Appear to be… or be?

I had a conversation with God one day and He said to me… “My son, do you want to sound smart and impress people with your intelligence; or do you want to actually be smart and help people with your intelligence? You can have either one… but only you can decide which you would prefer.” If I’m being honest, I had to stop and think about it for a minute. I would certainly like to be viewed as intelligent… but at the same time, I know that helping others is the right thing to do. Making you feel like I’m smarter than you isn’t really helping you, especially because it’s not true… I’m not smarter than you. The goal for today: be smart… and help others see how smart they can be too! Have a great day everybody!

Comfort Zone

Should I leave my comfort zone… or should I learn to be comfortable in whatever zone I find myself in? How nice would it be to know that you can be ok no matter what circumstance you find yourself in? If you live on planet earth, you are bound to find yourself in plenty of uncomfortable situations… the real key to success in life is to be comfortable regardless of the people, places, and things that you find yourself surrounded by on a daily basis. If I isolate myself because “I’m uncomfortable around people” (which really just means I’m afraid of what other people think of me)… then I need to fix that; and just doing things that make me uncomfortable won’t fix it… I need to get rid of the fear. The goal for today: be comfortable alone, be comfortable together, be comfortable rich, be comfortable poor; get rid of fear and be comfortable… no matter what! Have a great day everybody!

Help Me Help Myself

I can show you how to pinpoint a problem, I can teach you about humility, I can give a guaranteed solution to the problem… but you must do the work. We all have to do our own work in this world… no one can permanently eradicate your problems for you. When someone else fixes your problem for you, it is a temporary condition… you must maintain the changed condition or it will go away again. For example: you can go to rehab to “get” clean, but in order to “stay” clean… you must leave rehab and live right. The goal for today: let someone help you learn how to help yourself! Have a great day everybody!


If my business isn’t profitable it’s because fear based decisions cause me to do things like under staff and over extend, choking off the income supply into the business. If my relationship life is not producing the desired results it’s probably because fear based decisions cause me to do things like be paranoid and selfish, choking off the supply of love into the relationship. If my social standing isn’t what I would like it to be it’s because fear based decisions cause me to do unethical or immoral things, choking off the supply of respect or admiration to my reputation. The goal for today: get rid of my fear of running out of money, my fear of being alone, and my fear of what other people think of me… & find some true success! Have a great day everybody!

A Bit Hypocritical

At times in my life I have been a bit hypocritical. For example: I would refuse to forgive people… but feel terribly hurt and upset if people didn’t forgive me. I would refuse take the time to understand your bad day… but then demand that you understand mine. I would claim that you didn’t love me enough… whilst I was running around learning how to “love myself”. Maybe all of my misery was coming from my hypocritical ways. Maybe it wasn’t everybody else’s fault that my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. Maybe if I extended the very things I was demanding from others I could find peace. The goal for today: know that giving forgiveness, love, and understanding is guaranteed to bring more happiness then trying to take them from others ever could! Have a great day everybody!

Are You Willing?

Any individual that is truly willing to do whatever it takes to solve their problems and build a better life, is guaranteed to succeed in that endeavor. When I was unwilling to do my part and take responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and actions… my life wasn’t going very well. And I’m not talking about material prosperity… I’m talking about being rich with peace of mind, contentment, and a sense of true happiness. When I am willing to do my part, I get powerful and sometimes instantaneous results. The goal for today: find your willingness and hang on to it… because the path of willingness can lead only to happiness & success! Have a great day everybody!


People are always telling me things about God that are very strange. They tell me what God wants them to do, or not do… what God is giving them, or taking from them… what God is doing to them, or not doing for them… and I can’t help but wonder how we all got so damn confused in regards to God. Around the age of 10, I was so confused about God that I turned and walked away. I couldn’t understand why He would tell me not to judge, but that He was judging me; why I was supposed to forgive the mistakes of others, but He was gonna send me to an eternity in hell fire for mine; He seemed like quite the hypocrite. Then God Himself finally told me the Truth. He said: I am Love… and all I will ever “do to you” is give you the strength, the courage, and the wisdom to Love others. The goal for today: put an end to the confusion! Have a great day everybody!