The Wisdom Of Humility

Is being right more important than being helpful? I know a lot about alcoholism & drug addiction… & I help a lot of people. But if someone were to prove my methods wrong, I would concede to that immediately, because I am far more concerned with you getting well & staying alive than I am with me being right. Humility is something that I was lacking most of my life… but these days, when push comes to shove, your life is far more important than my ego. The goal for today: be confident & strong… but know that humility is where real wisdom comes from! Have a great day everybody!



“Selfishness—self-centeredness, that we think is the root of our troubles” ~Anon. Selfishness… the human disease. We are faced with many troubles in the world today & they are all rooted in selfishness. Our money troubles, relationship troubles, educational troubles, emotional troubles, I could go on & on & on… they are all rooted in selfishness. If only we cared about each other, if we could only see the true value in putting the needs of others first, if we could only love each other enough… then we could change the world. The goal for today: please, PLEASE, think about how your actions affect others! Have a great day everybody!

Hereditary Or Learned

I believe that we are all born spiritually perfect, in the image & likeness of God… & then we learn how to live wrong. Purity, Honesty, Selflessness & Love are our hereditary traits… & then the world teaches us how to be fearful, dishonest, selfish & resentful. Fortunately, God gave us brains to use… & from the age of 12 on, we get to decide for ourselves how we will live. Every day we get to choose to either live by what God taught us… or what the world taught us. The goal for today: make the Right choice! Have a great day everybody!

Help Somebody

I can’t help but wonder how many people read my posts & actually do the things that are suggested. I feel like we all need to constantly be reminded of this suggestion: help somebody! If you are experiencing relationship problems, money problems, family problems, or any other problem on the face of the Earth… help somebody! Giving freely of ourselves to others is always at least part of solving any problem. The goal for today: find someone to be helpful toward, in any way you can! Have a great day everybody!

Understand Life

After yesterday’s message a friend said to me… “So what, am I supposed to just let people lie to me?” And my response was… “What in the world makes you think you can stop them?” My messages aren’t about making a doormat of yourself… they are about understanding what you are & are not in control of… how to properly react to others… & more importantly, they are about understanding that anger NEVER fixes anything. The goal for today: understand yourself… understand others… understand life! Have a great day everybody!

Look For The Deeper Meaning

“You’ve got to find some way of saying it, without saying it” ~Duke Ellington. I love this quote! I write like that… everything I say can be applied to an individual’s life… the life of our nation… & humanity as a whole. For example: I shouldn’t spend more money than I have… neither should the White House… or the G20. The Principles that govern all life on earth are at the root of the things I write. The goal for today: share the tools, that fix ALL of our problems, with individuals in an attempt to change the world from ‘We the People’… up! Have a great day everybody!

Law Of Proactivity

There is a guaranteed method of avoiding problems. If I ask myself “If there is a God, would He want me to think, feel, or act, the way I’m about to?”… & then live up to the answer I get from Him… I’m guaranteed to not have a problem. For example: If there is a God, would He want me to love people… or hate them? We all know the right answer & now we can make an educated decision… hate & feel bad… or love & feel good. The goal for today: avoid problems by making ourselves consciously aware of what’s Right… & proactively doing it! Have a great day everybody!