, to “allow” other people to control our feelings… but we certainly don’t have to. Most of my life, if someone complimented me I wouldn’t believe it & therefore, their words wouldn’t have a positive affect on me; conversely… when insulted, I would believe that & allow it to negatively affect me. So you see, it isn’t what other people say about me… it is what I believe about myself that dictates how I feel. No one can force me to feel good about myself; and no one can force me to feel bad about myself… it is ALWAYS my choice. The goal for today: reclaim control of your emotional states by changing the way that you view yourself! Have a great day everybody!