The Altruistic Solution

After nearly 20 years of anxiety & depression & a near suicide attempt, I have found the solution. That solution is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others. I finally found true happiness in giving freely of myself to others. Helping others brought clarity & helped solve my problems too… it gave me purpose in a life that didn’t appear to have any… it filled my heart & mind with a sense of peace that I never got from trying to take from people. The goal for today: help others in any way I can & let happiness, peace & freedom rule the day! Have a great day everybody!


One Solution

I am of the belief that there is exactly 1 solution to every problem. And I think the reason that so many disagree with that is because we can’t seem to agree on what caused the problem to begin with. The fact of the matter is this: if selfishness is my problem… then Unselfishness is the ONLY solution. If powerlessness is the problem… then Power is the ONLY solution. Once I decide what caused my problem, I should do the opposite. If it doesn’t work, then I was wrong about the cause… not the solution. The goal for today: know that the opposite of the problem is ALWAYS the ONLY solution! Have a great day everybody!

Admit… Or Bury?

I made a mistake at work yesterday & my old thinking kicked in. I immediately started looking for someone else’s mistakes, so I could conveniently hide mine beneath theirs. Fortunately it didn’t take long for me to realize what I was doing & I was able to quickly turn it around. I turned my focus, attention & energy toward spotting, admitting & correcting my mistake… rather than trying to bury it & pretend it didn’t happen. The goal for today: know that personal responsibility & humility always feel better & bring better results, than fear & blame! Have a great day everybody!

Live Like There Is…

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live as if there isn’t and to die to find out that there is” ~Albert Camus. A conversation I once had with a friend:

Him: Does God want you to feel that way?

Me: No.

Him: Then maybe you should stop.

I try to live my life based on the simple question: If there is a God, would He want me to do what I’m about to do? I’ve come to the rock solid conclusion that there is NEVER a good time to do the opposite of what God would want me to do… even if there is no God. The goal for today: put my best effort into doing what I know in my heart is Right! Have a great day everybody!

Look Out For #1

My approach to life used to be “Look out for #1”… but that never brought me any real happiness. The strange thing about selfishness is that it NEVER makes us feel satisfied or fulfilled… even when we get what we “think” we want. You could gain the whole world through looking out for #1, but it will NEVER make you feel the way that looking out for others will. One of the great paradoxes of this life is that unselfishness is the ONLY way to get what we really need. The goal for today: achieve true happiness, peace & freedom by putting the needs of others ahead of your own! Have a great day everybody!

Try It

“Don’t take my word for it, try it and prove to yourself whether or not it’s accurate” ~Emmet Fox. I was the type of person that would cynically dissect everything I heard or read, claim it was bullshit (without ever having tried it), and then settle comfortably back into my misery. The above quote broke me out of that old bad habit & encouraged me to take a good hard look at why I was doing that. I found that I was afraid of change, I was afraid of being wrong & I was afraid of letting go of some destructive behaviors… because I “thought” it was what I wanted to do. The goal for today: change is awesome… ignorance is not… the Truth will set you free… don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Have a great day everybody!

Attitude… Not Latitude

For many years I believed that people, places & things were in control of my thoughts, feelings & actions… but now I know the Truth. It is the attitude that I take toward people, places & things, that dictates the outcome they have on me. It is what is going on inside of me that really matters. When my life came undone, my first instinct was to move… I needed to get out of this place & away from these people. Much to my dismay… I was just as unhappy in the next place I lived. The goal for today: change your thoughts, feelings & actions… because the only REAL change is the one that takes place on the inside! Have a great day everybody!