End = Beginning

The end of one thing always signifies the beginning of something else. As this calendar year draws to a close, we should remember that the new year will be the beginning of a new phase of our lives… and whether this new phase is negative or positive will be dictated by the attitude and approach that we take towards it… spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I want to get Right in my soul… my mind… my heart… and my deeds. Life truly is what we make of it and we have countless opportunities to change it if we don’t like the way it is currently going. At the end of every year, month, week, day, hour, minute or second… we have the chance to begin again. The goal for today: let this be the end of negativity… & the beginning of our true happiness, peace and freedom! Have a great day everybody!

God… Or Conscience?

When I use the word Conscience, instead of God, it seems to make the message more practical. Every morning, when I wake up, I consult my Conscience to get a feeling for what the Right thing to do today is. My Conscience guides me through a little bit of a plan for the day by reminding me to Love people, rather than resent them… to give to the world, rather than take… to practice being honest with myself rather, than being self-deceived… and to do the Right thing for the Right reason, rather than make decisions based in fear. Then I consult my Conscience again at the end of the day & it helps me to honestly analyze how good or bad of a job I did in practicing the plan all through the day… & I use this as a guide to progress. The goal for today: an improved conscious contact with God! Have a great day everybody!

Varying Degrees

Every human being, to varying degrees of course, is afraid they might not get enough love, money or respect. And when that fear becomes great enough, it begins to take over our lives. If I get scared enough about running out of these things, then I will stop sharing them with others… which, paradoxically, will guarantee that I end up running out, because of things like the Law of Attraction. When all I do is take, I attract others that do the same & we all end up miserable in the end. The goal for today: get rid of that fear, stay focused on giving, rather than getting & you will always have everything you need to be happy! Have a great day everybody!

The Real Problem

The problem is that we don’t know what the problem is. Some think they have a problem with God, but they don’t… they have a problem with other people’s conception of God. Some people think they have a substance abuse problem, but they don’t… they have a fear problem that they have been treating with substances. Some people think they have a problem with political parties, but they don’t… they have a problem with politicians that don’t do what their parties were intended to do. It was once suggested to me to try to practice principles before personalities. The goal for today: don’t blame God for the mistakes of man; don’t blame substances for our fears; don’t blame the political system for the abuse & misuse of power. Pinpoint the “real” problem and then apply the “real” solution! Have a great day everybody!

All Problems?

Someone recently said to me: we can’t solve every problem. But I would beg to differ. I often wonder how literally people take the things I say. I intend them to be taken literally… I very literally believe that there is no such thing as an unanswerable question; I very literally believe that there is no such thing as an unsolvable problem; I very literally believe that there is no such thing as an unattainable goal. I never want my words to sound inspiring but have no actual substance. The goal for today: find your answers, solve your problems & achieve your goals; and if it doesn’t happen for you today… then be sure to try again tomorrow! Have a great day everybody!

The Weather

“Your mental conduct, your hour-by-hour thinking, produces specific conditions, and may be thought of as the weather of your soul” ~Emmet Fox. What type of thinking are you currently engaged in… is there a storm on the horizon of your mind, or are there blue skies and sunshine in your forecast? I’ve made a conscious decision this morning to entertain only positive thoughts, and that will ensure that my mind can remain at peace, no matter what might be going on outside of me. The goal for today: make a good habit of Right thinking and stand in the sunlight forever! Have a great day everybody!

Give It Always

Let us embrace the true miracle of the holiday season… the power of giving. Let us also embrace the truest gift of them all… Love. When we give Love, that’s when the miracle happens, that’s when the world is redeemed, that’s when hearts and minds are filled with the one thing that matters most. To me this holiday stands as a strong reminder that the power of giving is far greater than the gift of getting… and the hope that it sets that tone for the year to come. The goal for today: give Love, give it intelligently, give it freely, give it to everyone, and be sure to give it always! Have a great day everybody… and have a very Merry Christmas!


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” ~Thomas Jefferson. Notice that it doesn’t say the right amount of money, or the biggest house, or even the best upbringing. It doesn’t say any of those things because they have nothing to do with success or failure. I think we all sometimes fall into the trap of believing that money, or material possessions, fix everything… but in our hearts we know better. The goal for today: have the right attitude! What is the right attitude you ask? Pure motives, an Honest mind, an Unselfish heart, and Loving actions! Have a great day everybody!

That Would Be Nice…

How nice would it be to live in a world where you didn’t have to be surrounded by a**holes all the time? We will never be able to eliminate all of the a**holes from the world, but I’m certain that we could at least decrease the number. In order to achieve this however, we have to take a bit of an unorthodox approach. Generally speaking, when someone is acting poorly and we treat them poorly in return, it tends to make them act even worse… it’s as if they thrive on it. But when you meet someone’s a**holery with love and kindness… it tends to stop, or at least leave your presence. The goal for today: if someone is acting poorly, try this approach… 1) Walk away if you must, as a last resort. 2) Help them if they will let you. 3) Love them always… Love is the best defense! Have a great day everybody!

Did You Know… ?

Did you know that you have all the Answers, to all the questions, that could ever be asked, locked away somewhere deep down inside of yourself?

Did you know that you have all the Power, you could ever need, to do miraculous things, locked away somewhere deep down inside of yourself?

Did you know that you have all the Love, the world could ever need, to overcome anything, locked away somewhere deep down inside of yourself?

Well, YOU DO… & it’s time to start using it! The goal for today: stop waiting for someone else to fix it! Dig deep, find the Truth & rise up! Have a great day everybody!