What’s Missing?

Yesterday I read this… “We must be missing something, because the number of overdose deaths keeps going up.” Yes, we are missing something… most people do not understand that substance abuse is only a symptom of the real problem. As long as we keep treating the symptom of substance abuse, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of gun violence, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. As long as we keep treating the symptom of suicide, rather than the fear that causes it… we will never fix it. The goal for today: I pray that eventually someone listens! Have a great day everybody!


Clean The World

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean” ~Goethe. I used to be great at spotting the mistakes of everyone else in the world while ignoring all of my own. Now I try to spot my own mistakes & use what I learn about myself to help others. Can you guess which one of these two methods yields more positive, productive results? Every time I spot, admit & correct one of my mistakes, it makes the world a little better place; every time I slander others for their mistakes, I simply contribute to the mess. The goal for today: clean up your own mess & help others do the same… that’s the Right way to clean up the world! Have a great day everybody!

It Can Be Overcome

Grief can be overcome… trauma can be overcome… thoughts of suicide & depression can be overcome… thoughts of anger & violence can be overcome… feelings of frustration & despair can be overcome… in fact, I don’t believe that there is a problem that exists that can’t be overcome. I like the idea that you haven’t been defeated until you give up… so don’t do that! The goal for today: keep learning & growing & working toward the solution to ALL of our problems; rise up, move forward, tap into that Unstoppable Strength that exists deep down inside of every single one of us & win out! Have a great day everybody!


I am amazed every time I use Unselfishness to solve a problem! It seems to fix nearly everything; I have used it as part of the solution to substance abuse, relationship troubles, financial difficulties… & even some physical ailments. Because I don’t practice it perfectly, I still sometimes have these problems, but when I do practice it… it works perfectly. It has helped me so much that I can’t wait to see what problem it solves next! Giving to the world, rather than taking from it, is the most important endeavor of the human race. The goal for today: know that looking out for the best interest of us all, is the best way to ensure our own individual success & survival! Have a great day everybody!

Are You Hurting?

Are you hurting? If so, I strongly suggest that you find someone to help. There is no greater healing power in this world than altruism. The unselfish concern for the welfare of others will begin to heal any negative condition & is always at least part of the problem solving process… no matter what the problem is. Andy Rooney once said “It is love, not time, that heals all wounds”… so let love heal our ailing world, lift us up & set us back on our feet. The goal for today: end your pain by putting your heart & soul into helping others & giving Love! Have a great day everybody!

True Unity

“The common peril brings us together, but the common solution keeps us together” ~Anon. This is a more important statement than it might sound like. We come together during tragedies like drug overdoses, school shootings & suicides… but we can’t stay together or make any major progress in fixing these things because we can’t agree on the common solution. Everybody has a different idea on how these problems should be handled & because we are so divided amongst ourselves, we are just kinda spinning our wheels. The goal for today: find, follow & forward the common solution… establish some true unity… & solve some problems! Have a great day everybody!

Why Are We Here?

“Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us” ~Anon. I believe our purpose for existing is to learn how to GIVE Love out freely to others… expecting nothing in return from them. I spent most of my life trying to GET Love from others & couldn’t figure out why I was struggling & unhappy. Well it’s simple… I was doing the opposite of what I was put here to do. At times I felt like I was giving Love FREELY, but when they didn’t Love me back, I would get upset, which means I wasn’t giving FREELY… I was giving & then demanding a return from them. The goal for today: give Love out freely to everyone (whether you think they deserve it or not), get a full return from God… & see how incredible it feels to do what you were really put here to do! Have a great day everybody!