Give Love & Get Peace

“In His will is our peace” ~Dante. I believe that Gods will is always to “give” Love. That being said… my friend had surgery yesterday & the medical staff was impressed with how calm she was leading up to the procedure. As she was explaining everything, the above quote came to mind because her focus was on being lighthearted & giving Love. She explained how in the past her fear & anxiety would steal her peace & she might be mean to the staff because she was afraid & that would make them a bit tense & it was uncomfortable all around. The goal for today: don’t take… simply give Love & you will get peace! Have a great day everybody!

Where Does Peace Come From

“In His Will is our peace” ~Dante.

Simplifying my life has enriched my life.

If I’m not at peace… it’s because I’m doing something wrong.

If I am at peace… it’s because I’m doing something Right.

It is that simple!

When I say simple… I don’t mean ignorant.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t learn & grow & build… I’m suggesting that it shouldn’t take me years to explain to you were peace comes from.

The goal for today, know that peace comes from doing the Right thing for the Right reason!

Have a great day everybody!