Our Own Worst Enemy

In reality, we all tend to be our own worst enemies. We cause, contribute to, or continue to hold on to all of our problems… and no one can stop that from happening but us. We must grab the reins if we want the problems to end. Our fear of being alone keeps us in unhappy relationships… our fear of running out of money keeps us in dead end jobs… and our fear of what other people think of us keeps us surrounded by a**holes; and changing people, places and things won’t fix that. The goal for today: if we want to fix our lives… we must first endeavor to fix our own fears! Have a great day everybody!



Whose opinion of you matters most… your peers, your own, or God’s? Whose guidance is most likely to be solid… your parents, your own, or God’s? Whose direction is it best to follow… your bosses, your own, or God’s? Whose government is the best path to peace & freedom… the state’s, the church’s, or God’s? There really are 3 sides to every story: your side, my side, and the Truth… but only 1 side is guaranteed to be true, just, pure, accurate, and effective. The goal for today: don’t blindly follow… don’t fearfully follow… faithfully follow and end up exactly where you belong… perfectly at peace! Have a great day everybody!


Why are we here? Ahhh, the age old, seemingly unanswerable question. I believe the answer is simple and straight forward… and the reason it seems unanswerable is because we have complicated it. If there is a God, do you think He sent us here to learn how to be selfish and “get” love; or is it more likely that He sent us here to learn how to be unselfish and “give” love? Every single person that just read that knows in their heart what the Right answer is… so why do we keep doing the opposite and then wondering why the world is all screwed up? The goal for today: do what we were built to do; give Love… unconditionally, with no strings attached, simply because it is the only Right thing for us to do! Have a great day everybody!

Faith + Logic = God

“I was seeking such faith and was sincere in my desire to find a religious belief. But intellect demanded it be consistent with such knowledge as I possessed of natural history and material science.” ~Unknown. I love this statement! I believe that we are all seeking something and we just don’t know what exactly to look for, or where exactly to look… and that’s why it seems so confusing and there are so few true believers. I finally found what I was looking for when I read an old book that encouraged me to search deep down inside of myself and find the eternal spring of love and logic. The goal for today: find the Truth in your own heart, practically apply it to your daily living, and enjoy a belief system that leads to true contentment! Have a great day everybody!

Intellectual & Emotional

We all have two sides: an intellectual side and an emotional side. The intellectual side is where we fill our minds with thoughts, ideas and information; but the emotional side is where our hearts get filled with facts, truths and actual Intelligence. We learn with our minds, but we grow with our hearts. We think with our minds, but we “know” with our hearts. For example: sometimes I “think” I should be mad at people, but when I listen to my heart, it never says that… because it “knows” that anger is always wrong. The goal for today: think with your head… know with your heart… and do what’s Right! Have a great day everybody!


I was recently told a tragic story. A story about the death of a child, a family crushed by grief, and a guilty conscience with only one hope for healing. A child was lost to a medical mishap, a father blames himself and deeply resents the attendee. At the same time every year this family is destroyed again by the memory of this tragedy; the other children have been robbed of their opportunity to be happy; and a young nurse lives every second of every day in guilt and shame over their mistake. How can such a terrible situation ever be overcome? The answer is singular, pointed, and profoundly powerful! It is a one word answer… and it is undeniably the ONLY way! That one word is Forgiveness. The goal for today: forgive them that have brought you pain, forgive yourself, forgive everyone… and set every living soul free! Have a great day everybody!

Smart… Or Hard

“Work smarter, not harder” ~Allen F. Morgenstern. This is definitely a motto to live by. I try to apply this to every aspect of life… not just my job. If I take the time to listen, think and care before I act… I am sure to get the Right results. If I don’t listen, then I don’t know what the Right thing to do is; if I don’t think, then I don’t know how to do it; and if I don’t care (passion & pride), then my work won’t have the desired result… because the absence of heart leaves all of our life’s work incomplete. The goal for today: listen before you think, think before you act, and put your whole heart behind your efforts… because life becomes hard work when we don’t use the tools we have been given! Have a great day everybody!