Overthinking causes worry; under-thinking causes ignorance. When I’m overthinking everything I get distracted, stressed out & lose sleep. When I’m under-thinking things I become complacent, lazy & can’t seem to figure out why everything is going wrong in my life. There is a solution… there is a middle ground! We can learn how, begin to practice & get good at thinking like sane people. We can focus on solutions, rather than problems. We can focus on thinking about the right things, at the right times, rather than losing sleep over them. We can control our minds! The goal for today: balanced, stress free thinking… aka: peace of mind! Have a great day everybody!


It’s Not Personal

Try not to take life so personally. The world is not out to get you… even though it may feel that way sometimes. No one is actually doing anything “to” you… they are doing it “for” themselves. And God certainly doesn’t have it in for you… even though our self-centered misuse of freewill makes it look & feel like that sometimes. So, when things don’t go your way, try not to take it so personally. The goal for today: take the ups & downs as they come, do your best to spin them all into positives & live by the impersonal sense of goodwill toward all… Love! Have a great day everybody!

Good Ideas

“Most good ideas are simple” ~Anon. I spent most my of life complicating the hell out of everything. My problems were complex… my emotions were complex… my mind was complex… & therefore, I thought my solutions must be terribly complex as well. But life doesn’t have to be so complicated. My mind is not that complex… I’m either entertaining positive thoughts or negative thoughts. My emotions are not that complex… they are a direct result of my thoughts & will be positive or negative in accordance with my frame of mind. My problems are not that complex… positive thoughts & feelings solve problems & negative thoughts & feelings cause them. The goal for today: simplify your life by simplifying your thoughts; think love, feel love, give love… simple! Have a great day everybody!

Responsible… Yet Humble

“For the man who is willing and able to get well, little charity in the ordinary sense of the word is needed or wanted” ~Anon. Most of my life I was looking for handouts… I wanted you to do it for me. I used my depression to get attention & all of my other problems to manipulate people into doing things for me that I could & should have been doing for myself. Then, I had a tendency to swing to the opposite unhealthy extreme & never ask for help. Now, I try to find the middle ground. We all need help sometimes, so don’t be afraid to ask; but at the same time, keep doing your part to resolve the problem yourself. The goal for today: be responsible… yet humble! Have a great day everybody!


Beauty is not the only thing in the eye of the beholder. Everything comes down to perception. If you insult me, but I perceive it as constructive criticism… then it can’t hurt me. If you wrong me, but I perceive it as spiritual sickness… I don’t get angry. At a speaking engagement someone apologized for dozing off & said they meant no disrespect, they were just on a medication that made them drowsy. And although I appreciated their apology, I didn’t perceive it as disrespect to begin with. I could have looked at it like disrespect, I could have thought that part of my speech was boring, or I could see it for what it really was… a medication that made them drowsy. The goal for today: know that life is in the eye of the beholder; perceive positivity… & experience a more positive life! Have a great day everybody!


Reverse psychology is a strange thing, but it comes in very handy at times. When I’m dealing with a certain personality type, the type that tends to do the opposite of what is suggested all the time, I employ reverse psychology & tell them that they are free to do whatever they think is best. I have found that people are usually rebellious because they don’t like to be told what to do, but when I give them the freedom to make their own decisions, they tend to do what’s Right. The goal for today: don’t tell people what to do… ask them what they think they should do & watch rebellion fade away! Have a great day everybody!

Change The Cause

People, places & things weren’t really causing my problems… & therefore, changing those things was not going to solve my problems. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I shouldn’t change those things, but the only way to truly solve a problem is to spot, admit & correct the actual cause. The actual cause of my problems was fear & that doesn’t get fixed by running away from scary things… it actually gets fixed by facing them & rising above them. Once I stop making decisions based in fear, it becomes much easier to make the Right decisions about people, places & things. The goal for today: the most important change that any of us will ever make, is to stop making decisions based in fear! Have a great day everybody!