Open Your Mind

Open-mindedness is a requirement of learning… learning is a requirement of problem solving… problem solving is a requirement of happiness. At 32 years old, my life was saved by 3 things that I was previously too close-minded to believe in. Despair finally opened my mind… & thank God it did, or I would most certainly be dead today. Now, not only am I still alive… but I’m experiencing a level of Life, Love & Abundance, that I previously did not believe was possible. The goal for today: keep an open mind… because it is an essential requirement to all of our happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!

Want What’s Right & Have It All

I once asked someone… “Will things ever turn out the way I want them to?” & they said… “Yes… as soon as you want the ‘Right’ thing”.

For a long time I ‘thought’ I knew what I wanted & little by little, as I began to get it, I realized it wasn’t what I really wanted at all.

Now I know exactly who I am & exactly what I want!

I want what’s fair & just… I want what’s best for everybody, not just me & want to help others want the same.

The goal for today, want the Right things & have it all!

Have a great day everybody!

Taking The Kingdom Of Heaven By Storm

“There is such a thing as taking the Kingdom of Heaven by storm” ~Emmet Fox.

The storms of life can strike at any moment, at any point in time… but so can Happiness, Peace & Freedom!

The goal for today, don’t wait another minute to claim what is Rightfully mine… a life more abundant!

Have a great day everybody!