Our Own Worst Enemy

In reality, we all tend to be our own worst enemies. We cause, contribute to, or continue to hold on to all of our problems… and no one can stop that from happening but us. We must grab the reins if we want the problems to end. Our fear of being alone keeps us in unhappy relationships… our fear of running out of money keeps us in dead end jobs… and our fear of what other people think of us keeps us surrounded by a**holes; and changing people, places and things won’t fix that. The goal for today: if we want to fix our lives… we must first endeavor to fix our own fears! Have a great day everybody!


A Fear Problem

People frequently come to me with relationship problems and my initial response is always the same: you don’t have a relationship problem… you have a fear problem. Having trouble with personal relations is a symptom or side effect of the fear of being alone. That fear causes us to lie to ourselves about whose job it is to make us feel good about ourselves, safe and secure, happy, and loved. Once we have deceived ourselves in this manner, we selfishly seek our supply from them… and when they can’t fulfill our demands we feel a chronic sense of negativity toward them. The goal for today: know that God is the source of Love, seek your supply from Him rather than other people… and watch “relationship problems” begin to fade away! Have a great day everybody!


Whose opinion of you matters most… your peers, your own, or God’s? Whose guidance is most likely to be solid… your parents, your own, or God’s? Whose direction is it best to follow… your bosses, your own, or God’s? Whose government is the best path to peace & freedom… the state’s, the church’s, or God’s? There really are 3 sides to every story: your side, my side, and the Truth… but only 1 side is guaranteed to be true, just, pure, accurate, and effective. The goal for today: don’t blindly follow… don’t fearfully follow… faithfully follow and end up exactly where you belong… perfectly at peace! Have a great day everybody!

The Face Of The Waters

“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” ~Genesis 1:2. Water is an incredibly powerful force! When unleashed and out of control it becomes one of the most destructive forces on the planet. But when harnessed and put to good use it tends to bring about a tremendous amount of positive and productive results. We work the same way… we have a source of power that comes from within that we get to choose how we will utilize on a moment to moment basis. At times we use that power to do great good… and at other times we use it in a destructive manner. The goal for today: tap into that Power deep down inside and put it to good use! Have a great day everybody!


Why are we here? Ahhh, the age old, seemingly unanswerable question. I believe the answer is simple and straight forward… and the reason it seems unanswerable is because we have complicated it. If there is a God, do you think He sent us here to learn how to be selfish and “get” love; or is it more likely that He sent us here to learn how to be unselfish and “give” love? Every single person that just read that knows in their heart what the Right answer is… so why do we keep doing the opposite and then wondering why the world is all screwed up? The goal for today: do what we were built to do; give Love… unconditionally, with no strings attached, simply because it is the only Right thing for us to do! Have a great day everybody!

Faith + Logic = God

“I was seeking such faith and was sincere in my desire to find a religious belief. But intellect demanded it be consistent with such knowledge as I possessed of natural history and material science.” ~Unknown. I love this statement! I believe that we are all seeking something and we just don’t know what exactly to look for, or where exactly to look… and that’s why it seems so confusing and there are so few true believers. I finally found what I was looking for when I read an old book that encouraged me to search deep down inside of myself and find the eternal spring of love and logic. The goal for today: find the Truth in your own heart, practically apply it to your daily living, and enjoy a belief system that leads to true contentment! Have a great day everybody!

Be Smart… Like Kids

I have a cold and every time I think about how crappy I feel I close my eyes and imagine being like a kid again. When kids catch colds they don’t let it stop them from laughing and smiling and playing. In other words… they don’t let the physical control the mental and emotional. In that sense, they are much smarter than adults. We adults have allowed the world to convince us that seeking pity for our illness is the right thing to do; whereas kids just kinda take it in stride and continue to enjoy life. The goal for today: let the little ones teach us the right way; live, love, laugh… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!