The Small Stuff

I like the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff”… but I don’t want to ignore it either. I don’t want to stress out over the little things in my everyday life, but if I continue to ignore those little things, they grow into big things & can cause serious trouble. For example: I had a bill that was only $15 a month… & because it was so small, it got bumped to the bottom of my list of priorities. Well before I knew it, I owed $200 & started receiving threatening letters. The goal for today: know that there is a very fine line between not sweating the small stuff & being subtly irresponsible… be sure to tread that fine line carefully! Have a great day everybody!


The Law

I believe there are 4 levels of law that apply to us… mans law, the laws of nature, cosmic law, and God’s Law. I find it interesting to explore how these laws apply to our daily lives. For example: I no longer take things that don’t belong to me because these laws bring consequences that I don’t want in my life. Mans law says I might go to jail; natural law brings things like worry, guilt, shame, loss of sleep & appetite; cosmic law brings karma; and God’s Law simply says it’s impossible to do something wrong & feel good about it. The goal for today: follow the law… because real happiness can only come from doing what we know in our heart is Right! Have a great day everybody!

What Is The Reason?

“Everything happens for a reason” ~Unknown. This is a saying that everyone is familiar with; we love to say it, comfort others with it & use it to sound witty & intelligent… but we don’t really understand it. When my life came undone & I went searching for help, a lot of people had a lot of really cute little things to say, but cute little slogans & clichés weren’t solving any of my problems. They would make me feel better for about 10 seconds… & then the problem was back. Our problem solving skills have been reduced to sharing memes with one another. The goal for today: everything does happen for a reason… it’s time to go out, find those reasons & actually solve some of our problems! Have a great day everybody!

Heart Knowledge

“If you keep your heart, you will begin to know things that you cannot find in a book” ~Emmet Fox. In this, the Information Age, we have plenty of things to read. But your heart is where you will find the Truth. Did you ever read something (on Facebook perhaps – lol) that simply wasn’t true? And how do you know it wasn’t true? Because your heart, unlike your mind, doesn’t believe everything that it reads. Your mind processes information, but it is your heart that will ultimately determine the validity of that information. The goal for today: collect the data with your head… but always follow your heart! Have a great day everybody!

A True Guide

Every single one of us has a God given intuition. Every living soul has a conscience. Every human being has access to the Truth… & already knows Right from wrong. But sadly, we don’t put these skills into practice often enough to really get good at using them. My life permanently changed for the better when I asked someone for help & they didn’t tell me what to do… they taught me how to use my own intuition, they encouraged me to consult my own conscience, and strongly recommended that I seek the Truth from within. The goal for today: know that helping others isn’t about telling people what to do… it’s about teaching them how to find the answers for themselves! Have a great day everybody!

Positive Focus

“Nothing is impossible” ~Andrew Carnegie. This is the kind of thinking that moves mountains! Andrew Carnegie, the one time Steel King of America, was a cutthroat businessman & not always the most ethical guy in the world. However, I must say, that his never say die attitude was the type of thing that catapulted this country on a path of forward progress, like nothing this world had ever seen before. I like to take the stories of the people that built this country & focus on the positive aspects of them, rather than the negative. We can focus on their mistakes & get nowhere… or we can focus on their triumphs & lift the whole world up! And maybe we can even start looking for the good in ourselves & everybody else around us today too. The goal for today: don’t focus on people’s mistakes… focus on the good they’ve done; and if they haven’t done any… pray for them! Have a great day everybody!

Humble… Motivated… Courageous… Committed

There came a time in my life when I had no choice but to admit that I really didn’t know how to live. And although it was an uncomfortable admission… it opened my mind & encouraged me to learn how to do it Right. Since then, I have learned a lot; I definitely don’t know it all & I certainly don’t practice what I do know perfectly… but when I am living Right, some pretty amazing shit usually happens. The goal for today: be humble enough to admit you don’t know it all… motivated enough to learn… courageous enough live Right… & committed enough to help others do the same! Have a great day everybody!