I used to think I had it worse than everybody else & that I cared more than everybody else & that no one could possibly understand what I was going through. And then when I was finally ready to hear the truth, I asked someone for help & they said… “Yeah, that just means that you are really self-centered.” Needless to say I felt insulted & offended, but once I was done crying about how hurt my feelings were, I realized that they were right. I thought I had it worse than everybody else because I was so focused on “me” that I overlooked you. The goal for today: think about somebody other than myself! Have a great day everybody!


Live & Let Live

My happiness is not contingent upon the way you live… it is contingent upon the way I live. I used to believe that I couldn’t be happy unless you acted a certain way, so I would try to control you & manipulate you so I could be happy. I once heard this method of living referred to as “self will run riot”… & it is just that. I was basically claiming that if everyone on earth just lived by my will… all of our lives would be wonderful. I can now see how childish & insanely selfish that was. Now I simply try to make sure that I’m living right, knowing that your actions can’t hurt me if I am. The goal for today: live & let live! Have a great day everybody!


There are a lot of really good books in this world & we should read them all if we can. Some books help us relate to each other & not feel so alone. Others give us hope & tell us that life can get better. Some make us laugh, some make us cry… some are romantic, some are exciting. But from what I have seen, there are only a very small few that can truly help a person permanently change their lives for the better. The goal for today: if you want to be entertained… read whatever you want; but if you need to solve a problem… you’re gonna have to find, read & live by the Right books! Have a great day everybody!

Prove It!

I’m sorry means I won’t do it again. I’m grateful means I will give freely of myself to others with the blessing I have received. These are two terms that I used very loosely most of my life. I would “say” I was sorry (because I was afraid I’d end up alone if I didn’t), but then continue to chronically repeat the same mistake, proving that I wasn’t really sorry. I would “say” I was grateful (because I wanted you to see how wonderful my life was – lol), but then hoard my blessings to myself, proving that I wasn’t really grateful. If I’m truly sorry… I will change. If I’m truly grateful… I will help others. The goal for today: prove it! Have a great day everybody!

Who’s Responsible?

***DISCLAIMER: this is not a political statement… it’s about personal responsibility.

If you see a child in need should you call your congressman… or should “YOU” help them? If someone can’t afford to see a doctor should you call your congressman… or should “YOU” help them? If a family doesn’t have money for food should you call your congressman… or should “YOU” help them? I am sick & tired of all the pissing & moaning & bitching & whining about how our government isn’t doing it right, when they shouldn’t be doing it at all! If we the people didn’t put our lives in the governments hands, they couldn’t do it wrong. The goal for today: know that our problems will get solved when “WE” love our neighbor, rather than asking our government to love them for us! Have a great day everybody!

You… Or Us?

If the only person you are worried about helping today is you… then you’ve missed the whole point & purpose of life. All throughout time, a blatant disregard for the welfare of others has been the cause of mans downfall. Every society that has crumbled, every empire that has collapsed, every act of war or terror, all have one key element in common… self-centered fear. Someone was afraid they weren’t going to get what they needed… so they took yours too. Trying to survive at the expense of others is the best way to end us all. The goal for today: help others… because real self-preservation can only be brought about by Unselfishness! Have a great day everybody!


My friend Ashley made a statement yesterday about personal responsibility & it really struck a chord with me. We live in a world that is currently riddled with problems & everybody has a great idea about how “somebody else” can help you. Most of my life I was afraid to help people because I didn’t know how… then I enlisted in the military & they reminded me that ignorance is no excuse. Im saying this because we have too many problemed people & not enough problem solvers. The goal for today: if you don’t know how to help somebody… LEARN… because we ALL have a responsibility to help! Have a great day everybody!