Don’t Avoid It… Work On It

All my life I’ve had a tendency to avoid things that didn’t come easy to me. A simple example is basketball. For whatever reason, baseball & football seemed to come easy to me, but basketball didn’t; & rather than work harder & practice & get better at it… I choose to simply not play that sport. No harm has come to my life based on that example, but I am currently faced with the same dilemma & it’s time to do this right. I’m a writer, a creator, an artist, but I am definitely NOT a salesmen. I became a published author in June of last year & I should be on Facebook a thousand times a day reminding people to buy my book, but I’m not… & it’s because I am avoiding this sales thing that I’m not very good at. The goal for today: know what you’re good at & do it… know what you’re not so good at & work on it! Have a great day everybody!



Someday the world will listen when I say that fear is the root cause of ALL of our problems. Until then we can continue to waste our time with psychobabble that does nothing but confuse people even more than they already are; we can waste our time & money writing useless laws that accomplish nothing; & we can waste our time arguing about who’s at fault & whose responsibility it is to fix it… to do something about it! We aren’t fixing our problems because we refuse to expend the necessary amount of brain power to figure out what the true cause is to begin with. If you don’t know what caused the problem, you are 100% guaranteed to not be able to fix it. The goal for today: I’ve already done the work… please just listen! Have a great day everybody!

Real Strength

Most people believe that our pain & suffering & problems are what make us stronger, but that’s not entirely accurate. I was making the same mistakes, experiencing the same pain, and chronically suffering for years & it wasn’t making me stronger, it was literally destroying me little by little… eating me alive, from the inside, out. It wasn’t until I made the decision to do whatever was necessary to stop the pain, suffering & problems that my strength returned. So you see it isn’t the problem that makes you strong… it’s the solution! The goal for today: stop celebrating negatives as if they are a source of strength… tirelessly seek solutions & find out how strong you really are! Have a great day everybody!

Ultimatums… Boundaries… & Demands

I’m not a big fan of giving ultimatums… I don’t “set boundaries” for others to follow… I don’t demand that people treat me a certain way. I believe that forcing people to make decisions is the best way to insure that they make the wrong ones. I believe that telling people what they can & can’t do is the best way to cause them to spitefully do the opposite. And telling people how they must treat me is the best way to end up alone. There is a better way! The goal for today: let everyone think, feel & act exactly as they choose… let go of the fear of being alone that causes us to make these demands… & let the Law of Attraction do the rest! Have a great day everybody!

Selfless Selfishness

For years I honestly thought I was the most selfless person in the world. I was always doing things for people… I was always polite, kind, courteous, helpful & giving. But when I needed someone, it seemed like no one was ever there for me. This whole thing was a giant lie that I was telling myself. The fact of the matter was that there was always someone there for me, but it wasn’t who I wanted it to be. I was only giving to certain people… & the Truth is that I was only giving in order to get something in return. None of us are as selfless as we think we are. The goal for today: don’t treat people right because you want them to treat you right… treat them right very simply because it’s the Right thing to do! Have a great day everybody!

Fearless… Free… & Happy!

“Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness, and courage to be the secret of liberty” ~Louis D. Brandeis. So overcoming my fears will set me free… & being free will make me happy. When I am able to think, feel & act without fear, I’m set free from dishonesty, selfishness & resentment, which are the things that cause my unhappiness. And what should I do with happiness once I attain it? I should lead others down the same path, so they can experience it too. The goal for today: be fearless, free & happy, in every possible way… spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically! Have a great day everybody!

Solve All The Worlds Problems

Love is something you give… not something you get. If we could fully believe & understand this & come anywhere near practicing it in our daily lives… it would literally solve all the worlds problems. I know how unrealistic that sounds… but it is an absolute fact! Why do people start wars… because they are trying to give, or trying to get? Why do people kill… because they are trying to give, or trying to get? Why do people abuse drugs & alcohol… because they are trying to give, or trying to get? Every problem that ever happened on planet Earth came from someone trying to take from the world, rather than give. The goal for today: know that love really is all we need… & know that real love can only be felt by giving! Have a great day everybody!