Inner First

I feel like we are all waiting for our outer conditions to change in order for us to have inner peace… and life simply doesn’t work that way. I tried the “change people, places, and things” approach to life but it never brought about any inner peace, nor did it permanently solve any of my problems. The reason that doesn’t work is because the problem comes from within… not without. Social injustice, for example, can only be eliminated by a change of heart. It seems we have come full circle back to the false belief that if we just don’t break the written law, we’ve done our part… but that’s not enough. We must rid our hearts of the desire to do wrong, before we can claim any real and permanent sense of progress. The goal for today: change your heart, find your peace, change the world… in that order! Have a great day everybody!


Genuine: natural, not acquired, native, innate. When I want to know what a word really means, I trace it back to its origins rather than rely on modern day definitions alone. The word “genuine”, when traced back to its Latin roots, tells an interesting story. It tells me that the only way to “know” if something is real, is to feel it in my heart; nothing outside can completely convince me of it. If we want to know the Truth, we must get it from within… it is our natural state. If you need to know what the Right thing to do is… follow your heart. If you need to know if they really Love you… follow your heart. If you need to know the Truth about anything… follow your heart. The goal for today: feel the power of living a more genuine life! Have a great day everybody!

Stupidity, Slavery, or Sanity

There are 3 basic business models: 1) Hire 10 people, work them like 5, and pay them like 12… sounds like government work. 2) Hire 5 people, work them like 10, and pay them like 8… sounds like tyranny/slavery. 3) Hire 5 people, work them like 5, and pay them like 5… now that sounds like sanity to me, like something that super successful people like Henry Ford might say. There is not enough of door number 3 taking place in this country anymore; half our society are slaves… and the other half lean toward entitlement. Not doing this the “Right” way is what has killed off the middle class, which really was just a group of people that didn’t want anything they hadn’t earned, and did not want what they had earned taken from them. The goal for today: we all have a choice to make, we must choose stupidity, slavery, or sanity! Have a great day everybody!

Excellence… or Tyranny?

“It is excellent to have a giant’s strength… but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant” ~Shakespeare.

I believe that we all, every single one of us, have the strength of giant’s deep down inside of ourselves… and if we use that strength for good, we can move mountains and change our world for the better. On the other hand, when we use our strength selfishly, egotistically, and greedily… we become tyrants, and we destroy our world and all that is good about it. From a societal level I don’t feel as though we are using our strength for the betterment of human kind; I feel as though it is being used only for personal gain… and I am relatively certain that this will end badly for us if we don’t fix it. The goal for today: find your strength, put it to good use, and help to heal our ailing societies! Have a great day everybody!

The Single Eye

“If thine eye be single, then thy whole body shall be full of light” ~Matthew 6:22.

Like a sort of simpleton scholar, I took my GED and started trying to put some of these incredibly beautiful and powerful biblical statements into simpler terms. For after all, if I know not the meaning of the words… of what use shall they be? The above quote reminds me that if my single focus is on doing what’s Right (or the will of God)… I am guaranteed happiness (or light). The easiest way I have found to practically apply this beautiful statement to my daily life is to frequently ask myself “If there is a God, would He want me to think, feel, and act the way I’m about to?” The goal for today: ask the question… follow your conscience… bath in Happiness! Have a great day everybody!

Stand Up!

I believe that we all have a God given Right to self-defense… but we do not have a Right to violent aggression. We all need to learn how to stand up for ourselves… we need to learn how to prevent the world and it’s people from trampling us under foot. If you feel like your way of life is being taken from you, if you feel like you are consistently being taken advantage of and taken for granted, if you feel like you have become the worlds doormat and are getting walked all over… then its time to take a stand! The goal for today: learn how say “no”… learn how to remove fear from the decision making process… learn how to put an end to tyranny in no matter what form it takes… and most importantly, we need to learn how to do all of this without anger, in order to feel truly Free! Have a great day everybody!


“Not everything that is beautiful is good; but everything that is good is beautiful” ~Ruskin.

It took me quite some time to see the “real” beauty in the world… but better late than never! In my mind the word “good” means Pure, Honest, Unselfish, and Loving. So, if you are doing the Right thing, for the Right reason… you are beautiful. If you are letting your heart fill your mind with Truth… you are beautiful. If you give freely of yourself, expecting nothing in return… you are beautiful. If you practice having an impersonal sense of good will toward all (or Love)… you are beautiful. The goal for today: know that although no one is perfect, we must try to be… for our true beauty is in the trying! Have a great day everybody!

Your Real Employer

“We had a new Employer (God). Being all powerful, He provided what we needed” ~Anon.

There are 3 base level fears, that all humans experience to varying degrees. They are: 1) The fear of ending up alone. 2) The fear of running out of money. 3) The fear of what other people think of them. So when my employer (man), tells me to do something that conflicts with what my real Employer (God) would have me do… I have a decision to make. Will I act on my worldly fears and do what I know I shouldn’t? Or will I act on divine inspiration and do what I know in my heart is Right? The goal for today: make sure you are working for the Right Employer! Have a great day everybody!

Could It Be That Simple?

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” ~Matthew 7:7

Could it really be that simple? The answer is “yes”… however, there are some common sense conditions attached. I have “asked” for things in the past that I didn’t receive… and the reason is that God won’t give us things that are bad for us; for the same reason that if your children asked you for heroin, you probably wouldn’t give it to them. Furthermore, I don’t believe God to be an enabler… so I’m not going to get things I beg Him for that I haven’t earned either. The goal for today: ask for the Right stuff, seek only the Truth, knock on the door to your heart… and be guaranteed Happiness and Peace! Have a great day everybody!

Just Do What’s Right

What feels better… to Love people or hate people? What feels better… to give to people or take from people? What feels better… to be honest with people or lie to people? What feels better… to do the Right thing for the Right reason or to live in a constant state of acting on fear? Every single person that reads this knows for certain, beyond the shadow of a doubt, what the Right answer to each question is, so the more important question might be… why are we all doing the things that make us feel bad, that we know in our heart is wrong? The goal for today: just do what’s Right… Love your neighbor! Have a great day everybody!