Help Someone

Someone once told me that the key to life & happiness is to have the “Right” answer to this one simple question: Who will feed the widows orphan? Great question! Who’s responsibility is it to take care of the less fortunate? Is it the governments job? Is it the duty of some charitable organization? Do we believe it to be anybody else’s job, other than our own? Or is it possible that the one & only Right answer to this particular question, for every single one of us is… “Me!” The goal for today: stop waiting for someone else to do my job for me… take responsibility… & help someone! Have a great day everybody!

Follow Your Heart… Right Or Wrong

Following your heart is the right thing to do… even when it turns out to be wrong. If I believe in something wholeheartedly… I’m gonna do it, no matter what anybody else says or does. And if my actions or decisions turn out to be wrong, that might be just what I need in order to learn how to do it right. Living my life based on beliefs other than my own, will always leave me feeling dissatisfied & unhappy. The goal for today: know that the best way to learn how to trust my own judgement… is to use it! Have a great day everybody!


I spent about 20 years unhappy, with no inner peace, major trust issues & little or no self-esteem. Then one day a friend gave me an absolutely shocking piece of information. He informed me that it was not my significant others job to provide me with happiness, peace, security, self-esteem… or any other things that are supposed to come from “inside” of a person. Out of despair, I tested his theory & sure enough… he was right. The goal for today: stop demanding that the world around me supply me with things that can ONLY come from within! Have a great day everybody!


Stress is an incredibly destructive force! When I let it get the best of me, I can literally feel the damage that it is causing. It can destroy our peace of mind, our emotional stability… & even our physical health can take a beating under the influence of stress. Where does stress come from… what is at the root of this destructive force? You guessed it… FEAR! The same thing that is at the root of ALL of our problems. The goal for today: spot, admit & correct my fears… & regain mental, emotional & physical health! Have a great day everybody!

Common Sense

“Don’t let your emotions have free rein & run away with your common sense” ~Emmet Fox. I once believed that my emotions controlled my thinking & there was nothing I could do about it… but now I know better. When I allow my emotions to control my thinking, my common sense goes out the window & I start thinking crazy shit like insulting someone is going to make me feel better. On the other hand, when my thinking controls my emotions… I can see how insane that is. The goal for today: ask God to direct my thinking, so I can think Right… feel Right… & act Right! Have a great day everybody!


Docendo discimus – teach in order to learn. I have a friend that every time he helped me, he thanked me… & I was confused. I remember thinking… he’s the one helping me, why does he keep thanking me? Now I get it! Every time he helped me or taught me something, he learned something too… that’s how human nature works. We are all the same… we are all one… & it would be impossible for me to truly teach you something, without learning something for myself. The goal for today: help somebody… because I’m probably going to tell them exactly what “I” need to hear! Have a great day everybody!

What Are You Seeking?

“Seek & ye shall find” Another brilliant brushstroke of simpleton genius! We always find what we seek. If I seek misery… I find it. If I seek aches & pains… I find them. If I seek all of your faults… I find all of your faults. On the other hand: If I seek happiness, health & positivity… that’s what I find. I spent most of my life seeking out everybody else’s flaws, in an attempt to feel better about myself… & it simply did not work! The goal for today: I am going to seek the good in everyone I come in contact with… & I’m gonna find that shit! Have a great day everybody!