Pray For Money?

A friend recently asked for prayers because they are experiencing some financial difficulties. That request reminded me of how tricky it can be to learn how to handle money problems from a spiritual standpoint. Just praying for money obviously doesn’t work… I’m sure we’ve all tried that a time or two – lol. And having enough faith that God will provide us with our “daily bread” isn’t always easy… in fact, our poverty stricken world is proof of how hard it can be to have that much faith. When I ask God for help with ANYTHING… He ALWAYS says “Help someone”… & when I listen, miraculous things tend to happen. Either the person I help is able to help me too… or helping them clears the trouble out of my mind so I can clearly see the solution. The goal for today: don’t worry about the basic necessities… but seek God first & all these things will be added unto you ~Matthew 6:31-33. Have a great day everybody!

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