Actual Intelligence

Fancy words & good grammar don’t add up to actual Intelligence… but common sense & logic do. We seem to be lost in a sea of information that “sounds” smart, but contains little, or no, actual Intelligence. For example: I heard an addictions counselor tell an addict that they are not ready to take the 12 steps… right before handing them a paper written by Sigmund Freud. I’ve got news for the world! If you’re not ready to take the very simple 12 steps of AA… then you sure as hell aren’t ready to be reading Sigmund Freud. The absence of logic will most certainly be our demise if we don’t fix it. The goal for today: find & follow logic… not psychobabble! Have a great day everybody!


What Is Your Conception?

The big book of AA suggests that we choose our own conception of God. That approach was really comforting to me since most of my life I was told “Believe what we tell you, or burn in hell.” The Problem I see in the world today is that a lot of people believe there is a God, but they have no actual conception of what that means. What is God? What does He want from me? How does He want me to think, feel & act? We seem to have gone from being force fed a conception of God, to not having a conception at all… which tends to be equally ineffective. The goal for today: take a minute to ask yourself what the word “God” means to you, because it is “your” belief that defines your life! Have a great day everybody!

Mandatory vs. Voluntary

Most people believe that any reason to do what’s right is a good reason. I strongly disagree! I believe that motives mean everything. Anything we do because we were conned, coerced or forced into doing it, is guaranteed to come undone eventually. Anything we achieve through selfishness & manipulation will be lost again. Anything built on a lie is doomed to failure. We may get some minor, temporary results from skewed motives… but permanent, positive results can ONLY come from Pure motives. The goal for today: do the Right things, for the Right reasons & be guaranteed the Right results! Have a great day everybody!

Free Of Anger

“If we were to live, we had to be free of anger” ~Anon. Anger is never ok, anger is never justifiable & the longer I hang onto it, the more destructive it becomes. If I’m being honest with myself, I must admit that nothing good ever comes from my anger. It isn’t helping me, my loved ones, or anybody else! Every time I engage in it, I’m unhappy & when I’m unhappy… I’m not fully alive. The ugly truth about anger is that it NEVER comes from outside of us. No one is making you angry… you are choosing to be angry & you can choose to not be angry anytime you want. The goal for today: break free from anger with understanding, forgiveness & self-analysis! Have a great day everybody!

The Method

I was taught a method of problem solving that works in stages. There are 4 stages to every problem & if I’m paying attention… I can put a stop to the problem in the early stages. Example: if a car pulls out in front of me & I almost hit them… I get scared. If I spot, admit & correct that fear, the problem ends right there; if not, it turns into dishonesty (they did that to me on purpose). If I catch it at dishonesty, it ends there; if not, it manifests into selfishness (I lose my temper, lay on the horn & start yelling at them). If I catch it at selfishness, it ends there; if not, it turns into resentment (I keep rehashing it in my head & ruin my whole day with it). The goal for today: problems advance rapidly, but so do solutions… pay attention! Have a great day everybody!

Preventive Maintenance… Or Damage Control?

I woke up this morning to a pretty bad storm blowing lawn furniture & other fixtures around my yard. All of these things could have been properly & safely secured had it not been for my fear, laziness & procrastination, but they weren’t & therefore, I caused myself twice as much time, effort & money cleaning the mess up after the fact. Now, there is always a solution, so I’m not going to stress myself out about this… but it is a stark reminder that we always have the choice of preventive maintenance or damage control… & it’s nobody’s fault but our own if we choose the latter. The goal for today: prevent a few problems, rather than living in a constant state of damage control! Have a great day everybody!

Good… Or Best?

“Sometimes good is the enemy of the best” ~Anon. Sure, any job is better than no job… but I want to do something I love. Any relationship seems better than being alone… but I want the relationship that makes both parties supremely happy. I guess being kinda free is better than being a slave… but we should pursue our God given right to true happiness, peace & freedom. The point is, when we settle for “good enough” we deny ourselves & others of something better. The goal for today: don’t be selfish & greedy, but don’t fall into the trap of comfortable complacency either; go out & get that “more abundant life” that Rightfully belongs to you! Have a great day everybody!