Common Sense

I feel like common sense is a bit of a lost art. When I finally sought help for the mess that I had made of my life, a friend used 1 simple question to help me with all of my problems. That simple question was “How’s that working for you?” It took some time, but eventually I started asking myself that question… & that’s when common sense started to return to my life. If whatever I am doing to find happiness isn’t working… maybe it’s time to try something else. The goal for today: don’t expect fear, dishonesty, selfishness & resentment… to bring about happiness, peace & freedom! Have a great day everybody!

One Solution

I am of the belief that there is exactly 1 solution to every problem. And I think the reason that so many disagree with that is because we can’t seem to agree on what caused the problem to begin with. The fact of the matter is this: if selfishness is my problem… then Unselfishness is the ONLY solution. If powerlessness is the problem… then Power is the ONLY solution. Once I decide what caused my problem, I should do the opposite. If it doesn’t work, then I was wrong about the cause… not the solution. The goal for today: know that the opposite of the problem is ALWAYS the ONLY solution! Have a great day everybody!

Simply Profound

“The truth is profound; not obscure” ~Unknown. This fact has changed my life! I thought life was full of questions that an average guy like me couldn’t possible answer or even understand. Happily, I’m here to tell the world that that’s not the case. The real Truth & the facts of Life, are not complex & complicated; you don’t need a genius level IQ to understand Life & how it all works. People like Einstein, Newton & Galileo weren’t smart because they had high IQ’s… they were smart because they used common sense. In fact, Goethe (220 IQ), said “Common sense is the genius of humanity.” The goal for today: let simplicity & common sense lead us to the profoundly powerful Truth that the only thing that really matters is that we give Love to each other! Have a great day everybody!


To not believe in a creator, would be to not believe I was created. If I believe that I exist… I believe that something created me. Whether I believe it to be a supreme being… or a big bang, doesn’t really matter. I’m a big fan of common sense & logic, so my conception of God stems from that part of my mind. I believe that God lives in my heart, communicates with me through my conscience, wants me to love my neighbor & guarantees my happiness when I give that love out freely to others. The goal for today: life is better with logic! Have a great day everybody!


The things people argue with me about most, are things that they should hope I’m right about. For example, when I tell someone that other people can’t make them feel bad, they immediately get defensive & tell me that I’m wrong. It’s like they want to feel bad. If you WANT to feel bad, that’s fine… but you don’t HAVE to feel bad… & if you do, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. If I’m right, you can immediately stop feeling bad & take control of your own happiness. The goal for today: don’t be stubborn about misery… choose happiness instead! Have a great day everybody!

Common Sense

“Don’t let your emotions have free rein & run away with your common sense” ~Emmet Fox. I once believed that my emotions controlled my thinking & there was nothing I could do about it… but now I know better. When I allow my emotions to control my thinking, my common sense goes out the window & I start thinking crazy shit like insulting someone is going to make me feel better. On the other hand, when my thinking controls my emotions… I can see how insane that is. The goal for today: ask God to direct my thinking, so I can think Right… feel Right… & act Right! Have a great day everybody!

Why Don’t We Live It?

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”
We were all taught this as kids. We have heard it said a million times. We all know it to be true in our hearts & would never argue it. So why don’t we live it? Why do we constantly trade hate for hate, insult for insult & hurt for hurt? Why do we not do what we know in our hearts to be true? We must follow our hearts, we must give love in return for hate, kindness for insults & comfort for hurt. The goal for today: don’t just say it, don’t just think it & don’t just know it… live it! Have a great day everybody!