I Wonder…

I wonder what would happen if institutions, like the federal government, stopped doing things for us. Where would we be without them? What would become of us? Would we have a meltdown or a monumental collapse of some sort… or would we finally rise up, reclaim control of our lives & learn how to take care of ourselves & each other? For example: when the city doesn’t plow my street, my neighbor does & he does a much better job of it than they do… because it’s his street & he does it with pride. The goal for today: don’t rely on others to do for me what I could & should be doing for myself! Have a great day everybody!


The Big Three

We human beings have three basic fears: 1) fear of being alone 2) fear of running out of money 3) fear of what other people think of us. All of our problems in life tend to stem from these three fears. If we can trace our problem back to one of these base level fears, we can fix it; when we don’t get back to that root, the problem becomes chronic, it just keeps coming back. We should all do ourselves a favor… when we have a problem, we should keep asking “Why” until we get to one of those fears. The goal for today: don’t let problems become chronic… spot, admit, and correct them by asking “Why”… asking for help… and taking action to fix it! Have a great day everybody!

Fear… Or Purity?

When I’m not afraid, it is easy to do what’s Right. Fear clouds the judgment & disrupts our normal decision making processes. When my heart & mind are free from fear, I Love everyone, unconditionally… I help people, expecting nothing in return… & I tell the Truth, first to myself & then to others. Therefore, it is vitally important to remember that fear is a bluffer… it isn’t real… it only exists in our minds. Don’t let fear tell you lies like it’s ok to be selfish & angry… rise above the fear & give Love. The goal for today: do the Right thing, for the Right reason… knowing that Purity can NEVER lead to the wrong outcome! Have a great day everybody!

Paradoxical Priority

What’s more important to you… your love life, or helping others? What’s more important to you… your work life, or helping others? What’s more important to you… your reputation, or helping others? It’s perfectly normal to not want to be alone, we all need money to live & we all want to be liked, respected & appreciated… & the best way to achieve those goals is by helping others. A blatant disregard for the welfare of others is the best way to end up broke, alone & discredited. The goal for today: genuinely care about people & you will never end up alone… you will impress any boss or employer… & you will earn the respect of the people around you! Have a great day everybody!

Love Is Unity

“United we stand, divided we fall” ~John Dickinson. Our politics are a mess, our religions are a mess, our economics are a mess, our education systems are a mess, our societies are a mess… our lives in general are a mess. Why are they a mess? Because we have no unity. We are trapped in this strange place where everybody wants to do things their own way… but they sure don’t want to end up alone. We can be unique in many ways, but not when it comes to things like loving your neighbor. If we won’t stand united on that one thing… it will be impossible to fix any of the others. The goal for today: we’ve got to Love each other… even if we disagree about everything else! Have a great day everybody!


“How’s that workin’ for ya?” Life is a science, based in cause, effect & manifestation. We have a thought (cause)… we act on that thought (effect)… & then we get an outcome (manifestation). That means that Right & wrong will always prove themselves in end… & if we are paying close enough attention to the end results of our actions, we can KNOW the Truth. There is a guaranteed Right & wrong & all we need to do to know what it is, is ask ourselves “How’s that workin’ for ya?” The goal for today: think Right, act Right, get the Right results… & then you can claim it’s the Truth! Have a great day everybody!


What is the solution to dark? Light. What is the solution to down? Up. What is the solution to sad? Happy. Every problem has exactly one solution… & that one solution is to do the opposite of what caused the problem to begin with. I frequently hear people say that there can be a multitude of solutions to the same problem, but that’s not accurate. I also hear people say “Does it really matter how it happened? Just fix it”… & this too is inaccurate. The ONLY way to prevent a problem from being repeated is to pinpoint the cause & stop making that mistake; and after a problem takes place, the ONLY way to fix it is to do the opposite. The goal for today: let common sense & logic save us all! Have a great day everybody!