Don’t Just Say ‘Love’… Practice It

A friend said they were trying to demonstrate Love… rather than just say it.

What a powerful & incredibly honest statement!

Sure it’s nice to hear sometimes, but we should all be far more concerned with the practice of Love.

As I said yesterday… Love is something that I should be giving, rather than getting & if I keep that in mind… I won’t abuse the word Love to get something from someone.

The goal for today: perform the action of Love by giving it out freely to others!

Have a great day everybody!

My Heart Spoke To Me

A good friend recently said to me that they had a problem & their Heart spoke to them & it said…

“What would you do if you were not afraid? That is what you should do.”

That’s an incredible piece of advice, that can be applied to any & all situations… they are in fact, words to live by.

If I want to be truly happy… I must not make decisions based on fear.

The goal for today: make decisions based on faith & courage… & find out what real happiness feels like!

Have a great day everybody!