Fill The Void

For years I felt like “something was missing” from my life. There was a void of some sort & I didn’t know exactly what I needed to fill that void & to feel fulfilled & satisfied with life. As a result, I just started grabbing for everything I could get my hands on & stuffing it in that void to try to fill it up. I tried money, women, cars, houses, drugs, alcohol, etc… etc… but nothing was working. I was desperately seeking love, affection & attention, but it seemed like no matter how much of it I got… it was never enough. Now I know why! Because it is giving, rather than getting, that makes one feel truly fulfilled. The goal for today: experience the incredible paradox of fulfillment through giving! Have a great day everybody!


“If you can’t explain something simply, it’s because you don’t understand it enough” ~Albert Einstein. Most of my adult life I was plagued with low self-esteem which caused me to pretend I was smarter, stronger & better than I really believed I was. For example: I would give some super deep & complex explanation of life & when no one could really grasp what I was saying… I would falsely feel as though I was smarter than them. Well, Mr. Einstein in the above quote cleared that up for me. If I can’t explain life in a manner that you can understand, it’s not because I’m smarter than you… it’s actually because I don’t really understand life. The goal for today: Love each other! Have a great day everybody!

Two Tragedies

There are two tragedies in life: 1) Is when a person has no desire to work at & find the Truth. 2) Is when a person is absolutely certain of something that simply isn’t True. There is a universal Truth that is readily available to each & every one of us… if we are willing to do the legwork. I cringe when I hear people say things like… “God’s plan is not for us to know.” Well, it’s our job to manifest the Will of God here on earth & in order to do so… we are gonna need to know what it is. The goal for today: do the work, find the Truth, carry out God’s Will of giving Unconditional Love out freely to everyone you can, avoid the two tragedies & be fully alive! Have a great day everybody!

When I’m Afraid…

When I’m afraid, I treat my significant other differently than when I’m not afraid. When I’m afraid, I treat my co-workers differently than when I’m not afraid. When I’m afraid, I treat my friends & family differently than when I’m not afraid. If I am having trouble with personal relationships, it might not be because I’m surrounded by assholes… it might be because “I’m” afraid. Fear creates the stress that ultimately causes our personal relationship problems. The goal for today: if someone treats me poorly, I will be understanding of their fear & get myself out of harms way; if I’m treating others poorly, I will spot, admit & correct my fear & proceed to take the appropriate actions! Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Forget The Basics

In my search for more Truth, higher, wider & deeper Truth… I have to be really careful to not lose sight of the basic Principles that are at the foundation of ALL Truth. Just like with mathematics, there is much to learn, but if we forget how to add & subtract… the more complex math problems become impossible to solve. I have found that the only way to reach new heights is to practice the basics first & foremost & then build from there. The goal for today: no matter what amazing, incredible, miraculous feats you strive to accomplish… make sure you GIVE Love to someone first! Have a great day everybody!

Call It What It Is

Some call it co-dependency… I call it fear of being alone. Some call it financial insecurity… I call it fear of running out of money. Some call it social anxiety… I call it fear of what other people think of me. Does it really matter what we call it? I will let you be the judge of that… but in my mind, we treat things like co-dependency, financial insecurity & social anxiety with therapists & pills; whereas, we treat fear with faith. So in my mind it does matter what we call it. The goal for today: work on having faith that Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love can solve more problems than all other possible treatments combined! Have a great day everybody!

You Have a Choice

You have a choice, right now! At this very moment you get to choose how you feel; you can be happy, sad, joyous, angry, accomplished, miserable, proud, useless, strong, etc, etc. Many people don’t believe it & many will deny this fact, but you can prove it to yourself… right here & now. Make a choice! What will it be… happiness or misery? Will you let your emotions control you… or will you take control of them? I’ve chosen to put my best effort into not letting my emotions control me. That doesn’t mean I don’t “feel”… it just means that that feeling no longer has the power to take over my life. The goal for today: don’t repress your emotions, but don’t let them run roughshod on you either! Have a great day everybody!