I’ve found the key to unhappiness! Some of the best things to do if you want to be miserable are: keep justifying your anger… never forgive people… refuse to make amends… isolate & think about yourself all day. That is a guaranteed recipe for misery & unhappiness. You may disagree, but if you are honest with yourself about it, you will find that this is perfectly accurate. If you want to be happy… simply do the opposite! The goal for today: let go of anger… forgive everyone, no matter what… change the way you let life affect you… help people… be a part of the world… & be happy! Have a great day everybody!


When I was in the military, at my first duty station, I was told that “I don’t know” is an unacceptable answer… & passing misinformation was equally as unacceptable. I remember thinking… “Well, that narrows it down… I guess I better know what I’m talking about.” The end result of this type of training was that I either had the answers, or I was in the process of finding them. Now, like then, peoples lives depend on accurate information & I feel duty bound to help them find their answers. The goal for today: ignorance is no excuse & pretend intelligence gets people hurt… seek, find & lead people to the Truth! Have a great day everybody!

Statistical Data

Did you know that 38% of all Americans have high cholesterol? Did you know that 43% have high blood pressure? Were you aware that 57% of us have some form of sleep disorder? But the most troubling statistic of all is that 100% of what I just said is bullshit! I just made up a bunch of numbers & pawned them off as statistical data & most people probably believed it at first. This country was built by free thinkers… let’s get back to those roots & start questioning everything. The goal for today: in this, the misinformation age, don’t blindly follow anyone or anything… let common sense & conscience be your trusted & reliable guideposts! Have a great day everybody!

The Root

I believe that every problem has a root cause… & that in fact, every problem has the same root cause. I believe that every time any human being experiences anything other than happiness, it is because a fear of some sort has entered into their heart & disrupted their decision making process. For example: fear of being alone causes infidelity; fear of running out of money may cause a gambling addiction; fear of public opinion causes us to do all sorts of crazy shit. If you find yourself unhappy & you would like to fix it, find the fear that is causing it, tell yourself the truth about it & then you will be able to do the opposite of what made you unhappy to begin with. The goal for today: restore happiness by overcoming fear! Have a great day everybody!


“How’s that working for you?”

I feel like we have stopped asking our problem solvers to show proven results. We are throwing billions of dollars at our problems & from where I’m standing… it doesn’t appear as though we are getting any real results. Have overdose deaths gone down? Has violent crime gone down? Has the national debt gone down? Has the suicide rate gone down? It might be time to get back to some results driven solutions. When a particular approach proves to be ineffective, it should probably be abandoned & a different approach should be implemented & monitored. The goal for today: get results… or get lost! Have a great day everybody!


“If you don’t control your subconscious mind, it will control you & you’ll call it fate” ~ Carl Jung. It’s a bit frightening to know that thoughts are taking place without us being consciously aware of them. Did you ever do something without thinking & regret it later. Well, the truth is that you did think about it first, but because it was a subconscious thought, you didn’t realize it happened. It is humanly impossible to physically act without brain activity taking place first. You literally can’t walk, talk, blink or breathe, without the brain sending a signal first; nothing ever happens prior to a thought. The goal for today: don’t let your brain push you around… take control by choosing your thoughts before they choose you! Have a great day everybody!


Let today be the start of something new! Let it be the start of something positive & constructive… something heartfelt & helpful… something powerful & productive. No matter how big or small, let it be a step in the right direction… a step toward a more kind & loving lifestyle. Let it be the beginning of a more positive way of living & thinking & looking at the world. If you are surrounded by people, give them peace & love; if you find yourself alone, take it as an opportunity to replenish your own supply, so you can transmit it later. The goal for today: let the love that fills your heart & mind flow freely out into the world around you… & watch as it changes everything! Have a great day everybody!

Merry Christmas!

The Real Gifts

In this, the season of giving, let us be reminded that giving feels better than getting & let us remember that fact no matter what season we are in… giving feels just as good in May or June as it does in December. Let us also remember that giving isn’t just about physical, material gifts… they are in fact the least important part of this holiday. It is the giving of gifts from the heart that matter most… so let us give freely of ourselves of the things that cost nothing, but mean everything. The goal for today: give peace, love, comfort, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, caring, respect, patience & appreciation… because that’s what Christmas is really about! Have a great day everybody!

There Is Help

Do you know why people abuse drugs & alcohol? Do you know why people gamble all their money away? Do you know why people commit violent crimes? Do you know why people commit suicide? Do you know why people lie, cheat & steal? If you have any of these problems or know anyone else that does, it’s important for you to know that there is a solution… there is help available. And if the standard forms of help (rehabs, hotlines, etc.) aren’t for you, know that there are people like me that offer a solution that is tailored to the individual & guaranteed to work if properly practiced. The goal for today: admit the problem… seek help & diligently apply the solution! Have a great day everybody!


“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself” ~Thales. Do we really know why we do the things we do? When I ask people “why do you think you did that?” they always give an answer, because saying “I don’t know” makes us feel stupid… but they really don’t know. We seem to be under this strange belief that we are just along for the ride in this life & therefore, we have become a bit lazy minded. If I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing, then I can’t correct my mistakes… or reproduce my successes. The goal for today: know that acting on fear is the root cause of mistakes… & Purity (doing the right thing, for the right reason) is the root cause of all success! Have a great day everybody!