All People

I have helped rich people, poor people & middle class. I have helped white people, black people & yellow people. I have helped straight people, gay people & bi people. I have helped young people, old people & middle aged. What I’ve learned through all of this is that we ALL have the same exact problem… the fear of ending up alone; and therefore, we ALL have the same exact solution… the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Fear based selfishness is certain to end me up alone; whereas, Pure Unselfishness is guaranteed to fill my life with joy. The goal for today: know that you’re not different… altruism is always the solution… & happiness is always the end result! Have a great day everybody!


The Freedom of Facts

Everyone has an opinion, but only a few are in possession of the actual facts. It doesn’t have to be this way because everyone has access to the facts, but most are unwilling to put the effort into finding those facts. I’m not interested in the theoretical or hypotheticals of life… I am interested only in the factual. I have no desire to hear about “your truth” or your humble opinion, I seek only The Truth… the one that comes from God & applies to every human being that ever lived. The goal for today: don’t limit yourself to lazy minded opinions… diligently seek The Truth & set yourself free! Have a great day everybody!


“A mans station is limited only by his imagination” ~from The Greatest Showman. Imagine if there was a solution to every problem. Imagine if happiness was really just a choice. Imagine if we could be whatever we wanted to be in life. Imagine if Love was all that really mattered to us. Imagine if Heaven on earth was as simple as not being selfish. Imagine if Peace could rule the world. Imagine what it might feel like to be free of anger, worry & fear. Now stop imagining it & make it a reality; & before you say “That’s a nice thought, but it will never happen”… just make sure that you aren’t the reason it doesn’t happen today. The goal for today: Imagine! Have a great day everybody!


I don’t throw toxic people out of my life. Instead, I try to live by a very simple set of Spiritual Principles that protect me from their toxicity. I do this because someday they might want to change their toxic ways & this way, I can still be there to help them. When I’m dealing with someone who doesn’t want to change, as long as I don’t enable them (give them money & attention they haven’t earned) they usually go away on their own & seek out a new enabler… but I don’t want to burn their bridge to safety in case they change their mind. The goal for today: learn how to help others & protect yourself at the same time. Have a great day everybody!

Call It What It Is

Isn’t “social anxiety” really just fear of what other people think of me. Isn’t “co-dependency” really just fear that I’m not smart enough, strong enough (or whatever enough) to take care of myself. Isn’t “depression” really just fear that I will never be happy. I believe that all of these 5 million disorders that we all have these days are really just fear manifesting in different ways. Fear is the common denominator that lies at the root of ALL human problems… & therefore, that’s what we need to fix. The goal for today: stop treating symptoms… treat fear & start solving ALL of our problems! Have a great day everybody!

The American Dream

At 28 years old, I found out first hand what it felt like to live the American Dream. I was an uneducated nobody, from nowhere, that had nothing… & I decided it was time for a change. Me & a friend decided to open our own business & take control of our own lives & destinies… & that is exactly what we did. We took a small business loan & turned it into a living example of what motivated individuals, living under true Freedom can accomplish. It was hard work, long hours & sometimes very stressful… but so incredibly worth the effort! The goal for today: know that you can accomplish anything… as long as you’re willing to work for it! Have a great day everybody!


“The noblest art is that of making others happy” ~P.T. Barnum. I agree… the greatest good we can do in this world is make others happy. I don’t write these daily messages because I want to be a writer; I write them because I want to help lead people to happiness. My happiness comes as a direct result of putting you first. I don’t wake up & think about what I can “get”’out of life today… I wake up thinking about how I can help you. The goal for today: spend as much time as possible contributing to the happiness of the people around you… & make an art out of life! Have a great day everybody!