Too Far…

Caring is a wonderful thing… we should ALL care about each other; but care + fear = worry… & worry is destructive. Compassion is an important virtue… we should ALL help each other; but compassion + fear = enabling… & enabling is destructive. Humility is a powerful force… we should ALL admit our mistakes; but humility + fear = remorse… & remorse is destructive. Once we allow these wonderful assets to go to unhealthy extremes, they tend to become our greatest liabilities. The goal for today: don’t let all your best qualities become your most destructive habits! Have a great day everybody!


The Subtle Foe

Selfishness can be a very subtle foe! When I’m acting like a spoiled child, who won’t share his toys… my selfishness is obvious; but what about when I hide my selfishness just beneath the surface of a kind act… would you still be able to spot it? Why did I really remember an anniversary or a birthday? Why did I really send a card or those flowers? Can I honestly & genuinely say that my kind act was an attempt to contribute to your happiness alone… or was I really just trying to “score points” for the sake of getting what I want? This subtle form of selfishness has been chipping away at the moral foundation of humanity for quite some time now… maybe it’s time to reel it in. The goal for today: make sure your kindness is pure & genuine! Have a great day everybody!

The Cycle Of Trouble

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… all human problems start with fear. That fear leads to internal dishonesty, the internal dishonesty leads to selfishness & self-centeredness, and selfishness & self-centeredness leads to anger & resentment. When I’m afraid, I lie to myself… those lies make me want to take from the world, rather than give to it… & persistent selfishness causes a chronic negative feeling, which is the actual definition of resentment. The goal for today: just for one day try our best to live the Right way… by Pure motives instead of fear based motives; with Honesty instead sugarcoated lies; by giving freely of ourselves instead of taking & calling it “good selfishness”; by giving Love instead of always being angry! Have a great day everybody!

Dishonesty Leads To Selfishness

Yesterday I talked about how easy it is to lie to myself. Today I’d like to talk about what happens next. You see, there is a science behind our problems & once we understand that science & begin to apply it to our daily lives… our problems don’t have so much power over us. Selfishness & self-centeredness come as a direct result of internal dishonesty. For example: if I’m a salesman & I’m convinced that a certain annual income is required in order for me to feel safe & be happy, then I might start pushing customers to buy things they don’t want or need because I am no longer looking out for them… now it’s all about me making my money. The goal for today: help others… because True Peace & Happiness never come from self-gratification! Have a great day everybody!


I had been lying to myself for years! I was doing certain things, claiming that I liked them… but I didn’t. For example: no one really “likes” choking off the oxygen supply to their lungs… I was lying to myself. No one really “likes” destroying themselves with drugs & alcohol… I was lying to myself. No one really “likes” gambling their paycheck away & not being able to pay their bills… I was lying to myself. What have I learned? I don’t really “like” doing destructive things & neither do you… we are lying to ourselves. The goal for today: learn how to be honest with ourselves so we can stop destroying our lives under the delusion that we are “having fun”! Have a great day everybody!

Fearless & Honest

A friend has a job interview & they asked for advice. Now, I could have googled “best answers to give in a job interview” & taught them how to bullshit their way through it & steal a position, but I’d rather tell them the Truth. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a big fan of “humble opinions”… I prefer to deal in facts. I could have told them things like “answer this question like this & that question like that & here’s what they want to hear in regards to this, that & the other” or I could give them the only truly worthwhile advice there is… get rid of fear & tell the Truth. The goal for today: ask God to take away your fears of not being good enough & running out of money… and then go in there and tell them the Truth! Have a great day everybody!

Where’s Your Thinking?

Every morning, when I wake up, I ask God to direct my thinking. That is where I get the topics for my writing… & my own personal goals for the day. Today when I asked, God said… “You have a job to do… & all jobs are important. I suggest that you don’t make it “all about you” today. Think about the clients, your co-workers & the business. Put their welfare first, because the best way to fill your day with frustration, aggravation & dissatisfaction… is to sit around thinking about what “YOU” aren’t getting.” The goal for today: Love your neighbor, put in an honest days work, for an honest days pay… & feel the satisfaction! Have a great day everybody!