Humble… Motivated… Courageous… Committed

There came a time in my life when I had no choice but to admit that I really didn’t know how to live. And although it was an uncomfortable admission… it opened my mind & encouraged me to learn how to do it Right. Since then, I have learned a lot; I definitely don’t know it all & I certainly don’t practice what I do know perfectly… but when I am living Right, some pretty amazing shit usually happens. The goal for today: be humble enough to admit you don’t know it all… motivated enough to learn… courageous enough live Right… & committed enough to help others do the same! Have a great day everybody!


Conflicting Fears

Most of my life I had two major conflicting fears: the fear of being alone… & the fear of commitment. I would pull people close to me because I didn’t want to be alone… then push them away because I was afraid they might get too close. I would put people on the end of a yoyo & when they didn’t know how to act around me… I would claim that they were crazy or screwed up. The goal for today: cure both of these fears by being committed to giving love, rather than trying to get it! Have a great day everybody!