One Solution

Every problem has exactly ONE definite, permanent, guaranteed solution. There are a million ways to patch a problem up on the surface, but there is only one way to fix a problem properly. If my car runs out of gas, I can push it, tow it, or coast it… but it’s still out of gas. Life works the same way. Once I realized that selfishness was the root cause of my unhappiness… I was excited! Why? Because then I knew for certain that the ONE & ONLY possible solution to my problem was unselfishness… there is no other! The goal for today: find the cause, do the opposite, problem solved… guaranteed! Have a great day everybody!


Thank You!

Veterans Day is about honoring all who have served this great nation. They are men & women who have voluntarily forfeited their own rights & freedoms, in an attempt to protect & defend everyone else’s. They are people who don’t just talk about God & Country… they feel patriotism in the hearts. It is a labor of love that can seldom be expressed in words. Veterans never really ask for anything in return for their service… but just because they didn’t ask, doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve our respect, honor & appreciation. The goal for today: know that all gave some & some gave all… & that the least we can do is say thank you! Have a great day everybody!Happy Veterans Day… & thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have served!


There are 3 sides to everything… the left, the right & the middle. Watching tv last night someone was dying of an illness & said… “I don’t believe in heaven because if I believe in heaven, then I have to believe in God; and if I believe in God, then I have to believe that He did this to me. I would rather believe it’s all random.” The extreme left says God did this to you. The extreme right says there is no God. But maybe there is a healthy range of sanity in the middle that says… there is a God, but He didn’t cause this. Maybe… just maybe… it wasn’t God’s idea to take a plant, dry it out, crush it up, light it on fire, and inhale it. The goal for today: find the 3rd side of every story… & at least consider it! Have a great day everybody!


I like being reminded that failure, just like most things in life, is a choice. There is ALWAYS a solution… & therefore, the only way to fail at anything is to give up. I am currently experiencing one of those stubborn problems that doesn’t want to budge; but it’s going to have to… because I will not give up! Fear tries to convince me that certain problems can’t be solved… but now my heart knows better. The goal for today: don’t let fear tell you lies; follow your heart, find the Truth & never give up… because there is always a solution! Have a great day everybody!

3 Methods

There are 3 ways to handle a problem… 1) feel bad about it. 2) come to terms with it. 3) fix it. Number 1 is the only one that is ALWAYS wrong… the other 2 are circumstantial. For example: if I have a day where I feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished… 1) feeling bad about it makes it worse. 2) coming to terms with the fact that I work hard & deserved a break might be the answer. 3) but if laziness is the problem, then I should probably get up off my couch & do something. The goal for today: learn how to honestly analyze myself… & stop feeling bad! Have a great day everybody!

Surviving… or Living?

Are you running away from the devil (bad)… or toward God (good)? The motives behind our actions dictate the outcome they have on us. For example: if I do my work because I’m afraid I will starve to death if I don’t… I will probably hate my job. If I do my work because I know it is going to make my life & the lives of others better… I will love my job. Both approaches may put food on the table… but only one will nourish the soul. The goal for today: don’t just survive… utilize the Right motives & see what it feels like to be truly alive! Have a great day everybody!

Losing… Or Learning?

“Winning isn’t everything” ~Unknown. Actually, winning is everything… we just need to see it for what it is. On many, many occasions I “thought” I lost… but now I’m beginning to realize that the difference between winning & losing is usually a major misconception. For example: did I lose a job… or gain an opportunity? I believe that “losing” is really just “learning” and we should embrace that just as much as we do “winning” which really just means “already learned.” The goal for today: win… because there is really no such thing as losing! Have a great day everybody!