The Real Question

In my youth I was taught a conception of God that wasn’t good. I was taught of this vengeful, spiteful, vindictive, punishing God, that authorized the murder of women & children to test people’s faith… that was going to smite me & strike me down if I stepped out of line; He might even rain some fire & brimstone down on my head if He had nothing better to do that day. Well, I no longer believe in that god. Now I believe in a God that is kind, loving, forgiving & understanding. A God that gives us the tools to succeed at life, but knows better than to do the work for us. A God that guarantees our happiness if we follow the Right path, but knows better than to try to force us down it. A God based in cause & effect… a God of logic & common sense… a God of freedom & justice. The goal for today: rather than asking “Why is God doing this to us?”…. ask “Why have we chosen to believe in a God that would do this to us?” Have a great day everybody!

Faith + Works = Facts

“Faith without works is dead” ~James 2:26. For me this is a twofold statement. Of course we must take action if we intend to correct any problem… because just believing there is a solution isn’t enough. Just praying, without doing anything, won’t get it done. But even more importantly, it is in fact the works that prove the faith. Blind faith may lead me to take action, but the end result of that action is what turns my faith into fact… & then it is no longer blind. The goal for today: pray, act & pay attention to the outcome; because if your faith doesn’t lead you to a fact… you should pursue another line of faith! Have a great day everybody!

Unselfish Understanding

Why do I “let” people piss me off? The answer is because I’m selfish. I get mad when I’m thinking about what they did to “me”… what “I” lost or didn’t get… how “I” am being disrespected or mistreated. I was telling someone a story about how I once was insulted & I took the time to understand why the other person was treating me that way & how thinking about “them” kept me from feeling hurt or angry. The most important life lesson I have ever learned is that I can’t be angry without being selfish… I can’t be selfish without being dishonest… & I can’t be dishonest without being afraid. The goal for today: get rid of anger with unselfish understanding! Have a great day everybody!

Honest Inspiration

I try to inspire people with the Truth. I once was the type of person that would pat you on the back & tell you everything is gonna be ok… even if I didn’t believe that. Now I take a different approach… & most people seem to appreciate it. The Truth is the only way to honestly & genuinely inspire someone… & that holds true even when it’s an ugly Truth. For example: me telling you you’re an a**hole, but that’s ok because we can fix it, should be far more inspiring than me telling you that none of your problems are your fault & don’t worry because this too shall pass. The goal for today: let the Truth be your greatest inspiration! Have a great day everybody!

Nothing Feels Better

“Our only aim is to be helpful” ~Anon. That truly is my only aim. I want to help you find happiness… I want to help you solve your problems… I want to help you learn how to help others. I’ve had some money… but that didn’t make me feel as good as helping others. I’ve had some success… but that didn’t make me feel as good as helping others. I’ve even tried large amounts of drugs & alcohol… but that didn’t make me feel as good as helping others did either. I am occasionally asked “what do you do for you?”… & my answer is “I help people.” The goal for today: know that nothing feels better than helping others… it’s what we were built to do! Don’t just take my word for it… try it & find out for yourself! Have a great day everybody!

Regardless Of Intent

I try to utilize all criticism as constructive anymore… whether it is intended to be or not. There is always room for growth… there is always room for improvement & when I don’t take people’s criticism personally, I can put it to good use. It helps me see where I’m going wrong so I can fix it, but it also gives me the opportunity to practice a little patience, tolerance, kindliness & love. If someone calls me an a**hole, my first thought should be “am I?”… & if I am, I should fix it; if I’m not, I should let it go & pray for them. The goal for today: use criticism constructively rather than destructively & build Love rather than hate! Have a great day everybody!


The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous is the second best selling book in the history of mankind… second only to the Bible. Hmmm, I wonder if there is anything important written in it (insert extremely sarcastic eye roll). What I found in this book was a simple, practical method of living that can solve “all our problems”… but I also found the answer to 3 seemingly unanswerable questions. Where exactly to find God (deep down inside of ourselves)… why we are here (to learn how to give Love)… & what does the future hold (we are sure God wants us to be happy, joyous & free). The goal for today: don’t judge a book by its cover… especially not this particular book! Have a great day everybody!

More Meaningful…

I know a lot of things about life that I didn’t learn in school… & I’d like to see that change. Reading, writing & arithmetic are extremely important, but none of that really matters if I don’t know how to live. There should be a class that teaches some human nature, human interaction & basic coping skills. There should be a class that touches on moral, ethical & spiritual principles. If we aren’t teaching our youth how to do the Right things, for the Right reasons (Purity)… how to tell the Truth to themselves & others (Honesty)… how to put the needs of others ahead of their own (Unselfish)… & how to care about each other (Love)… then what are we teaching them? The goal for today: more meaningful education! Have a great day everybody!

The Formula

I was recently speaking to a group of about 80 people, some of whom were standing. One person leaned on a folding table & it collapsed with a loud bang. As everyone in the room turned to look, he frantically moved as far away from the broken table as possible, wishing he was invisible. I asked the group what they thought he might be feeling at that moment & they said “self-conscious” which is another way of saying “afraid of what other people think of me.” At that suggestion, he instantly & aggressively yelled out “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me!”… which was a lie. Then he admitted his fear & dishonesty & that stopped it from turning into selfishness & resentment. The goal for today: understand the formula… spot, admit & correct the problem… & then help others do the same! Have a great day everybody!


When I suggest that the fear of being alone is the root cause of all of our problems, and that every human being experiences it, the response I usually get is… “Not me, I like being alone.” This is always a lie… no one likes being alone. I know this because we weren’t built to be alone, it wasn’t in our design plans. Humans saying that they like being alone would be like a car saying I like driving around with no oil. It doesn’t work that way… & could very well have catastrophic long term effects. The goal for today: don’t be afraid! When you’re around people… give them love; when you’re not around people… think about how you’re going to give them love when you are around them. Have a great day everybody!