Smart… Or Hard

“Work smarter, not harder” ~Allen F. Morgenstern. This is definitely a motto to live by. I try to apply this to every aspect of life… not just my job. If I take the time to listen, think and care before I act… I am sure to get the Right results. If I don’t listen, then I don’t know what the Right thing to do is; if I don’t think, then I don’t know how to do it; and if I don’t care (passion & pride), then my work won’t have the desired result… because the absence of heart leaves all of our life’s work incomplete. The goal for today: listen before you think, think before you act, and put your whole heart behind your efforts… because life becomes hard work when we don’t use the tools we have been given! Have a great day everybody!

Good… Or Best?

“Good is the enemy of the best” ~Anon. That is a bit of a strange statement… but now I get it. At one point, my life really sucked. Then I made some changes, it got a little better & I was pretty happy about that. Then I became complacent, stopped moving forward & slipped back into the bad. The lesson I learned from this is that “good enough” isn’t really good enough. If I want to stop backsliding into bad… I MUST keep moving forward… I MUST keep striving for the best that this life has to offer. We are talking about progress from a spiritual, mental & emotional standpoint, not a physical or material one… & even Jesus said “I am come that they may have life, *AND* that they may have it more abundant.” The goal for today: don’t let “ok” keep you from reaching absolutely incredible! Have a great day everybody!

I Want To Live!

“If we were to live, we had to be free of anger” ~Anon. We can justify our anger, revel in it, claim we have a right to it & stubbornly hang on to it for days, weeks, months, years, but we absolutely, positively, cannot be angry & happy at the same time… so we have to make a choice. I always held on to my anger like it was some sort of prized possession… but it’s not. It’s a poison that rots the soul, constricts the heart & warps the mind. So you can love it if you want, but know that it will destroy you in the end. The goal for today: know that anger carries no positive value… so get rid of it & replace it with happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Real… Or Fake?

There is a big difference between real happiness, peace & freedom… & the pretend version of it that so many of us portray to the world around us. I used to walk around with a big fake smile on my face, when I was really dying on the inside. I used to “appear” to be very calm & relaxed, when my heart & mind we’re really trapped in the midst of a giant shit storm. I used to pretend I was strong & that nothing ever bothered me, when I was really scared & lonely on the inside. Good news is that we can attain the real versions of these things. The goal for today: get some real happiness, peace & freedom from setting your heart & mind (peace) on giving the Love (happiness) of God (strength) out freely to everyone you can! Have a great day everybody!

The Greatest Skill

“Common Sense is more important than the possession of any kind of mere ability or even great talents” ~Emmet Fox. Never have I read a statement that I agreed with more than this one! Common sense is infinitely more valuable than any other skill set, that any human being could ever possess. All the education in the world… all the money on earth… all the titles that man so admires… all added together don’t equal the value of one ounce of common sense. The goal for today: know that fear and selfishness are always bad… and that Love and Service are always good! Have a great day everybody!


“Whatever you give your attention to will come into your life and dominate it” ~Emmet Fox. I used to constantly focus on negatives… & then wonder why my life always seemed so negative. Then, every once in a great while, I would have a day where I was able to focus on something positive… & it would be a good day. Now, I try to reverse that trend. More often than not, I stay focused on positives and as a result, I experience a lot more good days than bad. It took a lot of practice, but the more I give my attention to the positive aspects of life… the better life gets. The goal for today: focus on peace, freedom, happiness & helpfulness to others! Have a great day everybody!

The Wisdom of Unity

“Divide and rule, the politician cries; unite and lead, is watchword of the wise” ~Goethe. What is the single, most destructive thing that can be done to any group of people? 1) Starve them. 2) Bankrupt them. 3) Turn them against each other. Unity is an incredibly powerful thing! With it we can overcome things like hunger & poverty; but without it we are sunk. It doesn’t matter if it’s a workplace culture, a neighborhood, a city, state, nation or the whole of the human race… divided we fall. The goal for today: don’t allow yourself to be turned against the people around you by anyone, for any reason; if we stick together & love each other unconditionally… then nothing & no one can destroy us! Have a great day everybody!