Do You?

Do you REALLY want to know the Truth? I didn’t. I ran from it for years, trying desperately to escape the idea that I was responsible for all of my problems & that changing myself was the only real solution. I got comfortable with blaming others, blaming genetics, blaming the president… even blaming God if need be. I was hell bent on proving that my misery was outside of my control & there was nothing I could do about it. Now I can see that that was all a lie. The goal for today: know that the Truth is that every one of us is free to be exactly as happy, or miserable as we choose to be! Have a great day everybody!


Desire… Or Demand?

“Instincts on rampage balk at investigation” ~Anon. From an instinctual level, we all want to be loved, respected & prosperous. But when our instincts go on “rampage”… that means we have taken these instinctual drives too far, fear of not getting enough of these things sets in, trouble comes & we get mad at whoever we believe is supposed to be supplying us with love, respect or money. The goal for today: keep our instinctual drives in check… knowing that it’s perfectly natural to desire these things… but it is incredibly unnatural to demand them from others! Have a great day everybody!

What Feels Better… Blame Or Responsibility?

Blame is a funny thing. I always “think” it will make me feel better if I can prove that my problems are somebody else’s fault… but it NEVER works. Blaming others doesn’t fix anything, doesn’t make me feel better, drives people out of my life… & makes me a slave to people, places & things. Personal responsibility on the other hand, is the first step in solving any problem, brings instant healing, draws people to me… & absolutely sets me free. The goal for today: know that responsibility ALWAYS feels better than blame! Have a great day everybody!

Peace Of Mind

“We cannot buy our own peace of mind at the expense of others” ~Anon. Slander, gossip, blame… these things are NEVER done for the Right reason. Every time that any human being participates in this type of destructive behavior, it’s because they are afraid of something. We have a tendency to point out the wrong doing of others in an attempt to take the focus off of our own mistakes. The goal for today: fix my mistakes, rather than trying to hide them under yours; earn respect, rather than trying to get it by disrespecting others; take personal responsibility… & find true peace of mind! Have a great day everybody!

Blame = Fear

Blame is really just fear. When something goes wrong in my life, I have a tendency to immediately start looking for someone to blame. I want to believe that it is anybody’s fault but my own. Why? Because if it’s my fault that might mean that I’m stupid or weak or useless. But if I can somehow convince myself that it’s your fault, then that makes you stupid, weak or useless & I’m ok with that… you being an idiot doesn’t make me feel bad. The goal for today: if it’s your fault, I will forgive you & help you; if it’s my fault, I will admit it & fix it! Have a great day everybody!


“Where other people were concerned, we had to drop the word “blame” from our speech and thought” ~Anon. I spent most of my life blaming everybody other than myself for all of my problems… & as a result, my life sucked. Now I try to take full responsibility for my thoughts, words & deeds… & here’s why: 1) If it’s your fault, I can’t fix it… I can’t change you 2) Whoever I blame is controlling my life 3) If I assume responsibility, I am back in control… & I can fix it. The goal for today: assume responsibility… & be set Free! Have a great day everybody!

Blame Or Responsibility?

What feels better, blame or personal responsibility? AA’s 4th step lets me start by venting about how all of my problems are someone else’s fault & then it asks me to tell myself the Truth. And the Truth is that nobody can force me to think, feel, or act a certain way, I do this to myself. So blaming you brings a very false & very temporary sense of relief. On the other hand, taking responsibility for my own life & actions brings a more permanent sense of relief & becomes the foundation for a better life. The goal for today: Take control of your life by taking responsibility for it! Have a great day everybody!