Inside Environment

“Your understanding of life must mould your environment; you must not allow your environment to mould you” ~Emmet Fox. Like most people, I once believed that the town I lived in & the people I was surrounded by were the cause of my misery… but now I know better. I can’t claim that happiness is an inside job & then blame my home town for my unhappiness – lol. I love my home town, I’m proud to be from here, and now that I’ve learned to focus on what I can give to my community, rather than what I can take from it, I have found my peace & happiness inside of myself… the way it was intended to be. The goal for today: practice what we preach & get our happiness from inside! Have a great day everybody!

Every Problem

This may sound a bit crazy, but over the past 14+ years I have fielded literally tens of thousands of questions from people with problems… & the fear of being alone was found to be at the root of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Whether we were the victim of our own fear of being alone, or someone else’s, doesn’t change the fact that the fear of being alone is the root cause of all human ills. Once I started addressing these problems like a 3 year old would & just kept asking “why”… I found the real root of my problems, rather than just a superficial or surface view of them. Sure I had social anxiety… but why? The goal for today: keep asking “why” until you get to the fear of being alone, because killing the root of your problem is the ONLY possible way to fix it properly & permanently! Have a great day everybody!

Complex Simplicity

I talk about helping others a lot & I help others in a very simple, yet detailed manner. It’s not a complicated process, but it does have to navigate our complicated minds. Here is what I’ve found: fear based thoughts, cause internal dishonesty, which leads to selfishness & self-centeredness, and ends up in resentment. I fix this problem by consciously choosing positive, constructive thoughts, telling myself the Truth, putting the welfare of others ahead of my own & giving people Love instead of attitude & anger. The goal for today: pinpoint the problem & then fix it by doing the opposite… simple! Have a great day everybody!


When I was 2 weeks sober, my sponsor asked me why I wasn’t helping anybody yet. My response was: I’m only 2 weeks sober, cut me some slack. Then he explained that I might not be able to stay sober if I didn’t start helping people… & then I admitted the true reason. I said I’m terrified at the thought of holding someone else’s life in my hands. His response was: they are not in your hands, they’re in God’s hands… you just show them what this book says. That conversation changed my life! The goal for today: know that It’s not my job to save the world; it’s my job to teach the world how to save itself! Have a great day everybody!

Helpful… Or Selfish?

“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him” ~Malcom Forbes. I believe that we should help people very simply because it’s the Right thing to do… period! If I’m doing it for any other reason… reputation, reciprocation, reconciliation, etc. then I’m not really helping them… I’m really helping myself & I should call it selfishness, not helpfulness. The goal for today: don’t help people based on what they can do for you; help people the Right way, for the Right reasons, because that’s what Life is really all about… & the world is desperately in need of more of that! Have a great day everybody!


If I want Love… I must first give Love. If I want loyalty… I must first give loyalty. If I want forgiveness… I must first give forgiveness. But the real kicker here, the catch, is that my motive in giving these thing must be Pure! Giving Love, loyalty & forgiveness specifically to get them in return is a selfish motive… & that will not work. I know this because I tried to do it that way for about 2 decades & I promise you… it doesn’t work. The only way to get the Right result, is to do the Right thing… for the Right reason. The goal for today: give Love, loyalty & forgiveness out freely to others, simply because it’s the Right thing to do… & see how amazing it feels! Have a great day everybody!

Supremely Important

Balance is a supremely important part of life & in order to achieve it… I must first understand it. I have 3 main categories in my life: my home life, my work life & my helping others life. Most of my life, if one of these areas was lacking, I would give that one area ALL of my focus & attention, which accomplished nothing other than causing the other two areas to start slipping as well. Now I’ve learned that even if I’m having a relationship problem, I still have a job to do & people that need my help… so that problem is still only getting 33.3% of my attention. The goal for today: give each area of life its due attention… no more, no less… & let balance bring sanity, strength & stability! Have a great day everybody!