Away… Or Towards

“There is only one reason to do the right thing; because it’s the right thing to do” ~Emmet Fox. Most of my life I was doing the right thing because I didn’t want to suffer the consequences of doing the wrong thing. A friend had a problem & I asked them this question: are you running away from the devil… or towards God? There is a big difference between a damage control type of lifestyle & a life of striving to be a better person even when things are going good. The goal for today: don’t wait until you have a problem & then scramble around trying to do what’s right; do what’s right & prevent the problem! Have a great day everybody!

How Life Works

Here is how Life works: it is based in cause & effect… and cause & effect always lead to a manifestation that becomes our physical, visual proof of whether or not we did the Right thing. Example: I have a thought (I should help someone)… I attach a motive (for their sake, not mine)… & then I get a physical outcome (I helped someone & I feel great about it.) If the thought is positive (cause) & the motive is pure (effect) then the outcome or end result (manifestation) is guaranteed to bring a sense of happiness, peace & freedom. The goal for today: focus on positives… purify my motives… help others & be happy! Have a great day everybody!

What Do You Believe?

The things that we really believe in become our reality. We produce the very things that we believe deep down inside of ourselves… in the depths of our soul. If I believe everything is going to be ok & it doesn’t turn out ok… then I didn’t really believe that. What’s the point you ask? The point is that belief is an extremely powerful force in our lives! It can make us or break us at any point in time. So please be careful what you believe… it may be far more important than you realize. The goal for today: believe in God… believe in yourself… believe in each other & believe in Love… because what we really believe in our heart, we will produce in our experience! Have a great day everybody!

It’s The Law

I was recently reading about the law of electricity & how once you understand the law & abide by it, you can control it… you can send power wherever you want. Well, the Laws of Life work the same way. There is a Law in this world that says real Happiness comes from real Unselfishness & when we fully understand & abide by that Law, we can control it & call on it whenever we want. So, if I can’t be happy, it’s because I’m not obeying the Law… I’m thinking about myself too much & I need to get back to the unselfish concern for the welfare of others if I want to reestablish my Happiness. The goal for today: sincerely help others… & be genuinely Happy! Have a great day everybody!

The Mark

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” ~Aristotle. When I had no self-esteem, no faith in my own ability to reason or understand things… I felt like I had no choice but to believe what others said because they were “smarter” than me. Now that I have regained my self-esteem & learned how to differentiate the true from the false, I can see just how true & accurate the above quote is. The goal for today: we are smarter than we think; let your heart educate your mind & never be misled again! Have a great day everybody!

The Fine Line

There is a fine line between being patient & procrastinating; between being humble & being humiliated; between being helpful & enabling; between being faithful & being afraid. If we can identify & stay on the Right side of this fine line, we can live a life of happiness, peace & freedom. When we drift over on to the wrong side of this fine line, we ALWAYS experience troubles. The goal for today: be patient… but don’t wait. Be humble… but firmly confident. Be helpful… but don’t give so much that you cause harm. Be faithful… but not because you’re afraid of what will happen if you’re not. Have a great day everybody!

The Road Ahead

I was in denial about my fear… I was afraid to admit that I was afraid. I couldn’t see my dishonesty… I lied so much I believed myself. I was confused about my selfishness… my acts of kindness aren’t really selfless if I’m expecting something in return. I lived a life of chronic resentment… I was continuously reliving negative events from the past, robbing myself of happiness. The goal for today: admit my fear, tell myself & others the truth, stop being selfish, break free from my resentments & live again! There is a wonderful life on the road ahead, for each & every one of us, once we spot, admit & correct these things! Have a great day everybody!