Quick Fix

“The right way is always the easiest way” ~Emmet Fox. We are always looking for a quick fix… instant gratification… rapid results… shortcuts… etc. Well, here is what I have learned: trying to shortcut my way to permanent, positive results causes mistakes… mistakes cause additional work… and additional work takes longer. So all of the shortcuts I’ve tried to take in life ultimately kept me from getting where I really wanted to be. If, on the other hand, I take my time and do things right the first time… I’ll actually get better results, in a shorter period of time. The goal for today: know that sometimes you have to slow down to go faster! Have a great day everybody!

Intuition = Truth

Our God given intuition is the greatest tool for Truth in our possession! A friend was recently telling me about a conversation they had with someone where they could just sense that something wasn’t right. This person was intentionally trying to mislead them for personal gain. And although it sounded somewhat convincing, my friend could tell that something just wasn’t right. As a result of my friends intuition, she asked a few additional questions and the real truth was eventually uncovered… preventing her from potentially putting herself in a position to be harmed. The goal for today: we can try to get the Truth from people, the government, the media, or the internet, but in the end… getting it from our own God given instincts and intuition is a much safer bet! Have a great day everybody!

Bliss… or Power?

“God’s plan is not for us to know” or “God gave us brains to use”… I had to decide which one of these two I believed… and I went with door number two. Is ignorance bliss… or is knowledge power? When I was just along for the ride in life, being blindly led by the thoughts and ideas of others because I had no self-esteem, no faith in my own ability to think… life sucked! Now that I’ve learned to think for myself, and search my soul for the Truth, rather than always relying on others to tell me what it is… my Quality of Life has drastically improved! I of course have made some mistakes along the way, but I have learned from them and used them as a guide to progress. The goal for today: use the brain God put in my head! Have a great day everybody!


“It is a Kingdom of Conscience, or nothing” ~Balian of Ibelin. My life is better when I do the Right thing, for the Right reason. I smile more, laugh more, feel better, have more energy, I’m more helpful to others, I’m more efficient, less exhausted, less frustrated and less tense. Wrong motives and/or wrong actions damage the psyche, which in turn damages the physical body. “The Kingdom of God is within you” ~Luke 17:21… and your conscience is the absolute proof of that. The goal for today: follow your heart… follow your conscience… follow your God… and be lead to a better life! Have a great day everybody!


“What I will not admit is that it is classicism that limits you” ~Paul Cézanne. The Bible is not outdated… The U.S. Constitution is not outdated… The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous is not outdated. Literature, written in this classic style, is the Foundation of Truth and therefore, it never limits us, but encourages us to build more… to go higher, wider, grander. For example: The Constitution says that we should focus on domestic tranquillity (peace here at home), rather than world peace, because you can’t transmit something you haven’t got. You can say this is an outdated idea… but that would simply be wrong. The goal for today: get back to the Foundation of Truth and build a new world, of limitless possibility, on top of that! Have a great day everybody!

Regardless of the Source

I was talking to someone about an illness, they said something very logical and then said… “But don’t listen to me, I’m not a doctor.” I’ve heard some doctors say some brilliant things; and I’ve heard them say some extremely foolish things as well. These days I tend to listen to ‘common sense’ regardless of the source. I don’t always assume that someone is right simply because of their title; and I don’t always assume that someone is wrong based on their lack there of. Goethe once said “Common sense is the genius of humanity.” The goal for today: follow logic and common sense regardless of the source! Have a great day everybody!

Theory… or Fact?

“We are not theorizing. These are facts out of our experience” ~Anon. For nearly twenty years I lived based on theories and opinions, and the end result was misery, suffering, and thoughts of suicide. That level of despair forced me to make a decision: end it, or go find the facts and fix it. For the past fifteen years I have been living my life based on facts, and the end result has been happiness, peace and freedom. Problems are proof that facts aren’t being utilized (regardless of what we believe to be a fact)… and until we solve some of those problems, we really shouldn’t claim that we know what we are talking about. The goal for today: let your heart tell your brain what the real Truth is and let it set you free! Have a great day everybody!