People are always telling me things about God that are very strange. They tell me what God wants them to do, or not do… what God is giving them, or taking from them… what God is doing to them, or not doing for them… and I can’t help but wonder how we all got so damn confused in regards to God. Around the age of 10, I was so confused about God that I turned and walked away. I couldn’t understand why He would tell me not to judge, but that He was judging me; why I was supposed to forgive the mistakes of others, but He was gonna send me to an eternity in hell fire for mine; He seemed like quite the hypocrite. Then God Himself finally told me the Truth. He said: I am Love… and all I will ever “do to you” is give you the strength, the courage, and the wisdom to Love others. The goal for today: put an end to the confusion! Have a great day everybody!

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