Humility… Forgiveness… Freedom

Imagine going anywhere you want or need to go without fear of who you might run into… no anxiety… no discomfort.

That’s freedom… & that level of freedom comes from humility.

When I admit my mistakes & forgive yours… I begin to make friends of my would-be enemies.

Abraham Lincoln once said… “Am I not destroying my enemies by making friends of them?” & that just makes sense to me now.

The goal for today: Humility, Forgiveness & Freedom!

Have a great day everybody!

I’m Only Sorry When I’m Wrong

“Never apologize for being yourself” ~idk.

This is not a free pass to run around treating people poorly & claim it’s ok cause I’m just ‘being me’.

If I’m acting like an ass, then I should change myself & I may owe a few apologies.

Properly understood, this saying is suggesting that if I’m living the Right way… no apologies will be necessary.

I only say I’m sorry when I believe I’ve done something wrong.

The goal for today: speak the Truth & treat people Right… because being a good person is the best way to avoid having to make apologies!

Have a great day everybody!

More Than Just Words

There are 3 very powerful, meaningful, terms that I’ve thrown around very lightly all of my life & they are “I promise”… “I’m sorry”… & “I love you”.

These are things that I should never say unless I mean it & in order to really mean it… I must understand it.

1) I promise means I’m not just telling you what you want to hear… but in fact, I will keep my word.

2) I’m sorry means I won’t do it again… I will stop repeating & apologizing.

3) I love you means that I am truly willing to give to you… looking for nothing in return.

The goal for today, understand it & mean it… or don’t say it!

Thanks to my new friend Jessi for inspiring this post in part!

Have a great day everybody!

The 9th Principle

The 9th Principle… I must make amends in order to repair damaged relationships.

Now that I’m willing to make amends… it’s time to go do it.

The first thing to realize is that the word ‘amend’ is different than the word apologize.

Amend means to change… so I can’t just mumble ‘I’m sorry’ under my breath & think that’s sufficient.

I’m going to prove to you, through my actions, that I’m sorry.

I’m going to think & speak & act differently toward you.

The goal for today, change is the only constant… it’s time to embrace it rather than fear it!

Have a great day everybody!

A Powerful Lesson

I was always ‘sorry’… I kept doing wrong & saying I was sorry & then repeating that same act proving that I wasn’t really sorry. Then one day someone said something to me that changed everything. They said “I’m sorry means – I won’t do it again”. The goal for today, don’t say I’m sorry unless I mean it & am willing to prove it through my actions. Have a great day everybody!