Always Wrong

I have found that anger or hatred toward another is ALWAYS wrong. I have had a few occasions in my life where I was legitimately & seriously wronged by people… & as a result, I felt completely justified in my anger. There is a better way! If someone wrongs me, I should act like a sane, rational, adult. For example: if a girl cheats on me, I have to decide whether to leave her or give her a second chance… but I can do either of those two things without getting angry. The goal for today: know that anger comes from fear… & it is not a required part of the decision making process; it’s a choice & it’s always the wrong choice! Have a great day everybody!


Driven By Results

“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” I have been practicing psychology on my couch, at my house, for free for the past 14 years. Some would say I’m a quack (usually those who have not been open-minded enough to sit down with me & listen to what I have to say)… others would say that practicing what I’ve taught them completely turned their lives around. The methods I teach are ancient… they’ve been working since biblical times & I have found them to be infinitely more effective than our more modern approaches. Regardless of which you believe… look at the end results. The goal for today: adopt a more results driven belief system & fix some problems! Have a great day everybody!


I am amazed every time I use Unselfishness to solve a problem! It seems to fix nearly everything; I have used it as part of the solution to substance abuse, relationship troubles, financial difficulties… & even some physical ailments. Because I don’t practice it perfectly, I still sometimes have these problems, but when I do practice it… it works perfectly. It has helped me so much that I can’t wait to see what problem it solves next! Giving to the world, rather than taking from it, is the most important endeavor of the human race. The goal for today: know that looking out for the best interest of us all, is the best way to ensure our own individual success & survival! Have a great day everybody!

Change What?

At one point in my life I was so unhappy that I was willing to try anything to fix it. I moved… but a change of address didn’t fix it. I got a different job… but a change of occupation didn’t fix it. I found a great girl… but a change in relationship status didn’t fix it either. Then one day someone suggested that I stop trying to change everything “outside” of myself in my search for “inner” peace. That person taught me how to change myself… & sure enough, that’s when my life finally took a turn for the better. The goal for today: know that a change of heart is the true pathway to a real sense of happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!

The Wrong Thing…

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment” ~Benjamin Franklin. I experienced this yesterday & I had it in both directions. In one conversation, I lost my patience & said the wrong thing; but in another, I was able to think the situation through before responding. I can clearly see which method works better, but more importantly… I can see why it worked with one & not the other. The person who’s opinion I didn’t care about was the one I was able to refrain in; the person who’s opinion I cared a great deal about was the one I could not. So fear is the reason I said the wrong thing… & that fear caused the thing I was afraid of to happen. The goal for today: get rid of fear & you will always say the right thing! Have a great day everybody!

Faithful Intelligence

I was never really able to read the Bible & actually understand what it said. I assumed it was because I wasn’t smart enough or educated enough, but now I know the real reason. I once read that “God is Intelligence”… knowledge & information come from books & schools, but true Intelligence is something that comes from inside of us. So if I can’t read the Bible it is more a lack of faith, than a lack of Intelligence. I was trying to think my way through it, rather than feel my way through it. The goal for today: let your heart teach your mind… because thinking takes place in the mind, but knowing comes from the heart! Have a great day everybody!

What You Know… Or What You Do?

We all “know” what’s right & what’s wrong… we just don’t always “do” it. The ability to know right from wrong is something we are all born with… we don’t have to be taught it. But when it comes to living it… that takes practice. Previously in life when someone would try to help me, I was like a broken record that just kept saying: “I know… I know… I know.” Then one day someone said to me: “That’s great that you know everything… but maybe it’s time to start doing it.” One of my favorite quotes is “Faith without works is dead”… it’s time to go further. The goal for today: don’t just read… don’t just pray… don’t just know…. DO! Have a great day everybody!