You… Or Us?

If the only person you are worried about helping today is you… then you’ve missed the whole point & purpose of life. All throughout time, a blatant disregard for the welfare of others has been the cause of mans downfall. Every society that has crumbled, every empire that has collapsed, every act of war or terror, all have one key element in common… self-centered fear. Someone was afraid they weren’t going to get what they needed… so they took yours too. Trying to survive at the expense of others is the best way to end us all. The goal for today: help others… because real self-preservation can only be brought about by Unselfishness! Have a great day everybody!



“We can be alone at perfect peace and ease” ~Anon. This is a written guarantee in a book designed to solve ALL of our problems. I was never at perfect peace and ease… especially not when I was alone. I would lose my mind if I had to be alone for too long. For example: when it was time to go to bed & the rest of the world was asleep, I was up staring at the ceiling wishing I could just turn my brain off. There is a solution! Find the thoughts that torment you, pinpoint the fear that’s driving them & let me & God show you how to make peace with them so they can never harm you again. The goal for today: perfect peace & ease! Have a great day everybody!

How Do We Fix This?

If we want to find the solution to things like anxiety, depression, suicide, abuse, addiction, violent crime, etc… etc… we must first find the real cause. I’ve spent the past decade & a half studying these problems, pinpointing the cause, and helping people resolve these issues. The most important piece of information that I have uncovered as I listened to people’s troubles is that they are all, every one of them, rooted in fear. And they’re aren’t hundreds of different fears… there is only one. I’m afraid I’m going to lose or not get love. The goal for today: know that the joy of GIVING love, eliminates the fear of not GETTING love… & heals the world! Have a great day everybody!


My friend Ashley made a statement yesterday about personal responsibility & it really struck a chord with me. We live in a world that is currently riddled with problems & everybody has a great idea about how “somebody else” can help you. Most of my life I was afraid to help people because I didn’t know how… then I enlisted in the military & they reminded me that ignorance is no excuse. Im saying this because we have too many problemed people & not enough problem solvers. The goal for today: if you don’t know how to help somebody… LEARN… because we ALL have a responsibility to help! Have a great day everybody!

God… Or Santa Clause

“At no time had we asked what God’s will was for us; instead we had been telling Him what it ought to be” ~Anon. Holy shit! Maybe that’s why none of my prayers were being answered & I lost faith in God. I was so busy telling God what He should be doing for me, that I never thought to stop & ask what I could do for Him. By the time I was done asking Him to give me the right girl, a bunch of money, peace, happiness, contentment, and the list goes on & on… the thought of asking Him what I could do for Him or others, never entered my mind. The goal for today: stop treating God like He is Santa Clause… & start asking only for the strength, courage & wisdom to help others! Have a great day everybody!


There is a difference between being emotionless & having control of your emotions. I believe there are 3 levels to everything: unhealthy extreme left (overly emotional)… unhealthy extreme right (emotionless)… & the sane and happy middle ground, where balanced emotions reside. Trying to maintain this balance takes practice… and it is essential to establishing some consistent peace of mind. The method I use is simple… it starts with asking God (spiritual) to direct my thinking (mental); when He directs it to GIVING love, I choose how I feel about that (emotional)… & that choice dictates what I do (physical). If I do God’s will… my emotions stay balanced; if I decide to try to TAKE love instead… that’s when shit goes sideways & my emotions drift outside of that healthy middle range. The goal for today: if my emotions are off, I will ask Gods protection & care with complete abandon & allow His will to restore my sanity through helping others! Have a great day everybody!

Must You?

There is no law that says I MUST feel hurt if someone insults me. There is no law that says I MUST feel insecure if someone lies to me. There is no law that says I MUST be angry if someone cheats on me. Nothing outside of me can force me to feel a certain way… my feelings come from inside. The goal for today: if someone wrongs me, I will understand their spiritual sickness, I will keep my fears in check & I will choose to remain happy… no matter what! And before you say “easier said than done”… think about how hard life is when you let everybody else control your feelings. The Right way… is always the easiest way! Have a great day everybody!