Wisdom… Or Opinion?

“It often happens that the part of wisdom is not in accord with your own personal feelings or present opinions” ~Emmet Fox. Wisdom is a wonderful thing, and it is easily attainable. It is a very simple matter, but it requires practice and it might take time to get good at. Here is the simplicity of wisdom: if I am not happy… then I’m doing something wrong; if I acknowledge that and then proceed to do the opposite… happiness will appear. For example: I spent years “looking out for #1” and I was miserable most of the time. Then I spent years helping others and I was happier than I ever believed I could be. The goal for today: be wise enough to practice some true common sense! Have a great day everybody!

True Positivity

Positivity is a fundamentally essential aspect of our daily lives. With it we can do the impossible… we can surmount any obstacle… we can know the unknowable. But let’s not forget the little miracles. Positivity also makes all of the simple joys of life possible; we can smile… feel free… help people in all sorts of ways, big and small… we can be the amazing human beings we were sent here to be. The goal for today: don’t allow negative thinking to keep the incredible things inside of you from coming out… let true positivity dominate your thought processes and do the things that help change the world! Have a great day everybody!

Real Respect

Real respect doesn’t come from how much money you have in your wallet… it comes from how much Love you have in your heart. Real respect doesn’t come from how many important people you know… it comes from how many people you’ve helped. Real respect doesn’t come from your reputation as a crazy person… it comes from being a sane person that regularly demonstrates things like humility & honesty, patience & tolerance, peace & contentment, and an impersonal sense of Good Will toward all people… even your enemies. The goal for today: don’t strive for that fake respect… live Right and earn some real respect! Have a great day everybody!

Should I… or Shouldn’t I?

When I’m helping people I don’t feel like it’s my job to tell them what they should or should not do; it’s my job to tell them the Truth and teach them how to make decisions for themselves. It’s a bad idea to let someone else run our lives because it keeps us from learning how to take care of ourselves. However, there is nothing wrong with seeking some counsel that encourages us to consult our own conscience. This I can say for certain: fear based motives, internal dishonesty, selfishness and resentment… lead to bad end results. So measure your decisions against those things and let your heart lead you the opposite way. The goal for today: don’t just follow words, follow your own heart! Have a great day everybody!


Faith is a funny thing. It is easy to talk about… it’s easy to share cute memes about it… but how we react, at the point of impact, to the more troublesome moments in life, is the true measure of where we really stand in regards to our faith. I do not believe that the story of Job in the Bible was written to teach us that God does horrible things to us to test our faith; I believe the point of that story is to remind us that it’s easy to have faith when everything is going our way… and that it’s a bit harder, yet infinitely more important to continue to have faith when the shit hits the fan. Real faith will always stand firm in the face of adversity. The goal for today: Faith! Have a great day everybody!


Sometimes people suck… but we should still do the Right thing. Sometimes work sucks… but we should still do the Right thing. Sometimes politics suck… but we should still do the Right thing. Sometimes life sucks… but we should still do the Right thing. Sometimes the world sucks… but we should still do the Right thing. Please don’t use the wrong doings of others to justify doing the wrong thing yourself. What is the Right thing you ask? Purify you’re motives… tell yourself the Truth… give freely of yourself to all living things… & Love unconditionally! The goal for today: do the Right thing! Have a great day everybody!


Dr. Robert Smith once defined God as the innate ability to know right from wrong. In other words… we all entered into life with a conscience. We can feel the difference in our heart and there has never been a soul created without that ability. Some people ignore it, some self medicate it away, some get crushed beneath it, but it exists deep down inside of each and every one of us… and if we actually abide by it, it never fails to produce the right results. I spent nearly two decades trying to cheat the system and wrestle happiness out of doing the wrong thing… and it didn’t work. The goal for today: know that if we want to be happy… we MUST do what we know in our heart is right! Have a great day everybody!