It’s Always The Season Of Giving

If life is troublesome… I help others.

If life is not troublesome… I help others.

A fitting reminder in this, the season of giving.

Helping others is the most important thing that I can do & I should do it frequently.

Holidays are a reminder to be Loving & Giving… but it has to carry over into all times of year & in all of my affairs.

The goal for today: give freely of myself to others… not because it’s Christmas, but because it is always the Right thing to do!

Merry Christmas!

Have a great day everybody!

The More I Give… The Less I Need

I once said to someone… “can you help me get through today?”… & their response was… “Yes… in fact, I can help you get through every day. I’m going to teach you how to help others, because the more you help others… the less frequently you will need help.”

The goal for today, find someone to help… because giving help is the best way to not need help!

May we forever live in the season of giving!

Merry Christmas!

Have a great day everybody!