Fix It

What should I do if I make a mistake? Here is a list of things NOT to do… justify it (I’m just having a bad day), deny it (I never do that), blame others (I wouldn’t have done this, if you hadn’t done that), write it off as human nature (fear & anger are normal & natural). We are human & we are gonna make mistakes, but if we spent half as much time seeking solutions as we do making up excuses, our lives would be infinitely better. The goal for today: spot, admit & correct my own mistakes… & give everybody else the opportunity to do the same! Have a great day everybody!


Inside First

“You have to be confident before you can be successful” ~Adam Morgan. I really enjoyed this quote! I always kinda had life backwards. I thought I had to be successful in order to be confident. I thought I had to be healthy, wealthy & wise before I could be happy. I thought physical, material well-being came before mental & emotional stability, but I was wrong. In fact… any real material progress I make in life won’t bring about any permanent results unless it came from inner peace. The goal for today: know that real success starts on the inside! Have a great day everybody!

Do Something You Love

Do you want to be happy today? I do… & now I know the best way to make that happen. I always “wanted” to be happy, but I didn’t know how to be… I didn’t know what actually caused happiness. Now I know that Unselfishness is the root cause of happiness. So if I really want to be happy I will make sure that whatever I do is bringing happiness to others as well. There is a Principle (Law of Life) that says it’s impossible to be selfish & happy at the same time. The goal for today: do something you love… but be sure to try to make someone else happy while you’re doing it! Have a great day everybody!



When people strongly disagree with me on certain matters they say things like… “You’re not a doctor”… while giving a medical explanation for something; “Your way is not the only way”… as they explain why their way is; “You don’t know everything”… while acting as though they do. You’re right, I’m not a doctor… & neither are you! My way is not the only way… & neither is yours! No, I don’t know everything… & neither do you! The things I talk about & write about are my beliefs, you don’t have to agree… but you don’t get to take them from me either. The goal for today: tolerance = to respect others beliefs, practices, etc. without sharing them! Have a great day everybody!


What’s The Real Problem?

I recently talked to someone who said they had a problem with A.A. & then told me how they were treated poorly by some people there. So they don’t really have a problem with A.A. they have a problem with some people. I always claimed I had a problem with God… but what I really had a problem with, was people trying to push their beliefs on me. The point here is that we need to stop blaming the world because we don’t like or agree with some of the people in it. The goal for today: find out what the REAL problem is, fix it inside of yourself… & reclaim control of your feelings! Have a great day everybody!


What’s Your Favorite Pass-time?

I spend a lot of my spare time helping others & I am frequently asked things like… “What do you do for you?” or “What do you do for fun?” Well, helping others is easily the most enjoyable & fulfilling thing I do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good sporting event or recreational activity… but nothing makes me happier than helping a lost soul find themselves again. What could be better than to see a genuine smile return to someone’s face that had nearly given up on life… & to simply let them know that they’re not alone in this world? The goal for today: make a pass-time out of Loving your neighbor & see how it feels! Have a great day everybody!


Hope & Reality

I try to rightly relate hope & reality. Hope is a vitally important virtue! Without hope we would never strive for better lives, we wouldn’t be able to see what an amazing road potentially lies ahead of us. But reality isn’t on the road ahead… it’s right here & now. Reality steps in & reminds us that the road ahead isn’t going to pave itself… there is work to be done if we want our future to be as bright as it could be. Reality guarantees future happiness & success… “IF” we get rid of our selfishness & learn how to Love & help each other right here & now! The goal for today: I don’t hope for happiness… I just hope I’m willing to do what’s required of me to get it! Have a great day everybody!