Day 7 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Principle: An Infallible, unbreakable, Law of Life.

Principle is a word that we can all use in a sentence, but we don’t really, truly understand what it is. The Bible is written in Principle… the U.S. Constitution is written in Principle… & a few other really important pieces of literature are written in Principle as well. Gravity is a Principle… what goes up, must come down. Here is another Principle… you can’t be selfish & happy at the same time. Gravity is a physical Principle & Unselfishness is a Spiritual Principle, but they are both infallible. These Laws of Life aren’t written by lawyers & judges… they are written by God & they supersede all others. The goal for today: learn the Laws… live in unison with the Laws… rise above the opinions… & achieve a very real sense of true & genuine happiness! Have a great day everybody!


Day 6 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Intelligence: Heart Knowledge.

I am of the absolute belief that we “think” things with our minds… but we “know” things with our hearts. We get knowledge & information from books & schools… but intelligence comes from somewhere else. I talk about my lack of education a lot & people usually try to console me. But I don’t say it hoping that you will reassure me of how smart I am… I say it in an attempt to explain that Intelligence has nothing to do with education or IQ. Every single one of us has Equal access to God’s Intelligence. The goal for today: ask God to help me properly interpret the information in my head… because real intelligence comes from the heart! Have a great day everybody!


Day 5 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Truth: Universal Right

This one can be tricky! There is a big difference between honesty & Truth. Honesty is what we believe to be true… but the Truth is true whether we believe it or not. We call a lot of things facts, that simply are not true & that is why it is supremely important to learn how to find the real Truth, deep down inside of yourself. My grandfather used to say “believe none of what you hear & only half of what you see”… that was great advice! Every single one of us is a liar at times, even when we “think” we are telling the Truth… & therefore, I have a sacred duty to learn how to take what you say, run it by my own conscience & differentiate the True from the false. The goal for today: do NOT rely on people for the Truth… get the Truth directly from God (your conscience)… & never be deceived again! Have a great day everybody!


Day 4 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Soul: your true & eternal self.

The soul is the part of us that is eternal… it wasn’t born & will never die. The physical body will eventually return to the earth… but the soul lives on forever. Your soul is all that is good in you… it is the perfect you that is of God. Happiness, Peace & Freedom come from the soul… whereas, misery, discontent & fear come from the physical. I believe that the soul comes to earth perfectly Pure, Honest, Selfless & Loving… & our goal here is to get the physical to follow its lead. The goal for today: work on getting our flawed physical minds to follow our perfect & eternal hearts! Have a great day everybody!


Day 3 of the 7 Main Aspects of God
Spirit: The feeling that comes from doing the Right thing, for the Right reason. 

Spirit is a Pure emotion… it can’t be artificially induced from the outside… & it can’t be felt if any or all of the key components are even slightly skewed. For example: the cheerleader at the pep rally can’t force you, against your will, to have spirit… it must come from within. Another example is when we do something kind for someone & then get mad because they didn’t appreciate it. That would be doing the Right thing for the wrong reason & that skewed motive makes it impossible to feel that Pure Good. The goal for today: do the Right thing, for the Right reason… & feel Right! Have a great day everybody!


Day 2 of the 7 Main Aspects of God.
Love = the impersonal sense of goodwill toward all.

I talk about this one a lot because it is likely the single most important lesson in life to learn. Love is not supposed to be personal… I should give it to everyone, under any & all conditions. It should be truly unconditional; even when you are treating me poorly, I should love you. And most importantly, we can only get love from God… The Source of all Love. Once we stop trying to get love from people… we find that we already have an endless supply of it inside of ourselves. The goal for today: give love! Have a great day everybody!


Emmet Fox, in his book Alter Your Life, says that there are 7 things that come from God… & God alone. If I possess these things, I got them from God, whether I know or not… or like it or not. And if I do not possess them, it is probably because I have been trying to get them from other people, rather than the source. These 7 things are… Life, Love, Spirit, Soul, Truth, Intelligence & Principle… & I will spend a week giving you my interpretation of them. 
Life = Happiness

If I’m not happy… I’m not truly alive. Just waking up on the right side of the dirt isn’t enough for me anymore. My unhappiness has been a direct result of trying to get happiness from other people. When I demand that others supply me with happiness… I end up feeling let down & I may also hurt their self-esteem, when I ask them to do the impossible & they fail. The goal for today: get happiness from inside of yourself & share it with others… then you can claim “Life”! Have a great day everybody!