I like being reminded that failure, just like most things in life, is a choice. There is ALWAYS a solution… & therefore, the only way to fail at anything is to give up. I am currently experiencing one of those stubborn problems that doesn’t want to budge; but it’s going to have to… because I will not give up! Fear tries to convince me that certain problems can’t be solved… but now my heart knows better. The goal for today: don’t let fear tell you lies; follow your heart, find the Truth & never give up… because there is always a solution! Have a great day everybody!


3 Methods

There are 3 ways to handle a problem… 1) feel bad about it. 2) come to terms with it. 3) fix it. Number 1 is the only one that is ALWAYS wrong… the other 2 are circumstantial. For example: if I have a day where I feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished… 1) feeling bad about it makes it worse. 2) coming to terms with the fact that I work hard & deserved a break might be the answer. 3) but if laziness is the problem, then I should probably get up off my couch & do something. The goal for today: learn how to honestly analyze myself… & stop feeling bad! Have a great day everybody!

Surviving… or Living?

Are you running away from the devil (bad)… or toward God (good)? The motives behind our actions dictate the outcome they have on us. For example: if I do my work because I’m afraid I will starve to death if I don’t… I will probably hate my job. If I do my work because I know it is going to make my life & the lives of others better… I will love my job. Both approaches may put food on the table… but only one will nourish the soul. The goal for today: don’t just survive… utilize the Right motives & see what it feels like to be truly alive! Have a great day everybody!

Losing… Or Learning?

“Winning isn’t everything” ~Unknown. Actually, winning is everything… we just need to see it for what it is. On many, many occasions I “thought” I lost… but now I’m beginning to realize that the difference between winning & losing is usually a major misconception. For example: did I lose a job… or gain an opportunity? I believe that “losing” is really just “learning” and we should embrace that just as much as we do “winning” which really just means “already learned.” The goal for today: win… because there is really no such thing as losing! Have a great day everybody!


“Misery loves company” ~Unknown. This statement is very true… but misery will have to do without the benefit of my company. I fully understand that misery is a choice… & I have made the conscious decision to not participate in it, ever again. If you have visited my home, you can feel it; there is a sense of peace & comfort in this place… because this is where misery comes to die. Most of the people that come here, come asking me to help them not be miserable anymore. The goal for today: let your Peace & Happiness either heal misery… or at least repel it! Have a great day everybody!

The Formula

There is an ancient formula for life that first appeared “In the beginning.” The 4 rivers coming out of the Garden of Eden were symbolic of the 4 sides of human nature. The formula is an infallible & inexhaustible source of Truth. It says that if I want to know the Truth, I must apply the formula: spiritual – mental – emotional – physical… in that order. I ask God (spiritual) to direct my thinking (mental), then I attached a feeling to that thought (emotional) & then I get an outcome (physical). The goal for today: apply the formula… know the Truth! Have a great day everybody!


I recently made a mistake & unfortunately, someone else is suffering the consequences. I feel terrible, but feeling bad won’t fix it. Worry, remorse & morbid reflection won’t fix it. Anger & frustration won’t fix it. Fear & tension won’t fix it. There are a shitload of things that won’t fix it… but there is One thing that will. Trust God, clean house & help others. The goal for today: I will ask God’s forgiveness & what corrective measures should be taken… put that measure into action… & place the welfare of the other person ahead of my own! Have a great day everybody!