You’re Not Lacking

“Belief in limitation is the one and only thing that causes limitation” ~Thomas Troward. Every time I tell myself that I’m not strong enough, smart enough, good enough, attractive enough, or any other form of lacking… I am, in fact, building that limitation up within myself. It wasn’t really true until I imagined it into existence, but once I condition myself to believe it & become concretely convinced of my deficiency… I begin to manifest it. The goal for today: sincerely believe & fully understanding that no one is lacking the Power to achieve any ambition that he truly sets his heart & mind out to accomplish in life! Have a great day everybody!


Without Anger?

I should never do anything out of anger. Justifying my anger doesn’t make it Right. When I say things like that, people instantly start looking for exceptions… but there aren’t any. Imagine what the world might be like if we could end a relationship without being angry… if we could practice self defense without being angry… if justice could be served without anger. The world is a shitty place right now primarily because we are meeting peoples wrong doings with anger… we are meeting their negatives, with more negatives & wondering why the world is so negative. The goal for today: know that we absolutely can do what’s Right, without first being angry! Have a great day everybody!


Human beings are inherently good. We don’t always act the right way, but at our core we are Pure, Honest, Unselfish & Loving. We could easily fix all of the hatred, the pain, the misery & the suffering. We could rise above fear, abuse, violence & war. We could get back to treating each other with love & respect. We could once again act with dignity & grace. We can change, but it will require more than just reason… it will take Love. The goal for today: let’s not wait until our suffering gets worse; let’s voluntarily get back to that Pure good, which is our true nature… & live a life worth living! Have a great day everybody!

The Lighthouse

“A lighthouse doesn’t swim out into the ocean looking for lost ships; it lights its light upon the shore & those in need flock to it” ~Me. I love to help people, but I have learned one lesson the hard way: trying to force help on the unwilling always drives them away. I wish I could help everyone, but some people just aren’t ready to accept help. I know this because I was one of them & when I didn’t “want” help, there was nothing anyone could do for me. The goal for today: demonstrate strength, sanity & stability… live in happiness, peace & freedom… show the world your love, your light & your way of life… & when they are ready to make the change, then you can help them find their way home! Have a great day everybody!


“No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood” ~Unknown. We are all in this life together… & we all play our part in every problem. I spent most of my life alleviating myself of any & all responsibility in regards to all of the problems in this world. Nothing was ever my fault… & that in turn, also kept me from having to share in the responsibility of fixing it. No one person can fix it, but all of us, individually doing our part can… & that is the only way to fix it. The goal for today: stop saying things like “It’s not my fault” or “That’s not my problem”… & start saying “What could I have done differently” & “What can I do to help” instead! Have a great day everybody!


Fake positivity doesn’t bring real positive results. Fake faith doesn’t bring any true spiritual experience. Fake kindness & unselfishness won’t bring any real returns. So if I’m not getting what I think I should be getting out of life… I might want to take a good hard look at the sincerity of my thoughts, feelings & actions. There is a Law of Life that says that genuine positivity, faith, kindness & giving NEVER fail to yield the Right results. The goal for today: don’t pretend to be happy… actually be happy! Don’t pretend to believe… believe! Most importantly, don’t be kind & giving to others for your own sake, give freely of yourself for their sake… simply because it’s the Right thing to do! Have a great day everybody!

The Key Elements

In order to find the real Truth, we must possess these key elements: open-mindedness, humility, courage & confidence. I can’t let my preconceived ideas close my mind, but at the same time… I have to have enough confidence to stand my ground once I do find the Truth. I have to be humble enough to know that I don’t know everything & then even more humble in knowing that there is always more Truth even after I do find some. If we seek the Truth, we will find the Truth… but we mustn’t get cocky, because there is always more Truth. The goal for today: Let humility open your mind, let confidence lead you to courage & let the real Truth set you free! Have a great day everybody!