“We should be sensible, tactful, considerate and humble without being servile (slave like) or scraping (abrasive)” ~Anon.

This statement gives us a little insight into how to be kind without being a doormat or getting taken for granted.

We should be kind to each other every chance we get, but sometimes, out of fear, we go to far & we get hurt.

The goal for today: if I’m kind because it’s the Right thing to do, rather than because I’m afraid you won’t like me… I will never be a doormat.

Only fear can make me a doormat!

Have a great day everybody!


Why Don’t You Stop?

I gave someone money once & then they started asking for money all the time. 

I gave & gave & gave, until I got frustrated & I began to lose my patience. 

I remember thinking… ‘Why won’t they stop asking for money?’ & then, as if it were the voice of God Himself booming from my heart, I got my answer. 

That voice said… ‘Why don’t you stop giving?’ 

If I allow someone to take advantage of me, that’s my fault… not theirs. 

The goal for today: if I do what’s Right… it won’t matter what everybody else is doing! 

Have a great day everybody!

How To Not Be A Doormat

There is a Right way & a wrong way to give & I must learn how to do it properly. 

Sometimes I give out of fear… fear of being alone… fear of being liked… fear of what people think of me. 

If I give out of fear, I get taken advantage of… taken for granted & I make myself a doormat. 

If I give the Right way, for the Right reasons… those things can’t happen. 

The goal for today: give freely of myself only what I can afford to give & only to those who have earned it! 

Have a great day everybody!

How I Treat You

How you treat me is not going to influence how I treat you.

Quite the contrary… how I treat you will dictate how you treat me.

I will treat you with patience, tolerance, kindliness & love.

What I won’t do is let you walk all over me, push me around, take advantage of me or take me for granted.

I will give & get exactly what I choose for myself today.

The goal for today: be kind & loving toward all… without making a doormat of myself!

Have a great day everybody!

Don’t Roll Over… Rise Above

I found a way of life, that at first, sounded like it was asking me to be a doormat.

I have since come to realize that it was not asking me to roll over… it was asking me to rise above.

Now it is a flawless strategy for happiness.

It is my duty to be kind to people & not try to hurt them.

The other half of this sacred duty is to not allow myself to be hurt by others.

It’s a high standard… I try not to hurt… or be hurt.

Obviously, I don’t practice this perfectly… but I’m sure as hell gonna try today!

Have a great day everybody!

Live & Let Live

There is a very fine line between ‘Live & Let Live’ & being a doormat. 
I can’t force you to treat me a certain way, but I can chose how it effects me & how I react. 
Someone once said to me “Are you’re telling me what I can & can’t do?”… I said “No, I’m telling you what I can & can’t put up with!”. 
The goal for today, don’t tell people how to live & don’t let people tell me how to live… Live & Let Live! 
Have a great day everybody!