The Way It Should Be

I’ve been watching the show New Amsterdam & every episode has brought a tear to my eye because it reminds me of how things ought to be. Thousands of years ago we were told that “Love of money is the root of all evil”… & we still aren’t listening. Money will never bring about true peace & happiness. Money will never bring about a true sense of freedom or security. Money will never save our souls… only Love & compassion can do that. The goal for today: know that a genuine concern for the welfare of others always was, still is & always will be the only Right way to live! Have a great day everybody!


Baggage… Or Experience?

“Is there a difference between baggage & experience?” ~from The Good Doctor. The answer to this question is… yes, there is a difference. The difference between baggage & experience is that baggage is an unresolved issue; it’s a problem that you have not yet solved & are dragging around with you like an anchor. Experience is when you overcome a difficulty; you have found the solution & can now endeavor to help others with that experience. The goal for today: learn how to properly address your unresolved issues, turn your baggage into experience & have a more positive impact on the people around you & the world we live in! Have a great day everybody!

Asset Or Liability?

The past is a funny thing… we can use it for good or bad. We can look back & fill our minds with remorse, anger, worry & morbidity; or we can look back & fill our minds with life lessons, gratitude, constructive criticisms & helpfulness to others. For example: I can look back at my addiction & feel bad about it & wish it never happened; or I can look back & feel good about the fact that I solved that problem & now I can help others do the same. The goal for today: put your past to good use by learning from it & helping others with it. Let it become an asset rather than a liability! Have a great day everybody!

Embrace It!

Change can be scary sometimes… but stagnation is much worse. On many occasions I have mistaken stagnation for comfort & procrastination for patience… when they are really both fear of change. I have been in a bit of a rut lately… & just because I have settled comfortably into this rut, doesn’t mean I belong here. Getting out of this rut requires change & my fear of change has me dragging my feet a bit. Change is the only constant & it’s coming whether I like it or not… & now I must choose to either embrace it… or fear it. The goal for today: know that all change is for the better once we embrace it! Have a great day everybody!

Do You Measure Up?

“After all we can only be measured by our service to others” ~Earl Nightingale. This quote explains why I found it so difficult to “love myself” most of my life. When the only person I cared about helping was myself, I didn’t measure up… I couldn’t feel good about myself. I’ve come to the definite conclusion that it’s impossible to “love yourself” if you don’t care about others first. The one lesson that very literally saved my life years ago was that real happiness comes as a direct result of having a genuine concern for the welfare of others. The goal for today: know that if you are having a bad day, the guaranteed solution starts with helping others! Have a great day everybody!

Why Do We Lie?

Why do we lie? What a great question! It might be the hardest question there ever was to answer, because we actually lie to ourselves about why we lie. Our lies stem from fear & lead us to selfishness, but we can’t see it because we are too busy telling ourselves that we aren’t afraid of anything & that we are always putting the welfare of others ahead of our own… which are both lies. The fact of the matter is that most of us are scared shitless & constantly thinking about ourselves & we can’t fix any of our problems until we become willing to admit that. The goal for today: if we really believe that the truth will set us free… maybe it’s time to start telling it! Have a great day everybody!

Judge Fairly

Most of my life I had a tendency to judge the actions of others rather harshly, but I would always cut myself a break when I screwed up. For example: if a girl cheated on me, I’d write her off as a terrible person; but if I cheated on her, it was simply a moment of weakness, it could happen to anyone. Now, I hold myself to a higher standard. If someone wrongs me, I am going to be kind, considerate, understanding & forgiving; and if I wrong you, I’m going to stop making excuses & get to work on correcting my mistake. The goal for today: don’t be a hypocrite, we all make mistakes… understand theirs & correct yours! Have a great day everybody!