Seek Good

We find what we seek! If all you look for in a person is their faults… that is all you will find. It’s not a coincidence that we feel bad, when all we seek is bad. If we seek negativity, we are sure to find it & once we find it, we tend to blame it on others… but it’s our own damn fault. I know how cliché it sounds, but we really, really need to start looking for the good in people… the good in each other… the good in ourselves… the good in the world. There is good in EVERYONE… even those who aren’t acting like it at the moment. The goal for today: seek good! Have a great day everybody!


Our Natural State

Happiness is our natural state (although you wouldn’t know it by looking around the world today)… & misery is incredibly unnatural (even though everybody’s doing it). If I’m not happy, it’s because I’m not doing what I was put here to do, which is… give Love out freely to others. Misery always stems from some sort of selfishness & self-centeredness… even when we don’t realize we are doing it. The goal for today: if I want to be unhappy… I should consistently try to “take” from the world; if I want be truly happy… I should consistently try to “give” Love to the world! Have a great day everybody!

Are You Willing?

The only people in this world that can’t be helped are the unwilling. It doesn’t matter what your problem is, it doesn’t matter who or what you believe caused it, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had it or how unsolvable it may appear to be… there is ALWAYS a solution. So long as we are willing to do what is required of us… there is literally nothing that can’t be fixed. The goal for today: know that if you are unwilling… nothing & no one can help you; but if you are willing… nothing & no one can stop you! Have a great day everybody!

A Change Of Heart

“Why can’t I ever catch a break?” “Why can’t things ever go my way?” “Why does this keep happening to me?” These are questions that used to run through my mind constantly… & now I know the answers. When life isn’t treating me right, it’s because there is something amiss inside of me. Going job to job, relationship to relationship, or city to city, without ever changing anything INSIDE… means that the same things will happen in my next job, relationship, or residence. The goal for today: if life isn’t going your way, seek to have a change of heart… rather than just a change of scenery! Have a great day everybody!

Thought + Emotion = Outcome

“Nothing is either good or bad, thinking makes it so” ~Shakespeare. Everything that happens in our lives is a result of attaching an emotion to a thought. When things happen to us, we subconsciously attach an emotion & that choice of emotion dictates the affect that the event has on our physical lives. Example: if I lose my job & CHOOSE to believe it is a bad thing… then it becomes a bad thing & has a negative affect on my life. If I attach a positive emotion & CHOOSE to view it as a new opportunity… then it becomes a good thing & has a positive affect on my life. The goal for today: CHOOSE positive emotions! Have a great day everybody!

Who’s Making You Feel?

A friend recently had a problem with someone & it upset them. Then they sat down with friends to talk about the problem & they felt better. So they allowed one person to upset them… & they allowed another to make them feel better. Both of these are a mistake! We all need to learn & fully understand that our feelings come from inside, not outside… & then we need to learn how to take control of those feelings. We are letting people control our emotions… & we are letting our emotions control our lives. The goal for today: take control of & responsibility for our emotions… & regain control of our lives! Have a great day everybody!

Do Just Say It… Do It!

Have you ever made a mistake? And how would you want people to react if you did? Would you want them to be angry & unforgiving… or would you rather them be helpful & understanding? Now that you have given some thought to how you would like to be treated if you made a mistake… ask yourself how you usually react to the mistakes of others. My point is that we all need to stop being hypocrites, who expect to be treated a certain way, when we ourselves aren’t treating others that way. The goal for today: stop talking about treating people the way I want to be treated… & start actually doing it! Have a great day everybody!