Independently Together

I have a responsibility to learn how to take care of myself… but I don’t have to do it alone. I have a responsibility to teach you how to take care of yourself… but I shouldn’t do that alone. I have a responsibility to participate in the lives of others for the sake of unity… & we obviously can’t do that alone. I needed help to learn how to take care of myself… & a lot of that help came from people I was helping… & together we can all figure this out & live in peace & harmony. The goal for today: take care of myself, by taking care of others… so we can all live independently together! Have a great day everybody!

Angry… Or Afraid?

You’re not angry because your significant other mistreated you; you’re angry because you’re afraid of being alone. You’re not angry because your boss fired you; you’re angry because you’re afraid of running out of money. You’re not angry because someone started rumors about you; you’re angry because you’re afraid of what other people think of you. I’m going to keep saying this until it really sinks in… ANGER COMES FROM FEAR! It is humanly impossible to be angry without first being afraid. The goal for today: get rid of fear… & the actions of others can never hurt you again! Have a great day everybody!


Sometimes we just have to have faith in the fact that everything will work out in the end. When we lose faith, we get paralyzed by fear & without realizing it, we cause the things we are most afraid of to happen. For example: I was so afraid you wouldn’t like me that I wouldn’t leave the house… so my fear of being alone caused me to be alone. When I have something that I know in my heart I should do, it is important to have faith. The goal for today: KNOW that everything is going to be ok… because knowing is what will make it ok! Have a great day everybody!

You Already Know

There is ALWAYS a solution! There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem & the craziest part of this fact, is that the root cause of the problem, as well as the actual solution, are both already in your own mind. If you sit down & thoroughly write down what you believe the problem is & who or what you believe caused it… you will begin to see your answers. If I pay close attention & I’m willing to see the Truth… I will find that ALL of my answers are already inside of me. The goal for today: pay attention… seek the Truth… take responsibility… & solve my problems! Have a great day everybody!

The Formula

There is an ancient formula for life that first appeared “In the beginning.” The 4 rivers coming out of the Garden of Eden were symbolic of the 4 sides of human nature. The formula is an infallible & inexhaustible source of Truth. It says that if I want to know the Truth, I must apply the formula: spiritual – mental – emotional – physical… in that order. I ask God (spiritual) to direct my thinking (mental), then I attached a feeling to that thought (emotional) & then I get an outcome (physical). The goal for today: apply the formula… know the Truth! Have a great day everybody!


Perception is everything! Do you work with a bunch of assholes? Are you unhappy? Does everyone in your life mistreat you? Is life unfair? If you answered yes to any or all of these things, it’s time to learn the Truth. I’ve had these thoughts & feelings in the past, but what I must acknowledge is this: some days I “let” other people ruin my day… other days I don’t. The days that I “choose” to be happy, I’m happy… & it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does. If I stop perceiving things as negatives, they stop being negatives… even if they don’t change. The goal for today: view life as good… & life will be good! Have a great day everybody!


Success isn’t based on physical or material prosperity… real success is based on whether or not I overcome fear. Someone I know wants to go into business for themselves… & they have a lot of fear flying around. They say… “What if it fails?”… “What will people think & say?”… “What will happen to me then?” The fact of the matter is this: success is not measured monetarily, or by other people’s views & opinions… success is measured by whether or not you triumph over fear. The goal for today: overcome fear… & you’ve already won! Have a great day everybody!