The Way It Should Be

I’ve been watching the show New Amsterdam & every episode has brought a tear to my eye because it reminds me of how things ought to be. Thousands of years ago we were told that “Love of money is the root of all evil”… & we still aren’t listening. Money will never bring about true peace & happiness. Money will never bring about a true sense of freedom or security. Money will never save our souls… only Love & compassion can do that. The goal for today: know that a genuine concern for the welfare of others always was, still is & always will be the only Right way to live! Have a great day everybody!


2 thoughts on “The Way It Should Be

    • I agree… I just have to make sure that I am putting the right one first. There is nothing wrong with money, until we make it the most important thing in our lives. When I ask God which one is more important… the answer is always Love!

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