Desire Over Necessity

Over the course of the past 15+ years I have literally asked thousands of people if they think they are really ready to stop abusing drugs/alcohol and the most common response is… “I have to be!” A.A. has this somewhat unique approach that states that an honest “desire” to stop is the only “requirement” for membership. The difference between “necessity” and “desire” is massive! It doesn’t matter if you are trying to stop drinking, drugging, gambling, smoking, or biting your fingernails, an honest desire is the only guaranteed method of permanently eradicating the problem. The goal for today: don’t settle for the temporary & typically unhappy results of necessity; graduate to the more permanent, positive results that come from the honest desire! Have a great day everybody!


You have a soul, and from the soul comes your greatest power. You have a mind, and from the mind comes your 2nd greatest power. You have a heart, and from the heart comes your 3rd greatest power. You have a body, and from the body comes your 4th greatest power. If we utilize our strengths in proper order, we draw power from within, and take complete control over our own thoughts, feelings and actions. But when order is lost, we lose our power, and that’s when trouble, frustration, and despair infiltrate our lives. The goal for today: let your God direct your mind to loving your neighbor… attach a positive emotion to loving your neighbor… go out and physically love your neighbor… and be the most powerful person in the world! Have a great day everybody!


“We relax and take it easy. We don’t struggle” ~Anon. This simple little statement has carried a tremendous amount of power in my life for many years now. It is part of my morning prayer and meditation. I try to remember to say it every morning before any stress or tension enters into my mind, but I also use it all throughout the day if tension creeps in. It’s amazing the affect it can have when I say it, take a deep breath, and allow my shoulders to relax and my mind to stop pressing… even for just a few seconds. I can literally feel my blood pressure come down when I put an honest effort into living the words, rather than just saying them. The goal for today: relax… and remember that NOTHING is worth losing your peace of mind over! Have a great day everybody!

A Rare Art

Self-analysis is a rare art these days. It seems easier to point out everybody else’s mistakes. If I ask you what political figures are doing wrong, I’m sure you could tell me; if I ask you what religious figures are doing wrong, I’m sure you could tell me; if I ask you what your friends and family members are doing wrong, I’m sure you could tell me; but if I ask you what you’re doing wrong, you would probably tell me that all of your problems were caused by someone else. The fact of the matter is that life becomes infinitely easier once we learn to spot & admit our own mistakes. The goal for today: know that positive, constructive, self-analysis will literally make the world a better place! Have a great day everybody!


“If you act like prey, you become prey” ~Unknown. When we are taken for granted, or taken advantage of, it’s because we have put ourselves in a position to be hurt… and it is ALWAYS based on some sort of fear. Our fear of being alone, running out of money, and what other people think of us, is what turns us into prey. No one likes to admit they are afraid, but if we want to stop being treated this way, we MUST spot, admit, and correct that fear. Most people view fear as a weakness, and it is… but being afraid to admit you’re afraid is the greatest weakness of all. The goal for today: spot, admit, and correct your fears… & stop acting like prey! Have a great day everybody!

You Can… & You Will!

“Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation” ~Thomas Troward. What’s holding you back? What bogus belief is keeping you from achieving your goals in life? Who misinformed you and told you that you couldn’t do something? Was it your parents, your teachers, society at large? And why did you believe them? It is time for us to break free from the chains we have shackled ourselves with. We are powerful & knowledgeable… we are capable of accomplishing amazing, impressive, miraculous things! The goal for today: don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t; know that you can and will change the world! Have a great day everybody!

Set Yourself Free!

There is a Law… a Principle that underlies all human life. Most people are unaware of this Law, and even those who have been exposed to it, generally don’t believe in it. The very small few that do buy into this idea however, have allowed it to drastically change their lives for the better. The Law simply says it’s impossible to be angry, without first being afraid. If you are mad at your significant other… you are afraid of being alone. If you are mad at your boss… you are afraid of running out of money. If you are mad at people who speak poorly of you… you are afraid of what other people think of you. And this type of Law works like gravity… there are no exceptions. The goal for today: learn & live by this simple Law of Life, get rid of fear & set yourself free! Have a great day everybody!