Love Yourself First?

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” ~Acts 20:35. Look out for #1… you gotta love yourself before you can love anyone else… this is a selfish program. I hear quotes like these all the time, but they are all inaccurate. We currently live in a world riddled with selfishness & we can’t seem to figure out why nothing seems to be going right. Well, maybe it’s because we’re not supposed to be selfish. Everybody’s like “Why is God doing this to us”… but God asked us to be unselfish. Maybe our problems aren’t coming from God… maybe they are coming from our own selfishness. They goal for today: know that our problems will start to go away when our selfishness starts to goes away! Have a great day everybody!

Tolerance… Tact… & Timeliness

Tolerance is defined as having respect for ones beliefs, practices, etc. without sharing them; I will still respect you even though we disagree. Goethe defined tact as the art of making a point, without making an enemy; I want to help you see the Truth without pissing you off and driving you away from it. Timeliness means more than we realize; If I’m paying close enough attention, I can say the Right thing at the Right time, so it can have the Right impact. The goal for today: know that tolerance, tact and timeliness are component parts of Love… and should be practiced with ongoing patience and persistence! Have a great day everybody!


There is an ancient ideology that uses a parable to explain their beliefs, and it goes kinda like this: God is The Great Architect… & man is the builder. This Great Architect drew up an absolutely flawless, perfect blueprint for life. He handed that blueprint to man & said… “Here you go. This is everything you could ever possibly need to build a great life for yourselves. Now get to it… go build Heaven on Earth.” But Earth doesn’t always feel like Heaven… does it? And now what do we believe… did the Architect screw up the floor plan, or did the builder misinterpret it… hmmmm. The goal for today: build Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love into the world like the blueprint said… & see what Heaven on Earth really looks like! Have a great day everybody!

Forgive… Love… Heal

There has never been a soul created that was incapable of giving forgiveness; nor has there ever been a soul created unworthy of receiving it. There has never been a soul created incapable of giving Love; nor has there ever been one created unworthy of receiving it. There has never been a soul created and placed beyond repair; there is always a solution, it is made available to us all & the only one that can stop us from healing is we, ourselves. The goal for today: know that being willing to give Love & forgiveness is what makes us worthy of receiving these things… & that’s when our true healing begins! Have a great day everybody!

Real Unselfishness

Unselfishness always feels good! If you would like to feel good today, try this: ask someone how they’re doing & actually listen to & care about their answer. Hold a door for someone because you honestly & genuinely want to help them… not just to get a “thank you” out of them. Do something nice for someone… & don’t get caught. Give peace, love & kindness to people… expecting nothing in return from them. The goal for today: practice real Unselfishness, rather than the pretend kind where I’m being nice to people for my own benefit… & see what genuine happiness feels like! Have a great day everybody!

Set Yourself Free

Would you like to eliminate anger from your life? Try this: if someone pisses you off today, try to stop & think about what they’re afraid of that is causing them to act that way. No one acts like an ass just because they have nothing better to do that day; they are acting that way because they are afraid of something… & getting mad at someone for being afraid doesn’t really make sense, does it? A little bit of understanding will go a long way in freeing yourself from anger & frustration. The goal for today: choose understanding over anger & set yourself free… mind, body & soul! Have a great day everybody!


“Faith means courage. All men of faith have courage” ~Anon. I spent nearly two decades desperately seeking courage from the bottom of a bottle… only to find that it had been with me all the while. Real courage comes from our hearts, our minds, our souls. It comes from inside, not outside… & it comes from KNOWING that all will be well so long as I do what I know in my heart is Right. When I didn’t know that, or believe that, or have faith in that, I had to keep turning back to drugs & alcohol… it “seemed” like the only solution. The goal for today: be ye not afraid neither doubt; for God is your guide ~KJV. Have a great day everybody!