The Tough Topics

I want to help people with the really tough topics. I want to teach people how to properly cope with things like death, divorce & addiction. I want to teach people what is really written in the Bible, the U.S. Constitution & the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I want to properly help people through their depression, anxiety & anger. These topics are all extremely difficult to openly talk about… we are all so insanely sensitive on these issues. When happiness was gone from life, I had to stop being so sensitive & stubborn about these matters. The goal for today: open your heart & your mind… because that is the only way to bring about the positive changes you are really looking for! Have a great day everybody!

Are You Ready?

I use a very precise & specific approach to helping people. I use this particular approach because it is tried & true… & NEVER fails. It is a “no nonsense” approach that requires people to be willing to accept some harsh realities… & because of that, some say that it is too hardcore & in your face. Well, it is only too hardcore if you’re not willing to face the Truth… & if that’s the case… then I can’t help you anyway. The watered down, easier, softer way doesn’t seem to be working… & that’s why I don’t use it. The goal for today: know that the Truth doesn’t change just because you aren’t ready to hear it! Have a great day everybody!

What Do You Really Believe?

“We always do what we believe” ~Emmet Fox. I “said” I wanted to quit smoking, but what did I “do”… I kept smoking. I “said” I wanted to stop drinking & drugging, but what did I “do”… I continued to drink & drug. I “said” I wanted to help others, but what did I “do”… I helped only myself. I “said” I wanted to do God’s will, but what did I “do”… I did my will. I was stuck in the terrible habit of saying one thing, but doing another. Hmmm, maybe actions really do speak louder than words. The goal for today: pay attention to your actions & find out what you REALLY believe! Have a great day everybody!

One Solution

I am of the belief that there is exactly 1 solution to every problem. And I think the reason that so many disagree with that is because we can’t seem to agree on what caused the problem to begin with. The fact of the matter is this: if selfishness is my problem… then Unselfishness is the ONLY solution. If powerlessness is the problem… then Power is the ONLY solution. Once I decide what caused my problem, I should do the opposite. If it doesn’t work, then I was wrong about the cause… not the solution. The goal for today: know that the opposite of the problem is ALWAYS the ONLY solution! Have a great day everybody!


It’s not what happens to us that dictates the course of our lives… it’s how we cope with it that matters. We all experience things in life that we wish never happened. Some cope with these experiences well & they get through them. Others (like me – lol) don’t cope so well & life comes undone. I think one of the biggest mistakes we make is that we try to address what happened to us, rather than why we couldn’t cope properly. Life is going to mistreat you at some point & the ONLY thing that will truly matter is how you react to it. The goal for today: stop asking the world to act right (because it’s not going to)… and learn how to properly cope with problems instead! Have a great day everybody!

Try It

“Don’t take my word for it, try it and prove to yourself whether or not it’s accurate” ~Emmet Fox. I was the type of person that would cynically dissect everything I heard or read, claim it was bullshit (without ever having tried it), and then settle comfortably back into my misery. The above quote broke me out of that old bad habit & encouraged me to take a good hard look at why I was doing that. I found that I was afraid of change, I was afraid of being wrong & I was afraid of letting go of some destructive behaviors… because I “thought” it was what I wanted to do. The goal for today: change is awesome… ignorance is not… the Truth will set you free… don’t knock it ‘til you try it! Have a great day everybody!

The Formula For Achieving Any Goal!

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal” ~Thomas Jefferson. For example: if I want to quit smoking, I need the Right mental attitude. I should do it because it’s the Right thing to do… not because I “have” to. I have to tell myself the Truth… that there are exactly zero positive benefits to doing it. I need to set my mind on helping others… rather than helping myself. And if I can get those Right… then I can claim to be living based on the Love of Life for all. The goal for today: know that with Purity, Honesty, Unselfishness & Love… we can achieve anything! Have a great day everybody!