One Solution

Every problem has exactly ONE definite, permanent, guaranteed solution. There are a million ways to patch a problem up on the surface, but there is only one way to fix a problem properly. If my car runs out of gas, I can push it, tow it, or coast it… but it’s still out of gas. Life works the same way. Once I realized that selfishness was the root cause of my unhappiness… I was excited! Why? Because then I knew for certain that the ONE & ONLY possible solution to my problem was unselfishness… there is no other! The goal for today: find the cause, do the opposite, problem solved… guaranteed! Have a great day everybody!


The Wisdom Of Humility

Is being right more important than being helpful? I know a lot about alcoholism & drug addiction… & I help a lot of people. But if someone were to prove my methods wrong, I would concede to that immediately, because I am far more concerned with you getting well & staying alive than I am with me being right. Humility is something that I was lacking most of my life… but these days, when push comes to shove, your life is far more important than my ego. The goal for today: be confident & strong… but know that humility is where real wisdom comes from! Have a great day everybody!

I Can’t Fix It, If I Don’t Admit It

When my life came undone & I asked a friend for help, this was our 1st talk:
A friend: You’re selfish.
Me: No I’m not, I’d give you the shirt off my back!
A friend: You’re resentful.
Me: No I’m not, I get along with everybody!
A friend: You’re dishonest.
Me: No I’m not, I always tell the truth!
A friend: You’re afraid.
Me: No I’m not, I’m not afraid of anything!
Within a few days of this talk I realized that he was right about everything & I just couldn’t see it at the time. The goal for today: be willing to see the Truth… be willing to fix my problems… & then I can know Peace! Have a great day everybody!

Law Of Proactivity

There is a guaranteed method of avoiding problems. If I ask myself “If there is a God, would He want me to think, feel, or act, the way I’m about to?”… & then live up to the answer I get from Him… I’m guaranteed to not have a problem. For example: If there is a God, would He want me to love people… or hate them? We all know the right answer & now we can make an educated decision… hate & feel bad… or love & feel good. The goal for today: avoid problems by making ourselves consciously aware of what’s Right… & proactively doing it! Have a great day everybody!


If I have to run around telling everybody what a great guy I am, it’s probably because I have no self-esteem.

I’m afraid I’m not good enough so I act like I’m better than I am.

Ego mania never happens because I think I’m better than you… it happens because I’m afraid you’re better than me.

Good news is this: we were all created equal… we are all good enough… & there is no need for me to tell you what a great guy I am when I can show you instead.

The goal for today: remember that talk is cheap… & actions speak louder than words!

Have a great day everybody!