I once read “If we were to live, we had to be free of anger.” At first I thought this was an incredibly unrealistic goal… but now I get it. They weren’t really saying that I would never again experience anger, but that I would be able to get free of it when it does creep into my life. Today I know the truth about my anger (that it comes from my fear… not the actions of others)… & as a result, it can no longer control me… I’m free. The goal for today: know the truth… address the fear… eliminate anger… & be free! Have a great day everybody!

The Caring Kind Of Anger?

I’ve come to the definite conclusion that anger is a direct result of selfishness. If I’m angry, I’m being selfish… & there are no exceptions to this universal Law of Life. I used to believe that I got mad at people because I cared too much… I didn’t want to see them unhappy. But anger NEVER comes from Love or caring or kindness. You not doing what’s right is somehow going to negatively affect “MY” happiness… that’s the Truth behind the false front of “I care too much.” The goal for today: show how much I care, with Love… not anger! Have a great day everybody!

Mad = Selfish

Getting mad at someone for not doing what’s right, is proof that I’m not doing what’s right either. Anger & frustration can only come from selfishness, which literally means that it is selfish of me to get mad at someone else for being selfish. We are all incredibly hypocritical & we usually don’t even know it. This stuff is hard to explain, even though it is really simple to understand once we see it. I once read… “If we were to live, we must be free of anger”… & that sounds like a great goal for today! Have a great day everybody!

Angry… Or Afraid?

You’re not angry because your significant other mistreated you; you’re angry because you’re afraid of being alone. You’re not angry because your boss fired you; you’re angry because you’re afraid of running out of money. You’re not angry because someone started rumors about you; you’re angry because you’re afraid of what other people think of you. I’m going to keep saying this until it really sinks in… ANGER COMES FROM FEAR! It is humanly impossible to be angry without first being afraid. The goal for today: get rid of fear… & the actions of others can never hurt you again! Have a great day everybody!

Eliminate Anger

Anger is selfish… even when it’s justified. If someone wrongs me & I get angry, it’s because I’m thinking about what’s been done to me. Claiming that I got mad because I have a genuine concern for the welfare of others, simply isn’t true. I’m not thinking about the pain that the offender is in… & they are always in pain of some sort. I’m not thinking about the harm done to others… even though that is what I always claim. I’m thinking about myself… “self” is the ONLY source of anger. The goal for today: love my neighbor… & eliminate anger! Have a great day everybody!

Nothing Good Comes From It

“If we were to live, we had to be free of anger” ~Anon. Wow… that’s a pretty tall order! I didn’t think it was possible when I first read it, but little by little I have been able to overcome anger in many different directions. As usual, I don’t practice this perfectly, but when I keep that quote in mind… it reminds me that anger is wrong (no matter what justification I have attached) & it helps me get out of anger rather quickly. Now if I could only practice it while driving – lol. The goal for today: stay out of anger… nothing good ever comes from it anyway! Have a great day everybody!

Things That Never Work

Here is a list of things that are guaranteed to NOT solve problems. Fear & worry never solve problems! Dishonesty & deceit never solve problems! Selfishness & self-centeredness never solve problems! Anger & resentment never solve problems! These incredibly unhealthy negative things, might frustrate us enough to turn & seek the Right way… but in & of themselves, solve nothing! The goal for today: practice Purity, Honesty, Selflessness & Love & actually solve some problems! Have a great day everybody!


“What you think upon grows” ~Emmet Fox. For some reason I refused to believe that it could be that simple. If I think about misery, depression & unhappiness… that’s what I get. If I think about peace, contentment & happiness… that’s what I get. So the next time someone or something is troubling you… think about something else. I know you are thinking “easier said than done”… but Right thinking is actually a hell of a lot easier! The goal for today: think Right, feel Right, act Right… in that order! Have a great day everybody!

Sunshine = Happiness

A friend said it is scientifically proven that people are happier when the sun is shining. Well, I’m here to personally guarantee you that you can be happy regardless of the weather. Happiness is a frame of mind… & the weather doesn’t happen inside of your head. This is the age old battle of trying to help people see & believe that NOTHING outside of them can directly affect what they think & feel on the inside. The goal for today: ignore bullshit science that fills us full of misinformation… & dance in the rain! Have a great day everybody!


Happiness, Peace & Freedom are a choice!

What will you choose today?

Every second of every day we choose how we think & feel.

But because this takes place subconsciously first, we don’t always realize it is happening.

We usually believe that other people can force us to feel a certain way… but that is NEVER true.

If I’m not Happy today, it is absolutely because I have chosen not to be… & there are no exceptions to this Law of Life.

The goal for today: know that misery doesn’t end when the world treats us right… it ends when we choose to not let the world control our feelings!

Have a great day everybody!