Hindsight + Insight + Foresight = Visionary

Everything is easy in hindsight… but what about insight & foresight? We can all look back & clearly see what we should have done instead, but the real key to life is to look back on past mistakes specifically to avoid making the same mistakes here in the present (insight)… knowing that if I take the opposite action, I will get the opposite outcome moving forward (foresight). Example: in the past I was selfish & it made me unhappy; so if I live unselfishly today, happiness will be the guaranteed outcome. The goal for today: learn from the past… so I can live Right in the present… & enjoy a future full of happiness! Have a great day everybody!



It’s not what happens to us that dictates the course of our lives… it’s how we cope with it that matters. We all experience things in life that we wish never happened. Some cope with these experiences well & they get through them. Others (like me – lol) don’t cope so well & life comes undone. I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is that we try to address what happened to us, rather than why we couldn’t cope properly. Life is going to mistreat you at some point & the ONLY thing that will truly matter is how you react to it. The goal for today: stop asking the world to act right (because it’s not going to)… and learn how to properly cope with problems instead! Have a great day everybody!

Get… Or Be?

“But the wise family will admire him for what he is trying to be, rather than for what he is trying to get” ~Anon. I really love this quote! It stands as a constant reminder that admiration shouldn’t be based on physical, material wealth; it should be based on true moral prosperity & spiritual growth. I finally realize that moral bankruptcy is much worse than financial ruin. I’m more concerned with being unselfish, than being rich. The goal for today: always remember that the size of your heart is infinitely more important than the size of your bank account! Have a great day everybody!


“I’m not hurting anybody but myself” was one of my favorite things to say when I wasn’t living Right… but now I know better. Everything we do affects other people… good, bad, or otherwise. I used to avoid family & close friends when I was a screw up because I thought I was sparing them from having to deal with my screw ups. But then it dawned on me that avoiding my loved ones was hurting them too. And more importantly… now I see how my positive actions can have a profound affect on those around me as well. The goal for today: do the best I can, be a part of life, be humble enough to ask for help & selfless enough to give it! We are all in this together! Have a great day everybody!


“Love of money is the root of all evil”… & damn do we love it! However, I have learned that everything in life has 2 unhealthy extremes… left & right. I have come to hate money & that also has caused me quite a bit of grief. It is important that we try to find balance in all of our ways; the middle ground… the happy medium. I don’t want to love money… it’s not worthy of that; but I don’t want to hate it either… it is a necessary part of our everyday lives. The goal for today: as far as money goes… earn it, respect it & prioritize it properly… beneath God, people & country! Have a great day everybody!


I was playing candy crush, and the board I was on had bombs all over it. I was so focused on getting rid of the bombs, that I wasn’t able to achieve the objective… & I failed to complete the board. The next time I played that board, I focused on the objective, the bombs took care of themselves, and I beat the board. Life is just like that; we sometimes let fear distract us from what we were put here to do… which is to give Love. The goal for today: stay in the moment by focusing on the task at hand, rise above our difficulties & differences, and achieve the objective… Love! Have a great day everybody!

Try It

“Don’t take my word for it, try it and prove to yourself whether or not it’s accurate” ~Emmet Fox. I was the type of person that would cynically dissect everything I heard or read, claim it was bullshit (without ever having tried it), and then settle comfortably back into my misery. The above quote broke me out of that old bad habit & encouraged me to take a good hard look at why I was doing that. I found that I was afraid of change, I was afraid of being wrong & I was afraid of letting go of some destructive behaviors… because I “thought” it was what I wanted to do. The goal for today: change is awesome… ignorance is not… the Truth will set you free… don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Have a great day everybody!