What’s More Important?

Time & education are not nearly as important as altruism & humility. Just because you have been doing something a long time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it; you may have been doing it wrong all this time. Just because you have a degree doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you’re talking about; we always learn more on the job than we do in school. From what I’ve seen, it’s the person that puts the welfare of others first that tends to be the best at whatever they do, because they are always doing it for the Right reason. And the key to a truly higher education is to know that you don’t know everything; if you already know, you can’t be taught. The goal for today: know that helping others & keeping an open mind add up to true success! Have a great day everybody!


As an adult, if you go back & watch some old Disney movies, pay closer attention to some of the things Winnie The Pooh & Doctor Seuss had to say & maybe even reread Huckleberry Finn… you would find that they are riddled with spiritual principles & all of the most essential life lessons that every child needs in order to grow up right. They weren’t just cute little story’s designed to preoccupy our kids while adults did other things. They were very literally teaching kids how to not be selfish, resentful, dishonest & afraid. They were a reminder to do what’s right & preventive maintenance against future troubles. The goal for today: get back to solving our problems by teaching our kids to not be selfish! Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Contribute

One day someone said to me… “ya know, you can think about whatever you want right now.” That may not sound like an important statement, but at that moment, while I was drowning in negativity, & having a positive thought literally seemed impossible… that simple statement changed my life. The “mental health” issue that is so frequently discussed, yet so infrequently understood, is just that. When our minds get bogged down with worry, fear & hopelessness… that’s when things like suicide, addiction & crime begin to appeal to us. The goal for today: don’t contribute to the mental health problem… take control of your thoughts & put them where they belong… on positives! Have a great day everybody!


I have found that right around the time a problem has us feeling hopelessly defeated is when something happens inside of us that causes us to finally push through the fear & do what is required of us to overcome the problem. So never give up… never surrender… never accept defeat! Simply stand toe to toe with your fear, look it dead in the eye & know that it can’t conquer you unless you let it. The goal for today: remember when you’re afraid, that no problem has beaten you yet… & that your next problem won’t be any different! Have a great day everybody!

What Will You Do?

Some people have money… some don’t. Some people have health… some don’t. Some people have happiness… some don’t. The fact of the matter is that everybody has their problems in life; nobody ever really gets to slide by without ever experiencing a difficulty of some sort. So the real challenge in life is this: what will you do when trouble comes your way? Will you crumble under the weight of your difficulties; or will you rise to the challenge & overcome them all? The goal for today: know that every one of us has what it takes to overcome any trouble that life might send our way… find your heart, your soul, your strength… & rise above it all! Have a great day everybody!


Most of my life I have had a strong to desire to be understood… to be loved… to be respected… to be forgiven… & this desire has taught me an absolutely invaluable life lesson. It taught me that the best way… no, actually the ONLY way, to receive these things is through an honest desire to FIRST give them out freely to others. You see… these things come from within & they never come to me by demanding that the world supply me with them. The goal for today: know that you will love, respect, understand & forgive yourself… right AFTER you start giving these things to others! Have a great day everybody!

What Have You Found?

“Seek, and ye shall find” ~Matthew 7:7. If I wake up in the morning looking for something to be upset about… I’m sure to find it. If I wake up looking for aches & pains… I’m sure to find them. If I wake up looking for something to complain about… I’m sure to find it. On the other hand, if I wake up in the morning looking for something to be happy about… I’m sure to find that. If I wake up looking to feel healthy & rested… I’m sure to find that. If I wake up looking for something to be grateful for… I’m sure to find that. The goal for today: find happiness by genuinely seeking happiness! Have a great day everybody!