Good… Or Best?

“Good is the enemy of the best” ~Anon. That is a bit of a strange statement… but now I get it. At one point, my life really sucked. Then I made some changes, it got a little better & I was pretty happy about that. Then I became complacent, stopped moving forward & slipped back into the bad. The lesson I learned from this is that “good enough” isn’t really good enough. If I want to stop backsliding into bad… I MUST keep moving forward… I MUST keep striving for the best that this life has to offer. We are talking about progress from a spiritual, mental & emotional standpoint, not a physical or material one… & even Jesus said “I am come that they may have life, *AND* that they may have it more abundant.” The goal for today: don’t let “ok” keep you from reaching absolutely incredible! Have a great day everybody!

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