God Said…

One day I was talking to God & I asked Him what I had to do to avoid ending up alone. He said… “Stop being afraid.” He told me that I would never end up alone for the reasons I always thought I would. He said it has nothing to do with how smart you are, how strong you are, how rich you are, or how physically attractive you are; the one & only thing that can cause you to end up alone is the fear of being alone. Fear causes us to act in a manner that drives the right people away & attracts the wrong ones to us. The goal for today: give freely of ourselves… live by the Law of Attraction… & we will never end up alone! Have a great day everybody!



“God is Intelligence.” There is a difference between knowledge & intelligence… between information & Intelligence. Knowledge & information comes from books & schools & scholars… but true Intelligence can only come from God. Being familiar with a piece of literature or memorizing verses, pages & paragraphs is great… but it isn’t until you open your mind & let your heart explain that information to it that you can claim Intelligence. Intelligence has nothing to do with education & in fact, it is sometimes hampered by it. The goal for today: know that Intelligence comes from God & we ALL have equal access to it… you are smarter than you know! Have a great day everybody!

Compassion… Or Destruction?

Telling people that nothing is ever their own fault isn’t a good idea. Encouraging people to not ever take personal responsibility for their own lives may seem like compassion, but you may really be aiding in their destruction. Even when we have been seriously & legitimately wronged, we have to learn to take responsibility for our reaction to it. The moment I stopped looking for someone to blame for all of my problems was the moment my life turned around & started getting better. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility is the only path to personal freedom! Have a great day everybody!

“Self”-esteem Never Come From Others

It’s called “self”-esteem because it can ONLY come from self. In my teens I had people telling me that I was smart, strong & lovable… but I chose not to believe them. Others told me that I was stupid, weak & unlovable… and that’s what I chose to believe. Later in life, I had the exact opposite experience… & this proved to me that “self”-esteem can ONLY come from inside. People telling me I’m a good person can’t force my self-esteem up, unless “I” believe it. People telling me I’m a bad person cant force my self-esteem down, unless “I” believe it. The goal for today: if you want to know who you really are, look in the mirror… because the only opinion of you that really matters is your own! Have a great day everybody!

Not For Me

Someone once told me that I was supposed to be selfish… so I tried it & it made me miserable. They told me that I had a right to be angry… so I tried it & it made me miserable. I was told that it was ok to lie… so I tried that & it made me miserable. Then they told me that fear was normal & natural… so I tried it & sure enough, that made me miserable too. I don’t believe that anyone should be selfish, resentful, dishonest or afraid… but I’m absolutely certain that I shouldn’t be. The goal for today: know that negatives don’t cause positives… & stop blindly following foolish people! Have a great day everybody!

Simple… Profound… & Peaceful

I constantly talk about how fear is the ultimate cause of ALL our problems & today I want to talk about it’s polar opposite… Purity. When we make decisions based in fear, it causes us to lie to ourselves, act selfishly, and become resentful; but when we make decisions based in Purity… it has the exact opposite affect. Purity means doing the Right thing, for the Right reason… & when our motives are Pure, we can clearly see the Truth, we began to act Unselfishly, and all of our anger & frustration is replaced by true Unconditional Love. The goal for today: let Purity replace fear… & you will begin to see how simple, profound & peaceful life can be! Have a great day everybody!

Feel The Difference

Love feels different than lust… ambition feels different than greed… relaxation feels different than laziness… contentment feels different than complacency… patience feels different than procrastination. Sometimes there is a very fine line between good & bad… & it’s important to learn how to tell the difference. When I feel bad it’s because I’m on the wrong side of one of these fine lines & in order to fix it, I have to pinpoint it & then tap into the strength, courage & wisdom that lies deep down inside of each & everyone of us. The goal for today: get on the Right side of life… & feel the difference! Have a great day everybody!