Harder… Or Easier?

Someone asked me why their life was getting harder now that they were trying to live Right. When we are living wrong, we can’t face our problems, so they piled up on us; but when we are trying to live Right, we are more prepared to face them & handle them. So if you are trying to put your life back together & it seems to be getting harder instead of easier… hang in there, it’s just a phase of your development & if you stay the course, you will win out & it will get easier. The goal for today: keep going, because in the eye of the storm lies perfect peace! Have a great day everybody!


Diligence = Happiness

“The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance” ~Thomas Jefferson. In order to turn my life around & learn how to live Right, I needed help. In order to keep my life turned around & continue to live Right, I need to give help. Someone taught me a method of overcoming all of my problems, but if I don’t diligently put that method into practice in my life, it will stop working. And when it stops working, I have a tendency to blame the method, rather than my own lack of vigilance. The goal for today: know that persistent happiness comes from diligently helping others! Have a great day everybody!