It’s Not That Complicated

“Most good ideas are simple” ~Anon. Oh how I wish the human race would adopt this as a way of life! Most of my life I complicated everything & in hindsight I can see clearly that every single time that I overcomplicated something it was in an attempt to get something that I didn’t deserve. Everything is simple… everything is straight-forward… everything can be fixed… & it can all be done simply & easily if we would just stop plotting & scheming about how we can take more than we give to life & the world & the people around us. The goal for today: stop being selfish & start giving back… it is that simple! Have a great day everybody!

Projected Paranoia

We have a tendency to project ourselves out on to others. When I’m not living right I conveniently tell myself that it’s ok because no one else is living right either. Most of my life I would lie, cheat & steal… & I would then comfort myself by claiming that everybody was doing it. The down fall of this strange, subconscious, psychological trap is that it made me very paranoid; I felt like everyone was lying to me, cheating on me & stealing from me… & that was making my life a living hell. The goal for today: live Right, project that out on to others & let the Law of Attraction do its job! Have a great day everybody!

Fight… Flight… Or…

“We are not fighting it, neither are we avoiding temptation” ~Anon. I’m not a big fan of confrontation, but I have found that running from it doesn’t fix it & neither does wrestling around with it. The end result of “fight or flight” is a temporary sidestepping of a problem, that will absolutely come back & have to be properly dealt with later. Maybe there is a better way! For example: if I’m a drug addict, should I fight off the urge to use drugs, lock myself in my house so as never to be tempted by drugs… or find the fear inside of me that causes me to use drugs & fix it… getting rid of the desire to use to begin with. The goal for today: don’t fight… don’t run… rise above! Have a great day everybody!

3 Choices

If someone insults or offends me, I basically have 3 choices of how I can react to it. 1) I can admit that what they are saying is true, seek out a solution & fix it. 2) I can understand that they are trying to hurt me because they are in pain, let the untrue insult roll off my back & pray for them. 3) I can believe the negative things they are saying about me, feel sorry for myself & do nothing to correct it. Sometimes “1” is the right thing to do… other times it’s “2”… but “3” is never the right choice, it is always wrong & is the source of any & all anger & hurt that I experience. The goal for today: make the Right choice & be free! Have a great day everybody!

What Would You Do… ?

What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? Would your decision making process be different if money didn’t exist? Would you stay in that dead end job? Would you stay in that unhappy relationship? Would you spend all of your time plotting, scheming & manipulating; lying, cheating & stealing to try to get more? Or would you do what you love… find a significant other that you feel good about giving to… & start doing the Right thing, for the Right reasons… & find out what true happiness, peace & freedom feel like? The goal for today: make some decisions based on conscience & heart… rather than fear & money! Have a great day everybody!


Life is fragile and delicate and precious… but we also must try to remember that it is eternal & infinite as well. What we call death is not as final as it seems… in reality it is just the end of one phase of life & the beginning of another. Just as plant life dies in the winter to be reborn in spring, the same is true of our lives. So cherish the time you have with your loved ones, but at the same time try to fully embrace the idea that their seeming end is really just a new beginning; and although it is a loss for us… it is a gain & advancement for them & we should send their souls off with a sense of peace & happiness. The goal for today: try to be happy for their gain rather than sorry for our loss! Have a great day everybody!

Heart… Or Herd?

“To thine own self be true” ~Shakespeare. In order to follow my own heart I must have some self-esteem; in order to have some true self-esteem I must listen closely to my own conscience… knowing that it will never lead me astray. For example: a girl cheated on me once & my friends told me to sleep with her best friend, throw her stuff out in the street & tell everyone what a whore she is. But my heart told me to understand the fear that caused her to do it, forgive her & move on. Now, only 1 of these 2 things is the “Right” thing to do & every single one of us knows which one it is, but what will you be true to… your fear of what other people think of you, or the Truth you know in your own heart? The goal for today: follow your heart… not their foolishness! Have a great day everybody!