Perception is everything! It isn’t your job that’s stressing you out… it’s your perception. It isn’t your relationship that has you out of sorts… it’s your perception of it. It isn’t other people’s actions that upset you… it’s your perception of those actions. Work is always busy, but it is the mental attitude I take toward it that dictates my stress levels… & the same holds true with our relationships & our dealings with all people & the world we live in. When I’m in the right frame of mind, the things that usually bother me don’t anymore. The goal for today: know that it is the attitude you take toward a situation, not the situation itself, that causes stress; so take the mental path to peace! Have a great day everybody!

Worth Its Weight…

Actions speak louder than words! Don’t just say you have gratitude… prove through your actions that you’re grateful. Don’t just say thank you… prove through your actions that you’re thankful. Don’t just say I appreciate you… prove through your actions that you’re appreciative. Don’t just say I’m sorry… prove through your actions that you’re truly sorry. And most importantly, don’t just say I love you… prove through your actions that you love someone. The goal for today: know that talk is cheap… but action is worth its weight in gold! Have a great day everybody!


What comes first… the emotional or the physical? If I can answer this question for myself, I can get off the emotional rollercoaster of life… & avoid feeling so physically drained & exhausted all the time. I recently got upset with someone & the more I thought about the upset, the more I physically felt bad. I was tired, had a headache & lacked efficiency & functionality. So my emotional upset caused a physical upset. Why is it important to understand that? Because that means an ibuprofen & a nap won’t fix it… the headache & exhaustion will keep coming back until I properly deal with the emotional upset. The goal for today: let God direct my thinking & when He directs it to helping others & I attach a positive emotion to that thought… I will feel physically alive! Have a great day everybody!


Why are some people arrogant & others have such low self-esteem? The arrogant are afraid, but trying desperately to hide it… whilst the others are afraid, but unable to hide it. Arrogance is a false front that we hide our fear behind, because we think we will end up alone if people view us as weak or afraid. Low self-esteem is also a case of fear of being alone… where we use self-pity to lure people into our lives. I know this because I have tried both methods, in a desperate attempt to not end up alone in this life. The goal for today: if we don’t want to end up alone, we need to know that no one is better (arrogant) or worse (low self-esteem) than anyone else; then we can all be in this beautiful life together! Have a great day everybody!


Why are you unhappy? Why are you angry all the time? Why doesn’t anything ever seem to go your way? Why do people treat you that way? Why do you hate rich people? Why can’t we all just get along? Why don’t you trust anyone? Why does this keep happening to you? There are definite answers to all of these questions. And more importantly… there are solutions to all of these problems! Once I stopped looking outside of myself for the source of my unhappiness… I was able to see the Truth. Maybe it’s not rich peoples fault that other people are poor. The goal for today: know that although some things are beyond our control… most things are NOT! Have a great day everybody!


“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves” ~Abraham Lincoln. I love Abe… he was a very Wise man! He thoroughly understood the difference between helping… & enabling. He know that teaching people to take care of themselves would be better for them in the long run. Sure you can & should lend a helping hand when possible, but when you go too far & it causes an unhealthy over-dependence… then you have done more harm than good. The goal for today: let your heart show you the fine line between helping & enabling… & help some people permanently! Have a great day everybody!


If we could relearn how to function as an actual society, we wouldn’t need socialism. If we would just learn again, how to help ourselves & help each other, without selfish motives & without delving into the unhealthy extreme of enabling… we wouldn’t have to write laws that attempt (unsuccessfully) to force us to love & take care of each other. Imagine what the world might be like if we didn’t need the federal government to force us to care about each other. Imagine a world where people helped each other simply because it was the Right thing to do. The goal for today: Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love… the government of God! Have a great day everybody!


A while back I was reading some writings from the founding fathers of America & I repeatedly read a word that I was not familiar with. The word was “posterity”… & I had never heard it before, so I looked it up. When I saw the definition, I was saddened by the fact that I had never heard the word used before. I was 33 at the time, a military vet, with 13 years of schooling & above all… an American. The word means “future generations”… & there is a reason we don’t hear it anymore. We now live in a society that is more concerned with instant gratification & self-satisfaction. We are too busy looking out for #1 to be bothered with the thought of how our actions here & now might affect future generations. The goal for today: stop being so damn selfish! Have a great day everybody!

The Steps

1) Have you ever tried to control something & failed? 2) Have you ever told yourself “This time it’s gonna be different” but it wasn’t? 3) Have you ever said to yourself “I probably shouldn’t do this” but did it anyway? 4) Have you ever said “I’m over it” but then realized that you weren’t? 5) Have you ever decided to keep something to yourself that is killing you on the inside? 6/7) Have you ever asked God for help & felt like He didn’t listen? 8/9) Do you have relationships with family or friends that need to be mended? 10) Do you sometimes wonder why you do the things you do? 11) Is your mind sometimes cluttered & indecisive? 12) Do you feel like you need help & therefore can’t give help? The goal for today: know that there are 12 steps you can utilize to fix that! Have a great day everybody!

The Paradoxical Freedom of Personal Responsibility

“We had to drop the word ‘blame’ from our speech & thought” ~Anon. At age 14 something happened that I thought ruined my life & I spent the next 18 years resentfully blaming someone else for all my problems. At age 32 I was finally taught how to properly address that situation, forgive them & stop blaming them for the way I felt. The 18 years that I blamed the other person for, I felt like I lived in hell. But the moment I took personal responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings & actions… I was instantly set free & it felt like the weight of the world came off my shoulders. The goal for today: know that blame makes us slaves… & personal responsibility sets us free! Have a great day everybody!