If There Is…

If there is a God, would He want me to do the Right thing, for the Right reason… or make all of my decisions based on fear? If there is a God, would He want me to seek, find & follow the Truth… or continue to lie to myself & others? If there is a God, would He want me to give freely of myself to others… or hoard all of the glorious gifts He’s given me to myself? If there is a God, would He want me to Love everyone unconditionally… or resent everyone because they won’t do what I want them to do? Sometimes we get so hyper-focused on the unimportant details about God that we forget about the fundamentals… the things that really matter. The goal for today: Love… Purely, Honestly, Unselfishly and Unconditionally! Have a great day everybody!


“The right way is always the easiest way” ~Emmet Fox. For some strange reason we have convinced ourselves & others that living right is extremely difficult… but it’s not. Living wrong & trying to get the right results is what makes life difficult. For example: what’s easier: Making up 10 more lies to cover up the first one… or telling the truth? Scrambling around to find someone to take care of me… or getting a job? Pretending to be a good person to bolster my reputation… or actually being a good person & letting my reputation take care of itself? The goal for today: live Right & see how much easier life can be! Have a great day everybody!

All… Or Nothing!

“We are all one” or “We are all different.” Pick one… because you can’t really believe both. The word “indirect” means not direct; the word “incomplete” means not complete; and the word “individual” means NOT divided… but we have altered this words meaning through our lack of understanding. Not only are we not all different… we are almost pathetically stereotypical. I don’t mean this in a rude or hurtful manner… this is actually great news! Give me 10 minutes with any human being on earth & I can pinpoint the source of their unhappiness & offer a guaranteed solution… that’s the value of understanding that we aren’t all different. The goal for today: know that you are not alone & that we are all in this together… because we are all very literally the same being! Have a great day everybody!

Universal… Or Mine?

There is a Universal Truth in this world, but we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that it’s hard to see it sometimes. The difference between honesty & Truth is that honesty is what I, as an individual, believe to be true. The Truth, on the other hand, is true whether I believe it or not. We need to head back in the direction of “The Truth”… rather than follow this “My Truth” idea into deeper trouble. The Truth: anything built on fear will collapse; dishonesty within us destroys The Truth; selfishness has turned us all against each other; and resentment is like a wrecking ball to the human race. The goal for today: there is only One Truth… let’s try to live by it: Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love! Have a great day everybody!


Whose dreams have you been fulfilling? I feel like I have spent the vast majority of my life working toward someone else’s dreams & aspirations. Whether it was a particular job, relationship or just a societal standard… I always gave it my best. But I am beginning to feel the universe pulling me in a particular direction & it seems to be in the opposite direction of everybody else’s goals. This is not a self-satisfying thing… it’s a greater good thing. I can feel the shift coming & the change that will come with it. I’m gonna need some help to fulfill this dream & I hope that I find that help in some of you. The goal for today: work hard at everything you do… but know that hard work is a pleasure when it’s following your heart! Have a great day everybody!

Then What… ?

A therapy session might keep you right for an hour, Church might keep you right for an hour, a meeting (A.A., N.A., etc… etc) might keep you right for an hour, hell, a rehab might keep you right for a whole month… & then what? It is what you do when you aren’t in those places that matters most! Anybody can live right for an hour, but what about the other 23 hours of every day… what then? Living right is not a one shot deal, where you can receive a treatment & be cured of wrong living forever. Living right requires an all day every day commitment. The goal for today: live Right no matter where I’m at, what I’m doing, or what time of the day or night it is… & that’s when life will get better! Have a great day everybody!

Real Hope

I used to be the type of person that would console people & tell them that everything was going to be ok… whether it was true or not. I never really felt good about giving people false hope, but I figured it was better to lift their spirits for a bit than to hit them with a hard truth or harsh reality. Now I try not to do that anymore… it doesn’t help anybody & it doesn’t feel good. Instead, I went out & found a solution! Now I can tell people “Yes, this is a shitty situation… but we can fix it, if you are willing to do the work!” The goal for today: know that there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem… but be equally positive that faith without works is dead! Have a great day everybody!


“You often say, “I would give, but only to the deserving.” The trees in your orchard say not so, nor the flocks in your pasture.” ~Kahlil Gibran. All life on earth gives without judgement… except human life. We waste our time playing judge, jury & executioner… when we should simply give Love out freely to everyone & everything, at all places & times. Lucky for us the trees aren’t sitting around debating over whether or not human beings deserve oxygen. When I’m giving materially, I should practice prudence… but when I’m giving Love, the channel should be wide open & flowing out toward all. The goal for today: give Love freely! Have a great day everybody!

Cure… Or Heal?

“Will Love cure Walter? No. But it will heal him” ~from an episode of New Amsterdam. This was very profound to me! I look at “cure” like a medical term… but healing is a spiritual thing. When we lose our fear of dying, of what happens next, of “Did I do enough”… then we are free to Love Purely, thoroughly and unconditionally. We are free to do what we were really built to do. In the absence of fear, we can heal ourselves, each other and the world we live in… and be spiritually alive! The goal for today: if you want to be cured… maybe you should take some pills; but if you want to be healed… you must learn to give Love! Have a great day everybody!


Common sense… what a wonderful thing it is! It is clear and obvious, plain and simple, profound and powerful, practical and applicable under any and all conditions… yet it seems so elusive. I say “seems” because it is not really elusive at all… it just “seems” to be. It is readily available to each and everyone one of us, ever second of every day… but we are so caught up and distracted by our fears that we overlook it. The goal for today: don’t take more than you give, don’t spend more than you make, and don’t expect to get more than what you’ve earned out of life… simple! Have a great day everybody!