“I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me” ~Henry Ford. A couple things stand out to me with this quote. First… that I used to blame God for all the bad in the world. Second… that I was always asking God to do things for me. Now I can see that both ideas were kinda crazy. Good things happen when God is managing things… & bad happens when I take over. Also, my prayers don’t work when I’m telling God what to do for me… they do get answered when I’m asking God what I can do for Him. The goal for today: quit playing God! Have a great day everybody!



Do yourself & those around you a favor & forgive someone today. We tend to view forgiveness as some sort of submissive act, but it’s quite the opposite. There is no greater show of strength & courage than forgiveness. Being a big enough person to forgive is a very powerful demonstration of strength. I have witnessed acts of forgiveness that some wouldn’t even believe. The goal for today: forgive the person who has wronged you most in life… & watch your strength bring peace to all who see it! Have a great day everybody!

Follow Our Own Advice

If I have a problem… I should ask myself what I would tell someone else if they were having the same problem.

Putting myself in someone else’s shoes is a great way to solve my own problems.

Example: If someone is feeling depressed, I would suggest that they find someone to be kind & helpful to.

So if I’m depressed… what should I do?

You guessed it… find someone to be kind & helpful to.

The goal for today, give sound, fact based advice & then proceed to follow it myself!

Have a great day everybody!