Whatever Works For You… or Whatever Works For All?

I frequently hear the “whatever works for you” approach to problem solving & I couldn’t disagree more. Obviously we’re free to do whatever we want & to apply any solution we “think” is working for us, but real problem solving is about finding the 1 & only real solution to a problem. Every problem has exactly 1 Right way to solve it… but many ways to patch it up on the surface so it looks like we solved it, when really we haven’t. For example: drug addiction is caused by fear. You can do “whatever works for you”… but the only guaranteed, permanent solution to this problem is to spot, admit & correct the fear that caused it to begin with. The goal for today: find the cause… because doing the opposite of the cause is the solution that works for ALL of us! Have a great day everybody!


Figure It Out

Right around the age of 14, I thought I had life all figured out… & I started doing things “my” way. I spent the next 18 years proving to myself that I didn’t have life all figured out… & that “my” way was destroying me. Now, I have spent the past 14 years actually figuring life out… & I’m happy to report that there is a better way. We can be happy, healthy & useful! We can find peace, contentment & love! We truly can do anything we set our minds to in this wonderful world… if only we will work with the simple Laws of Life, rather than against them. The goal for today: acquire happiness, peace & freedom by being fearlessly unselfish! Have a great day everybody!

The Best…

Yesterday’s speaking engagement went really well… but the best was saved for last. We finished up right at the end of the school day, on a Friday… & the vast majority of the kids were running for the doors. But one young woman came back into the auditorium specifically to give her condolences to one of the speakers who lost a loved one to an overdose. I immediately turned to a panel member & said… “I will personally guarantee that that girl will not become a drug addict based on the Unselfishness & the genuine concern for the welfare of others that she just demonstrated.” The goal for today: know that Unselfishness is hands down the best form of preventative maintenance in this world! Have a great day everybody!

Purify Your Motives

“This perverse wish to hide a bad motive underneath a good one, permeates human affairs from top to bottom” ~Anon. Most of my life I would get upset if someone didn’t appreciate my kindness… & now I know why. If I get mad at your lack of appreciation, that’s proof beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I wasn’t really trying to be kind to you, I was actually trying to get something from you… like appreciation. My kindness was really just a thin layer of bullshit that I laid over the top of my selfishness. The goal for today: Purify your motives! Be kind simply because it’s the Right thing to do & it won’t matter if they appreciate it or not. Have a great day everybody!

The Bald Eagle

Do you know why the bald eagle is America’s national bird? The symbolic nature of the bald eagle is intriguing to me! I’m not sure why this isn’t taught in school, but I feel like it probably should be. So here it is: some birds seek shelter in a storm, looking for a place to hide; others struggle & try to fly against the storm; but not the bald eagle… he literally flies up above the storm clouds, where the weather is always beautiful. And it is bald symbolizing the absence of a crown; there is no king or single ruler in America… “we the people” are in charge. The goal for today: don’t run & hide from your problems & don’t wrestle with your problems… rise above your problems & feel the sunlight on your face! Have a great day everybody!


“Tact is the art of making a point, without making an enemy” ~Goethe. I definitely don’t have this one mastered yet… but I’m getting better at it. I try to talk to people about God & the Bible, without arousing their religious prejudices. I try to talk to people about politics & the U.S. Constitution, without arousing their party prejudices. I try to talk to people about addiction & the big book, without arousing their recovery prejudices. I’m not always successful at it because it isn’t an easy thing to do, but when I stick to the facts & leave my opinion out of it, I am far more effective. The goal for today: tact… because I can’t help you if I’ve made an enemy of you! Have a great day everybody!

The Tough Questions

Someone has to have the answers to the tough questions. Why do people abuse drugs/alcohol? Why do people commit suicide? Why do people commit violent crimes? What really causes depression & anxiety? How do we fix all these problems? What happens when we die? Hell, while we’re at it we might as well answer… what came first, the chicken or the egg? There is no such thing as an unanswerable question. In fact, Albert Einstein said that if your mind can form the question, then it must be able to form the answer as well. The goal for today: if we are willing to do the work… we can find all the answers! Have a great day everybody!