Like Attracts Like

I knew a couple that one of them put the family first & the other put themselves first. That means that one of them was selfless & the other selfish… & that’s why they are no longer together. The theory that opposites attract is only true in regard to our less important traits, like what kind of music you like. But the Law of Attraction focuses on human nature, which applies to ALL of us, regardless of personality. A selfless person & a selfish person, who both intend to stay the way they are, cannot permanently & peacefully co-exist. The goal for today: know the Law! Have a great day everybody!

Destroy Your Enemies

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them” ~Abraham Lincoln. Abe was a profoundly spiritual guy & we would all do well to learn a few things from him. If I fight with my enemies, the war rages on. If I love my enemies, the war is over… at least for me. We have to stop hating people… we have to stop trying to rule over people… we need to learn how to love our enemies. Harboring hate & anger is like dumping gas on a fire. We give power to our enemies by hating them. We are keeping them alive by giving them our attention. The goal for today: destroy my enemies with love! Have a great day everybody!

Conflicting Fears

Most of my life I had two major conflicting fears: the fear of being alone… & the fear of commitment. I would pull people close to me because I didn’t want to be alone… then push them away because I was afraid they might get too close. I would put people on the end of a yoyo & when they didn’t know how to act around me… I would claim that they were crazy or screwed up. The goal for today: cure both of these fears by being committed to giving love, rather than trying to get it! Have a great day everybody!


“I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me” ~Henry Ford. A couple things stand out to me with this quote. First… that I used to blame God for all the bad in the world. Second… that I was always asking God to do things for me. Now I can see that both ideas were kinda crazy. Good things happen when God is managing things… & bad happens when I take over. Also, my prayers don’t work when I’m telling God what to do for me… they do get answered when I’m asking God what I can do for Him. The goal for today: quit playing God! Have a great day everybody!

Blame = Fear

Blame is really just fear. When something goes wrong in my life, I have a tendency to immediately start looking for someone to blame. I want to believe that it is anybody’s fault but my own. Why? Because if it’s my fault that might mean that I’m stupid or weak or useless. But if I can somehow convince myself that it’s your fault, then that makes you stupid, weak or useless & I’m ok with that… you being an idiot doesn’t make me feel bad. The goal for today: if it’s your fault, I will forgive you & help you; if it’s my fault, I will admit it & fix it! Have a great day everybody!

What Feels Best?

If I’m being completely honest with myself, I must admit, that giving always feels better than getting. Of course it’s nice to get a compliment, a gift, a promotion… & who doesn’t like to receive love. But anyone who has honestly & genuinely given any of these things out freely to others, KNOWS which one really feels best. Getting feels good for a little while, but giving brings about a far more lasting sense of happiness, peace & freedom… when it’s genuine. The goal for today: focus on giving & let the getting take care of itself! Have a great day everybody!

Maybe I’m Wrong

I may not have any idea what I’m talking about. I write a lot & I probably sound like I know what I’m talking about… but do I? How can you be sure? Nobody should do anything just because I said so. Nobody should believe anything just because I said so. Everyone should do themselves a favor & really think about the things they see, hear & read. We should all consult our own conscience before making decisions. Don’t just take my word for anything. The goal for today: logic & reason, head & heart, instinct & intuition! Have a great day everybody!